ew Landing Page, €100 Discounts And Live Meetings
Happy new week.

Hope you had a great weekend..

Another fantastic week of sales and things show no signs of slowing down as we approach the end of the year. Our team is on track to complete the biggest number of monthly sales since it started in 2013.

Gold is at a tremendously low price now compared to where it should be so this is a buyers market and educated gold buyers know this.

Buying a 5gram card today costs €239.10 (deduct the 3% discount) and If you buy from a spouses/family members account, (you also deduct the % commissions) In my case 5%...and it comes down to only €43,99 per gram

*24kt, 999.9, and from LBMA accredited refinery, certificate of authenticity, logo stamp in gold, serial number, hologram and DNA coating, free storage and Fedex delivery.

Even most times I buy it using my commissions so it basically costs me €0 of my own money.
Where else can I get free gold by simply sharing how I buy it with other people?!

New Landing Page

Some great news in today... the new Karatbars landing page is 100% completed and active. You can give it a test run. The good news is that you can also get a free €100 discount code by doing just that.

Here is what you need to do.

1. Login to your back office - HERE

2. Click on "referral links" tab

3. Click your landing page link

It's the one that looks like this -

4. Now watch the 60 second video and enter YOUR name and email into the box beside the video.

5. Watch the second 10 minute video.

6. Now you know what happens, start sharing your link. 

You will receive a €100 discount code, you can see what it can be used for and you would have known how your landing page works. *This is a great free way to generate a €100 code if you need one!

You might prefer this to our presentation... Just make sure you have asked at least 100 people to watch it before you decide if it "works"

"Three people is not sufficient for a survey"

Once someone registers they just need to complete the five steps below and repeat. Anyone in any country can be successful

Your background, education, employment history, where you live are not important.

You may know nothing about Karatbars, gold or sales and still become a millionaire if you follow the system. It does all the talking and explaining for you.

There are only two ways now to fail at Karatbars.

1. You don't complete the five steps.
 2. You don't ask enough people to watch a presentation. 

The New System Is Finished

We have the leadership team which meets with Karatbars head office every Tuesday. In spring this year we asked them for a five step system, new videos, new products and better communication with the field.

Karatbars have given us everything we asked for. They listen to our feedback and they have implemented everything we needed. The new IT system has caused some delivery delays but that's ok, these things happen as a business grows.

Any business can now become a K-exchange Center and the App will be released in January. After 5/6 years, the circle is completed, everything is in place.

For the first time anyone can accumulate, possess, store, transfer and spend 24kt gold in an affordable, safe, easy way.

Its over to us now to show people what we do.

Just while I'm on that subject I would like to say a massive congratulations to one of our team, Seon Braithwaite from the UK.

Yesterday he booked a room, invited some people into it and did a presentation. I did my first meeting to a room full of people three years ago and I was terrified.I know how it feels so well done.

As human beings nothing creates a stronger bond than eye contact, shaking someones hand and being in the same room.

If you want to build a solid long term business thats the best way to do it. I know we will see great things from Seon and his team in 2018!

Doing Live Events 

This is much easier than it seems!
Book a room somewhere for December/January, commit to doing it every fortnight or every month for the whole of 2018.

The venue is not important, start in your home if you like. I know a Karatbars team that have grown to 80,000+ in 2 years just doing home meetings. (It's easy to duplicate which is the secret to affiliate marketing)

Committing to it over twelve months is the key part, the people who attend need to know they are part of a twelve month building project. Same time, same place for twelve months. Easy to remember and they can plan ahead for it.

They can also branch off and do their own 12 month project creating huge duplication.

Keep it super simple so the people in the room can copy.

  • Play our full 45 minute presentation on the TV if you are not comfortable speaking.
  • Answer any questions and help the people complete their five steps. If they don't want to do that, find out why. This will tease out any questions/objections.
  • Let me know when you plan to do this. If you need me to be on standby to answer questions. I can even come on Skype if you have it set up.

Most people tend to think bringing me on is a negative. Rather look at it that you are showing everyone in the room what great back up support you have from me and Karatbars.

You are showing the people in the room that anyone can do a meeting and that you don't need all the answers to start doing one.

One of Our Team Training Events

A Target for 2018 

Do you want me or a leader to come to your town and do a live presentation? Tell the people in your first meeting this;

"My team leaders have committed to come and do a live presentation/training when we have 100+ people in our group that have completed the five steps. The sooner we get there the sooner we can arrange it!"

Our team is in 100 countries and the idea of doing a karatbars world tour in 2018/2019 is something we would extremely welcome..Lets make it happen.

Login below, complete your five steps today, pick a date in December/January and lets start making you a massive residual income in 2018.

Have a great week... Here if you need me.


Ola Awoliyi

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