Karatbars London Conference March 2017 Review – Feedback And News

London Dinner & Conference Just ended the Karatbars UK conference which was hosted by Sammy Sarpong and his “MyGoldEducation” Team from London. This was not a “Karatbars Corporate” event. The next Karatbars corporate event is in Germany in June and then in The USA in November. Harald Seiz will attend YOUR event if you can commit to selling[…]


Harald Seiz Explains K-Exchange KaratPay And New App AT Gold Rush 2016

Harold Seiz explains the future of Karatbars with KaratPay, the K-Exchange, and new App. This will be a game changer as we introduce this new payment system worldwide!   Get your free karatbars account now at http://www.karatleverage.co and grow with this amazing company