Top Ten Reasons To Buy Gold & Why I Choose Karatbars

BENEFITS OF BUYING GOLD Why Bother With Gold Or Karatbars? We need to own gold, not should… need!  If you can afford ounces and kilos at $1200+ or $39,000 that’s great. If you can’t, like 99% of the population, Karatbars is the solution to owning PHYSICAL 24kt 999.9 gold. If you don’t know why you “need” to own gold watch this[…]

KARATBARS CASHGOLD REVIEW | Your Option To Pay With Gold Register for your free account and find out more at Since the 1970s money has been nothing more than worthless paper or almost worthless metal. Karatbars International is reintroducing a payment system using paper with 24kt, 999.9 gold bullion embedded into the paper itself. Now your money really is worth something! Find out[…]