It is a long newsletter today because loads of vital information has been packed into this one. Please read until the end to get all the necessary details.

People have been asking me about setting up wallets and exchanges and how to transfer tokens to coins etc.

Please trust me that I will make videos and show everyone how to do all that when the time comes. It isn't important for at least another 40 days and I don't want to overload people with information.

Lets just focus on supporting the ICO for the next 5 weeks and we can then get back to Karatbars/Kexchange and our mission to get gold to the masses.

Karatbars could not have paid for the amount of advertising this ICO has brought. The bigger it is the more it will help us grow our Karatbars businesses. I can see that for myself now with the amount of registrations, people starting again, youtube views etc!

One Step At A Time

Right now all you need to do is the following:

1. Buy as much cashgold as you can as this is how you will get the best price on tokens in the coming weeks. (Very soon you will be able to buy tokens with cashgold).

There is a quick video to show you how to do it - HERE

2. Subscribe to my Youtube channel -  HERE  (or click the picture below) and watch the latest video from Harald & Juan which explains more about the coins ratio to gold, the Blockchain and Ethereum.

*This video is a must watch for everyone!

3. If you were sponsored by me please click and register for your free Karatbank affiliate account.

*If you were not sponsored by me ask your sponsor for a link.

Now take your own link, (which you will find in the very bottom of the dashboard) , and spread it across social media, everywhere. There is massive interest in Cryptocurrency and the sign up ratio is extremely high.

4. Now go to and register there. -

*If you were not sponsored by me ask your sponsor for a link.

That's all, nothing more to do for now.

Other Karatbank ICO news

The support team are adding tokens to accounts manually so if you did a bank transfer or bought your tokens in the beginning and are waiting to be credited with them, please hold on a few more days, they have thousands to get through. The emails to make the transfer of the tokens have already started going out with information on how to recieve your tokens.

If you have got your cashgold, and registered on the two Karatbank websites that's you up to speed.

Make sure to keep sharing your Karatbank affiliate link! The more we support the ICO the more it will benefit us all in the long run.


Over the past week we have been thinking about the best way to help you as our group approaches 15,000 people in 100+ countries. Karatbars have also introduced new support and tools which will make things easier for all of us.

We have many Karatbars customers who simply buy gold, Karatbars affiliates who want to grow their businesses and now people who want to promote K-Exchange/Karatpay and the Karatbank coin.

We have analysed what is working and what is not and have made some decisions which will help us grow efficiently to 50,000+

If you want to be successful and your team/income isn't growing by itself yet you have only one skill to become good at.

To ask as many people to watch a presentation as possible until your business is growing and paying you the weekly income you desire.

How Many People?

If you are working online, start thinking about how you can ask 20+ people a day* to look at your video and start thinking about doing that every day without fail for 100 days.

If you want to work offline, think about how can you get 20+ people to watch a presentation weekly.

Why every day for 100 days?

Every time you stop you lose momentum and start from scratch. 100 days of consistency, speed and momentum will deliver growth. Every person you start needs to experience growth.

Note: 90% of people you speak to will not do anything.

Do I think about that? No, Did they stop me earning over €20,000 a month from the people who were active? No!

What makes Karatbars unique is that those 90% are always in the team and can become active at any time.

Don't Do Things You Don't Need To

I only created a Facebook page, Youtube channel, Newsletter, landing pages and a system for my team because Karatbars did not do any of this until the past few months.

The good news is that Karatbars have now caught up so there is no need for any of us to be reinventing the wheel. If I was starting in Karatbars today I wouldn't need to make videos or create landing pages because they are all available.

This is what you do need to do!

1. Send people to your landing page which has the introductory video.
2. Once they register you must ask them if they want to buy products or build a business.

  • If they want to buy products or start saving, then show them how easy it is.
  • If they want to build a business, then help them complete the five steps on the dashboard and watch the system video. Each step has a video tutorial too!

3. Make sure they register on the official Karatbars Youtube channel -
4. Ask them to register for my Newsletter and read the last few issues at
5. If they still have questions ask them to contact me.

You Are In Charge  

Please always remember that you are in charge of your business. You do not work for me and you do not work for Karatbars. You work for You!

You are the Director /CEO of your business and you decide how it works, what time it opens, when it closes, the type of affiliates you want to work with, which products you decide to sell etc... Its all your decision.

Karatbars is a business which can make you tens of thousands of euros per week and does for many affiliates. You can be one of them as long as you share it with enough people.

All you need or want Karatbars to do is deliver the products, pay your commissions every Friday and support your customers if they need help.

Karatbars do all that better than any direct sales company I have ever seen.

The only thing you can't do is find a short cut or a way past asking people to watch a presentation and hearing those objections. You can't avoid the many times when you will feel like giving up!

Whether you do it online, in a weekly meeting, by telephone it doesn't matter.. You can't avoid these things. If it was easy everyone would be handing in their quit notice and doing Network Marketing tomorrow.

Make the decision to be one of the 10%

You have to decide now that you are not going to be one of the 90% that give up and that you are willing, like I was in 2014, to exchange a few difficult months for many fantastic years.

You have to decide now that you are willing to hear 900 people tell you no just to find the 100 who will love it and get it and make you a millionaire!

Keep It Simple

Karatbars is easy - Its just the roller coaster of emotions that's hard.

Go to your Karatbars dashboard, complete your five steps, (click each one), and watch the fast start video. (above the five steps).
Anyone from any country, background, with any budget or experience can now be successful with Karatbars. It has never been easier.

You deserve to be successful as much as I do. If you have read this newsletter this far you are already one of the 10% so well done.

Before I get to the value of the Karatbank coin let me clear up some confusion on how much tokens cost and how to buy them.

Karatbank/Karatpay and Karatbars are two completely different companies. Different IT teams, different offices, different support, different promotions.

Karatbank has given 4 billion tokens to Karatbars and Karatbars can offer them to Karatbars affiliates for free, as gifts or at a cost.

This has nothing to do with what Karatbank are offering on their website. That's a separate company, separate pot, separate prices and promotions.

There is no time limit on Karatbars giving away the 4 billion tokens. Karatbars could be giving away these tokens to their affiliates for months, long after the ICO is over.

The list of gift tokens Karatbars is giving out as gifts is below and the pdf on this is in the back office under Downloads - Incentive HERE

You Are A Karatbars Affiliate 

The information or promotion on the website is for a global market and not aimed at Karatbars affiliates. (IE: You or anyone who gets my Newsletter).

A benefit of being a Karatbars affiliate is that you can be given different and better offers based on the 4 billion tokens Karatbars has to distribute.

If Joe Bloggs buys tokens today at he is buying at €0.02 cents or $0.03usd, he is buying with Bitcoin/Ethereum so gets a different offer from a different pot of tokens as he is not a Karatbars affiliate.


This difference is designed to encourage people to become Karatbars affiliates and therefore grow Karatbars International.

If they don't want to have a Karatbars account that's fine... They will pay a bit more for each token!

Long story short you can get more tokens at a better price today by creating a free karatbars account and buying cashgold at

What is your offer if you buy via Karatbars and cashgold? 

This is how it was explained to us by the head office.

If you buy 0.1g cashgold you get 20 tokens as a gift, 1g you get 200 tokens as a gift, 10g gets you 2000 etc.
You get those anyway as a Karatbars affiliate as part of the the affiliate promotion above.

Exchange the cashgold for tokens

If you decide to swap these cashgold for tokens, (when the cashgold payment option appears at ) You can exchange 0.1g for 850 tokens, 1g for 8500 tokens , 10 g for 85000 tokens etc.

Less than €0.01 cent per token!

The only requirement is that you buy the cashgold and load it to your Karatpay wallet before the 18th of March. So until midnight CET on the 17th of March to be sure.

This date may and could be extended and I will let you know if it is.

You can swap the cashgold for tokens AFTER 18th but you must have bought the cashgold and loaded it to your Karatpay wallet before 18th March.

You can buy cashgold with creditcard/debit card, bank wire or Bitcoin. It is under "product purchase" on your dashboard. This is a quick video tutorial I made showing how to do it HERE

Loading the cashgold to your Karatpay Ewallet is simple as per the picture below.

It is the purchase of cashgold/loading to Karatpay ewallet date which is important.

If you get stuck give me a call or send an email or a whatsapp message (preferrably) and ill talk you through it.

In a nutshell - Buy some cashgold, put it in your Karatpay wallet and wait for further instructions from me.

What Will These Coins Be Worth? 

People ask me this every day and I always say.. "I have no idea" How could I?.. The open  market will decide.

What I do know from The CEO Harlad Seiz himself is that there's a plan to ensure every coin will have €3.50 worth of physical gold in the vault in Singapore.

He has repeated this in this weeks videos on Youtube HERE . Watch them to hear it for yourself.

To summarise what he states:

20% of all company profits from Karatpay/Karatbank will go towards buying physical gold which will be placed in the vault in Singapore.

This will accumulate until there is 0.1g worth of gold for every Karatbank coin that exists.

In simple terms, every coin will have €3.50 worth of gold backing it. Like a "Gold Standard" for the Karatbank coin! He also talks about buying an actual gold mine and issuing a Karatbank debit card and other plans.

Why €3.50?

Today the market price for 1kg of gold is approx €35,000 so 0.1g of gold is €3.50

The theory is that a coin which has the backing of physical gold in the vault of €3.50 per coin will rise to a higher price than even €3.50.

Bitcoin is €7,000 and Ethereum is €550 per coin with no asset backing them at all.

If (and its a big if), the Karatbank coin gets to €3.50

*My 1.3 million tokens I own will be worth €4.5 million euros!

*Someone who bought 1g of cashgold this week and exchanged it for 8500 tokens will have €29,750 worth of coins for spending €58.30!

*Someone who bought a VIP package and received 1000 free tokens will now have €3500 worth of coins as well as their business package!

How long do you think it will take for the 4 billion gift tokens in Karatbars to be used up?

The 4 billion coins that Karatbars have still have to be given away, even if it is months after the ICO is over and the coin is on the open market.

Interesting Stuff And Interesting Times!!!

When the ICO is over and people realise you can get free tokens by buying Karatbars products we are going to have an avalanche of sales.

That's why I encourage you create a free karatbars account now and to get your five steps on the dashboard completed ASAP.

I don't like hype and I am fairly pragmatic so having said all that I will be happy if the coin stays at €0.01 cent because I will have lost nothing.

I have also only spent what I am prepared to lose and that should always be the case for everyone.

What I do know is that since I sat in an office with Harlad Seiz in 2014 he has kept every promise and delivered everything the company said they would.

He told me then about his dream of branding cards, cashgold notes, being open in 100+ countries, Karatpay and Kexchanges and everything he said then has become a reality.


If you want to buy some tokens or you know anyone who does just show them how to create a free karatbars account, buy some cashgold and load it to their Karatpay wallet before the 18th.

The company is working on adding the "pay with Cashgold" option to the Karatbank website but don't worry I will let you know when it is there. It doesn't need to be there by the 18th, its the purchase date that is important.

That's all for today.. I hope that has clarified things for you. I am at my desk and waiting for your calls/emails/whatsapp messages if you have any questions.

We will cover how to get the coins onto the exchanges, registering on exchanges and all that in later newsletters. Lets just help people get the maximum tokens they can for the best price for now.

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