No Better Time


You Don't Have To Be Great To Start...

...but you have to start to be great. That's the way a very famous quote goes.

I always say that the best time to join Karatbars International is now. If you are already a customer or a business partner and haven't really got going, the best time to start over is now....just before or during an incentive.

New Offer Released. What You Need To Know.

Head Office have released this offer today as a forerunner to the big news coming on June 18th.. (That's all I can reveal to you at this time)

Basically anyone who is on a €125 Bronze Package today can earn 20% direct commissions and double dual team payouts on all Bronze Members they refer between now and 18th June..

This is primarily to help people get started with Karatbars and to give more commissions to new affiliates.

Many people in disadvantaged areas/countries can only afford to get started on bronze and their social circle will probably be the same... the company hopes this will put more commissions in their pockets quickly while giving them a quick start.

If you are still on the fence and undecided about Karatbars, take it from me you will be so happy you joined especially if you order for a Package before the 18th June. The bronze package only costs €125 / $135 and you get a business with a residual income for life. It will be the best money you spend this year. Other packages are available too. The various packages are explained on my youtube channel here

If you are an existing affiliate get as many people started with Karatbars as possible over the next 30 days on ANY package. On the 18th of June you will be glad you did!

Gold Maintains Its Status As The Store of Wealth

Despite all the news in mainstream media about gold dropping off in value, or about economies rallying amidst governments printing money in a crazy frenzy to stimulate growth, or the recent boom of the crypto currencies (Bitcoin) to be precise, gold still remains the only tried and tested option as a means of storing your wealth and protecting your financial in uncertain times like we are living now. (5000 years is no mean feat).

Heeding sweet coated words of misleading government and financial institutions will only leave you with one person to blame...You! Make a habit of saving now, not in banks but in gold. Karatbars offers you the easiest of all opportunities to do so, one gram at a time, stored safely or delivered whenever you want it.
Even the experts are gearing up for the uncertain...

I recieved a message from Robert Kiyosaki some days ago. Here's some of what he had to say.

"Two days ago, I introduced you to James Rickards, who has a long history in global finance and one person I listen to when it comes to gold, cash, and the global economy. As I told you in my last letter, I moved cash out of the bank as a result of his major bombshell about the looming crisis staring us in the face.

Get out of cash now while you can!

James describes his warning, “Like a beautiful Cartier jewel in a glass case in a museum... you’ll be able to look at it…but you can’t touch it... and you don’t own it...”

Prophets of doom have always taken risks at the expense of ridicule and humiliation. If you stand on a street corner holding up a sign that reads "The End Is Near," passers by will laugh and heckle. People will say you're Chicken Little, running around telling people the sky is falling. Yet, after each economic crash so many people asked, “Why didn’t someone warn us?” or “What’s the government doing to protect us.”

This is both your warning and a plan to protect yourself.

Protect your family, your wealth, and your future."


Loads Coming From Karatbars In The Next Month

There has just been a leaders call that lasted for two hours and I can't tell you how much is going on behind the scenes. I have been with the company three years next month and more has happened in the past four months than in all my time.

Even the company CEO, Harald Seiz, gave an interview which I have also attached HERE in pdf format.

There has never been a better time to get engaged or re-engage with Karatbars International. The opportunity to save in gold and to earn a massive income by helping others save is just about to get a whole lot easier.

Please get back to me if you have any questions, if you need a plan or just want a chat..... I'm here to help.

Especial Regards,


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