Karatbars Premium Offer Extended. KaratPay Officially Introduced.

Karatbars Extends Premium Pool Participation Offer ... 

As a result of the continued demand and pressure by business partners and customers, Karatbars international have extended the deadline for their premium packages "2 Premium Pool Participation" offer.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime from Karatbars International.
Imagine if you could go back in time and get shares in Facebook or Apple or Google. I am sure you would buy as many as you could.
Well here is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that may just pass you by if you don't take any action.

Karatbars are offering you the chance to receive two Premium Cashgold Pool Participation when you buy either a premium or premium professional marketing package.
Every time some cashgold is sold an amount of money goes into a pot. that money is shared out with anyone who has bought a Premium or premium professional package.

The good news is that you receive more in the premium packages in value than the cost. The shares are a bonus but what an unbelievable bonus they could turn out to be.

If you decide to buy a Premium Package this year you will be entitled to two premium pool participations instead of one which makes this offer even better.

Buying your premium package is also a one off cost and when you receive it you will have all the tools at your disposal to run a very successful Karatbars business.

More detailed information available at:

Answers to frequently asked questions(FAQs) available at:

...Launches KaratPay Officially

Karatbars has officially launched its much awaited app/web interface that allows for the use of its Cashgold as a medium of exchange between its customers, affiliates and k-exchange centers.

KaratPay, as it is called and trademarked by karatbars Internationalhad long been in the works and was finally introduced this week. Bringing to an end the long wait.
It is also expected to be an option to save, transact, buy and pay for goods and services using 24kt 999.9 pure gold bullion.

Detailed information on KaratPay: how to register and activate it, available in my youtube video at:

Karatbars Touching Lives

Another Milestone reached!

Yet again Karatbars International are keeping up with expectations and showing the hallmark of a global and successful business model.

If you haven't joined this company either as a customer or a business partner, my only question to you would be "what's keeping you?"

This company is going places and giving everyday people like you and me the opportunity to save in 24kt 999.9 currency grade gold bullion, from 0.1gram at a time.

More importantly however, is it is giving us the opportunityto protect and secure our future.

You can create Your Free Account Here right now and join us if you haven't already. And if you have, there's no better time than now to start saving and get your business going.


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