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Guaranteed Success!

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I hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to the week half as much as I am. Today I thought I would share with you the secret to success in Karatbars or any direct sales business.

This secret has made me one of the top earning people in EVERY business I have ever worked in... Insurance, communications, retail, property, advertising and now gold.

This secret can make anyone in any country successful.

I could start in Amway, Herballife, Marriott or any sales company today and I will be successful because of one thing - There are successful people there already and all I have to do is copy them!

So what is the secret?

*Copy the system exactly and Follow One Course Until Successful*!!!

So what does that mean in terms of Karatbars?

When I started I spoke to the five most successful people in Karatbars who were earning over one million euros per year. Those five people are still in the company although one has sadly passed away. (His wife now manages his account).

They all told me the same key facts.

  • Karatbars is a business and product for everyone over eighteen so don't target people. "Ask Everyone".
  • If you want to work online make sure you get three people every day to watch a                 presentation by your upline. (A successful leader)
  • If you are working offline make sure you have ten people a week sitting with you                 watching a presentation by your upline.
  • Let you upline deal with all questions until you have the time and experience to do it          yourself.
  • Focus on those tasks and repeat them every day for six to twelve months until your           team is growing by itself.

We have followed this exactly and have built a successful team of 13,000+ in 100+ countries and on the way to becoming a million euro earner with Karatbars.

So Why Isn't Everyone Successful If It Is So Easy? 

The reason has nothing to do with Karatbars but with people.

90% of people will give up on everything they start. 90% of people who start a new online business will give up within twelve months. Its a statistical fact.

90% of people will register three customers and give up because they didn't get a sale. Not realising their conversion rate will be much lower in the beginning but will get better. My first sale was registration number twelve!

90% of people will get distracted by another "easier" business which they will also fail at. They don't realise that changing the business doesn't fix the problem. Thankfully with Karatbars there are no subscriptions so you never lose your business and most people come back.

We work with people who have left and come back several times.. That's ok and fairly normal.. People need to experience other things to realise just how good Karatbars is and the door is always open.

So how do you guarantee success?

The first step is to decide that you are going to be one of the 10% who doesn't give up.

Decide from day one that you are going to be a successful business partner, you are going to become a leader in Karatbars and nothing other than the company disappearing will stop you.

I gave a 100% commitment to Karatbars and only Karatbars. This is the foundation of my success.

  • Do not let anything family or friends say demotivate you. Be fully aware that a lot of the friends you have now will not be your friends when you are a million euro earner. Lions don't care for the opinions of sheep! If you are going to be a lion start today.
  • Do not let any prospect demotivate you with negative comments about your karatbars presentation. This is the biggest derailer for new people. "Its too long" "Its a Pyramid scheme", "how do you know the gold is real?" etc, etc etc,..

    It's either a yes they have registered or want to register or have questions or no. If its a yes or have questions pass them to me. If its ANYTHING negative it's a no. Discontinue the conversation and move on. "Thanks for looking, no problem, it's not for everyone" is my usual response to anything negative.

  • In the beginning do not let any existing customers or business partners in your team slow you down from presenting your business to new people. If you are still in the building phase, your first job every day is presenting to new people. Once that is done only then will you have time for team training and helping. I do all support for you anyway so this should not be an problem.
  • Do not let people in other businesses derail you with talk about the "next big thing" they are in. Every new online business has a 90% chance of failing within two years. Use this line if approached about something else.. "Oh Okay, If it's that good tell me again in two years".  Remember, The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese!
  • Remember that multiple stream of income does not apply in Networking. There is not one example of a million dollar earner in a direct sales company who builds multiple networks at the same time. You will attract the odd customer but never leaders if you are wearing more than one hat! Prospects can sense how focused you are and leaders will know how focused you are not.
  • Do not let anything the company does demotivate you! This sounds like an odd thing to say but believe me EVERY company will do something to annoy you or your customers at some point. Don't let a late delivery or a support issue distract you from your daily objective of showing your presentation. Every business makes mistakes and has peaks and troughs. You don't need to be concerned about this, just stay focused.

Focus on asking new people every day to watch your video. Anything outside of this is a non profit making activity. Once your team starts to grow you can think about Facebook pages, websites, making videos and branding yourself.

I became the best inviter I could be in 2013 and did nothing else but invite people to a presentation until 2014 when my business started to grow by itself.

Sales, Shell Fire and Freedom

I was watching a documentary on the 100th anniversary of the first world war the other day and it reminded me about every sales job I ever had. Please don't get me wrong I am not saying anyone is going to lose their lives with Karatbars and we can't compare ourselves with soldiers in battle.


Freedom is our objective. Financial and time freedom is the goal.

From the moment you start you will be surrounded by shellfire from friends, family, other networkers etc.
You have to go "over the top" and expose yourself to an assault from people.
You can desert the cause as many do or stand still and get stuck in the mud of life, die where you are.
Or you can keep going, succeed and live to tell people about it for decades into the future.

Is it easy?..No

But, for me, building a Karatbars business was easier than being broke, easier than living from day to day and easier than worrying about my family's future.

A sales manager once said to me.. "Both are hard... but you can choose your hard!"

Exact Steps To Follow In Karatbars Online/Offline

1. Login and complete the five steps on your dashboard  HERE  If you don't do them in order forget moving to step 2 as it won't work. If you don't have a karatbars account already, create a free one HERE . Create it now and follow the same steps. It will only take some minutes

2. Get a note pad out and write 1-100 down the left side.

3. Fill in 100 names and telephone numbers of people you know personally, on Facebook, on Whatsapp.

Karatbars is for EVERYONE so everyone goes on the list. Think about it.. We sell birthday cards and everyone gives birthday cards.. Anyone who has money needs to know they can now change it for gold.

4. ONLINE - Call them (not email, not text, not links) and say this..

"Hi xxx, Have you got 15 minutes free?" Yes.. Great.. If I sent you a short video would you take a look and let me know what you think?" 
Never, ever be tempted to explain what it's about even when pressed. "It would take to long to explain which is why I want you to look at the video" usually covers any questions.

5. OFFLINE - Invite them to come to your home or another venue to watch a leaders presentation. Sit them down and press play...

"Hi xxx Are you busy on xxx night? Any chance you could come over to my house/xxxx venue as i'd like to show you something you might be interested in?"

Instead of saying things like, "I can't complete the steps",  "I don't know 100 people", I don't like talking to people" which is the default in most peoples brains.....

Try saying .. "I will complete these steps today", "I will find 100 people for this list today" "I am going to talk to some people today" " I am going to beat my fear of talking to people today"

Whether you think you can or think you can't,.... you are right !!

The One stops the brain from thinking and the other starts the brain thinking.

Protect your Mind. Be Positive

You can explain Karatbars to a new person in about two hours. So that's about four people a day and mental exhaustion after about a week.
Or you can say the sentence above in 10 seconds. One call will probably take 5 minutes, that's 20 people an hour or 160 a day.

Which will build your business faster? Talking to four people a day answering negative questions or talking to 160 a day with little chance of negativity? Letting them watch the video at a time convenient for them.

You just ask your question over and over and only speak to people once they have watched the video or have come to watch it with you.

Does this work?

I watched it, I registered, bought my package, started saving and have never stopped since.

Funny thing is... Every good leader in my team has done exactly the same thing! They got it, registered and got on with asking others.

When I see someone register and complete the steps before I get a chance to call them I know I have a leader in my team. I know they watched the video and can follow instructions.

The best leaders are the best followers

If you are looking for a leader you have more chance of finding him faster using the asking method above  than the four a day method.

Online or Offline?

Remember whichever option you choose, you only have to do it until your team starts to grow. Recruiting is a short term thing if you do it fast enough.

Your success rate and your conversion rate will always be much higher face to face. If I was starting my business today I would be doing it offline as it is much easier.

Online still works. You just need to speak to many more people to get the same number of sales.

When I started I was broke, living in Spain and didn't speak fluent Spanish so offline wasn't even a possibility. Karatbars should not have been an option but I loved the concept so much I had to make it work.

So if you want to build offline...get a room, commit to doing it regularly for twelve months, get some people, a screen and press play.

If you let me know when, I will come on at the end and speak to the people on Skype for you and answer questions.

If you do decide to build a team locally and you can get over a 100 people in a room, we will happily fly to your country and do a live presentation. Just let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

Get Ready For 2018 Now

If you want 2018 to be your big year you need to order your package and complete your steps in the dashboard now, not like 90% will do in January.

Order the biggest marketing package you can afford to earn the maximum commissions now so you have it before Christmas.

Next - Important Step

Send an email to and tell me what your 2018 goal is.

Example..  I want to work offline, I am starting my list today, I am going to do a meeting every  fortnight and I want to build a team of 2000 by December 2018. I will have 100 people by February 2018 and I would like you to fly to xxxx and do a presentation for me.

"I want to work online, I am going to start my list of 100 names today and keep adding to it.  I am going to call at least 10 real people people every day for the next 100 days and ask them my question. I am going to build a team of 2000 by December 2018"

You will be amazed at how powerful and effective writing that email will be! Make the numbers bigger if you like.. That's up to you.

Well that's all for today... I hope that will inspire you to get going. Karatbars has completely changed my life and I know it can for every person reading this.

We will keep thinking, working, writing to help as many people as possible acheive the freeom we all deserve.

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