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The countdown is on to our freedom celebration on 20th January in Las Vegas! Less than 50 days!!

The news and updates are coming thick and fast! I can't stress how important it is to check the latest news section of your website daily -HERE  *Let me kow if you need help logging in.

Bitcoin Orders 

We are seeing huge orders coming into Karatbars from people taking their profits out of Bitcoin!
Did you know and have you told everyone they can buy gold using Bitcoin with Karatbars?

*Please note.. Karatbars are not accepting Bitcoin. The global payment processor they use does. (Inatec). Karatbars is paid by them in Euros.

We had an enquiry yesterday about $100,000 worth of 5gram cards that someone wants to buy with cash! We are seeing $10,000+ orders every week from experienced gold buyers.

People who know how important our secruity features are. People who know the market is flooded with fake gold and Karatbars are fraud proof! People who know how liquid 5gram cards can be compared with kilos or ounces.

The gold world is waking up to everything we have to offer!

Brexit, North Korea, Volcano in Bali, climate issues, increase in technology demand for gold, (there is gold in every cell phone!),  are all good news for anyone who owns physical gold!

All the good bits...None of the bad bits!

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of cryptocurrency and the blockchain but I know what we have at Karatbars is even better!

Karatbars payment system will work in during an IT blackout because you will have physical cashgold. You can have your physical cashgold delivered and our notes are easy to understand for the general public and best of all Karatbars is 100% transparent.

Any business can open as a K-exchange for free TODAY! The daily buying rate is just 7% below the daily selling rate which the shopkeeper can see at

Gold is NOT volatile which is why they will be happy to accept it. And from the 20th of January everyone will also be able to download the KaratPay APP.

Please, please ensure everyone you know has registered for a Free Karatbars account before that happens!

Karabars is also in the top 2% of German companies in terms of credit scoring and that is becuase our accounts are made public!

Our CEO is a Senator of the BWA, is accessible 24/7, you can walk into the central offices from the street and every person in every department will speak to any customer or business partner!

Honesty, openness and transparancy is what Karatbars is about.

The Ultimate Digital Payment System

The focus going forward will be on our complete digital payment system.

We will be doing a completely new presentation next week with a focus on Karatpay and the new app.

People know they can buy gold with Karatbars, lets show them how they can transfer it and pay with it now too!

Getting Started 

If you are thinking about buying gold buy as much as you can! Make sure to set up an autosave so you qualify for free gold. If you need a 3% discount code let me know.

If you are thinkng about building a huge Karatbars business in 2018 and beyond, create your free account or login below and complete the five major steps. It will only take about 10 minutes of your time and thats you done.

Over 100 people a week are joining our group... Why not have them as your partners and customers!

This is the best time to get started with Karatbars since 2011! Everything is in place, the vision is becoming reality.

Our IT and Delivery systems have just been updated over the past two months so they are able to cope with the increasing demands of 2018!
Everything is up and running and we should be ready to work flat out in 2018 and double the size of our group!

If you have questions about being a customer or partner, please give me a call on skype,whatsapp or whatever channel you prefer! If you are registered already, please contact your sponsor directly, they will be most glad to help you and answer your questions.

Pease be aware that we have over 13,000 people in our group to support so you need to contact us.

If you do not get a reply within six hours please contact us again.  We may have missed it by accident.

Lets do this..because we can do it..and help millions of people beome free of debt and obtain financial freedom.

Ola Awoliyi

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