Karatbars - Update From Las Vegas
If you want to see a video review from Las Vegas please see my youtube channel - HERE !

I have been with Karatbars International for four years in June and I have never seen so much interest in the company than this past week.

At one point yesterday I was getting up to five emails a minute! People who never would have known about the company are now interested, people who registered with me in 2014/2015/2016 are now engaging!

Some Of Your Questions Answered Below 

Official Name 

Karatbank Coin

Available Coins

12 billion coins available
Only 3.5 billion are going on sale

Which Countries Are Open 

So far - All EU Countries. United Kingdom. Canada. Mexico. South Africa. Bahamas

This situation changes by the hour so you need to log in to be sure. The Karatbars Head Office updates the open countries, as soon as it opens, by opening the IP addresses dedicated to those countries.

If you can see the option on your Karatbars dashboard, this means your country is open and you can purchase the ICO. (under "product purchase - merchandising")

However, you will need a karatbars account to log in. You can register for your free account HERE if you don't have one already.

This means some people can now pay with credit card, debit card,Bitcoin as well as bank transfer.

Karatbars would like everyone to be able to buy in the pre-ICO but this is not possible due to different countries having different regulations.

Example: USA cannot buy now. But will be able to buy when the coin goes on the exchanges after the ICO. (USA affiliates can get free coins from 1st Feb.. See below)

If you cannot see it please contact me for details of how and when you can get involved.

EG: If your country is not open maybe you know someone in the open countries who could get them for you?


The PRE - ICO Offer 

Due to these new payment options being available the Pre ICO offer for affiliates has been extended to 5th February. No better time to join karatbars than now.

Basically if you buy one hundred thousand coins for €1000 you get one hundred thousand additional coins for free. 200,000 (half a cent each)

I am proud to say I am now the owner of 1.2 million coins!

Once payment has been received you will be sent out a contract by email to sign and send back.

Once the coins are released on to the exchanges Karatbars will transfer the coins to your wallet. (Which you will need to set up) I'ts easy enough and I'll explain in details when the time comes.


The Whitepaper will be available to view on the Karatbank website at the start of the official ICO.  We are now at Pre ICO / affiliate pre ICO offer stage.

Free Coins For Selling Cashgold, Packages And K-Exchanges

Free coins will be available for all buyers AND sellers of packages and K-Exchanges in ALL open countries from 1st February.

Example: Affiliates in the USA can receive these because they qualify as a free gift. 

This will really boost cashgold, package, and K-Exchange sales which, for me, is the BIG STORY in all of this.

EG: If you register a free K-Exchange. (They just have to upload their business details). You get 1000 coins and so do they!

Never loose sight of our mission...

To bring gold ownership to the masses.

Releasing these coins as gifts only makes this process much easier and faster.

The masses are now interested in Cryptocurrency and we are getting in front of them.

People who may never have looked at Karatbars are now looking! My inbox proves this already!

As our CEO "Harald seiz" said last week... "We either go with the times or we go with the times!"

What To Do Now?

Make sure everyone in your family, circle of friends, team know that this offer is on!

 200,000 Coins for half a cent each is huge news. 

Make sure that everyone knows about the free coins from 1st February!

If you are not registered with Karatbars as an affiliate, register now!
If you are registered and have not been active, engage yourself now and get preapred!
If you have registered people and they were not interested before contact them again... You will be surprised!

If you are unsure about anything above send me an email and I can answer everyone on a one to one basis.

As a final note, for anyone who doesn't believe in or like crypto currency or ICO's. Look at this as crowdfunding! We are just capitalising Karatbank.

I am personally a fan of owning and taking possession of my physical asset. (Gold)

By supporting this ICO we are suporting the mission, we are supporting Karatbank, Cashgold and Karatpay.

The more support we can get for this ICO the faster we can increase education and physical gold ownership across the globe! We can help more people faster.

As for you..

The more Karatbars customers you will have in your group, the more cash you can earn and more gold you can acquire!

If my 1.2 million coins go to 0.20cents or €1 each I will need a new safe to hold mine!! 

That's all for now... Things are moving quickly so get in touch if you have any questions... Otherwise keep an eye on this blog, your Karatbars account back office or the next Newsletter.

Ola Awoliyi


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  • Hi, I just registered as an affiliate for Karatbars, but I am not sure what I need to do next in order to take advantage of the free tokens. Can you please give me more information.

    Thank you

    • Thank you Dr. Kimberly.
      I have tried to reach you on phone on numerous occassions to no avail.
      With regards to what you need to do next, please log into your karatbars account on using the username and password with which you created the account.
      On your dashboard, you have all the neccessary resources and video explanations of every step you need to take.

      Most importantly however, is to order a marketing package (Bronze to VIP) which will earn you your free tokens. The number of tokens will be determined by the package chosen.

      I have sent you email messages to explain each step and process too. If you haven’t recieved them , please check in your spam folders as they may have been redirected there.

      You can also call me directly on +34644779968 if you have any questions or doubts about karatbars, karatbank, the ICO and our k-exchange centers.

      Especial regards

  • I am a south african i would like to register account with free tokens/coins and hussling to help more poor people like me to register and buy gold with karatbars company.

    • Hello.
      Thank you for comment. At karatbars, we help people save in gold and get paid for it.
      Registering an account with Karatbars is completely free. You can do that at

      Then you can you choose your marketing package and obtain your free tokens/coins. The amount of tokens/coins you recieve is determined by the package you choose.

      Once you create your free account, I will get in touch with you to decide the best way to get you started.

      You can also reach me on phone at +34644779968 (Call/Whatsapp) or by skype: Leverageallover .

      best regards.

    • Hello Graham,
      thank you for contacting me.
      You can find out everything you need to know about our Karatbank ICO and make purchases of the same at

      I have also sent other necessary information to your registered email with karatbars.

      Best regards
      Ola Awoliyi

  • Good Day

    I just realized recried a,call from my friend who I brought into the company years ago.

    He told me of the crypto currency opportunity with Karat bars

    This us something I desire to purchase right away and would like instructions on how.

    Since its been awhile since I was active with Karat bars I could not remember my user name or password and I am requesting this information so that I can get started again

    Could you please email me at connectwithcindy@hotmail.Com

    Thank you for this opportunity and blessing

    • Thank you Cindy Dupre for your comment.

      Since you already have a karatbars account, all you have to do is get a free karatbank account. You can purchase the karatbank tokens right away at

      You also register as an affiliate using the same link.

      Once i recieve notification of your registration, i will email you.

      Thank you.

  • i’am from South Africa. I heard that there is a pre launch offering from karatebank,where one can purchase ICO at one cent before the 21st of March(launch date) I think,where as then it will be sold at five cent. is this true and how do I make the purchase?

  • Dear sir my name is chidambar.v.Heblikar iam very interested to join your concept infact iam sending details of my Email ids & password if you people can expect ,details you can make my id my Email , password my mobile no 8277340298 conform passward same please send me your reply to my mail id ok sir .& i will implement your company MLM network business in india presently iam haveing onecoin one life coins iam haveing ok sir

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