Karatbars London Conference March 2017 Review – Feedback And News

London Dinner & Conference Just ended the Karatbars UK conference which was hosted by Sammy Sarpong and his “MyGoldEducation” Team from London. This was not a “Karatbars Corporate” event. The next Karatbars corporate event is in Germany in June and then in The USA in November. Harald Seiz will attend YOUR event if you can commit to selling[…]

Things You Probably Did Not Know About Karatbars

Over 11,000 In Our Group Alone Now! Generally, ideas for Newsletters come from answering customer questions during the week! With over 11,000 customer and business partners in 100+ countries we get a lot of questions! Remember that you can find answers to 90% of all karatbars related questions at www.karatleverage.net (My youtube channel) Karatbars is simpler than you think! We get a[…]

Newsflash From Karatbars Head Office, Cashgold And More

Announcement On Cashgold From Harald Seiz Aplologies for two emails in two days.It is just important that I get the messages accross and keep you all well informed. Karatbars is about to take the world by storm with Cashgold. The first payment system that can’t be affected by governments, banks, corruption or any internet blackout. How many[…]

New Incentive 5 Days All Expense Paid Trip

€2500 and A Trip to Germany In June? In 2014 it was in Las Vegas. Last year it was in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, all paid for by Karatbars. In January 2017 , it was seven nights on a Caribbean cruise through the gulf of Mexico, again all paid for by Karatbars. Las Vegas 2014 Los[…]


NEWSFLASH – PREMIUM OFFER EXTENDED. NEW CASHGOLD BUNDLE AND KARATVITAL LAUNCHED.. Dear friends and partners, Karatbars Introduces Freedom of Choice! FREEDOM OF CHOICE ; Because You are Free to Choose: Just Imagine an Internet black-out, even if for a only a short time! In the event of an Internet black-out would you be prepared ??[…]

Karatbars International Gold Launches Karatpay

http://karatleverage.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/New-Video-Karatpay.mp4 Become a business partner or Open your free account at http://www.karatleverage.co How comfortable to know that we now have other options of payment and payment besides the fast devaluing paper currency. Soon you will be able to spend your gold! Soon you will be able to buy goods and services with your gold? Karatbars[…]


In the end, more than freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all—security, comfort, and freedom. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished foremost was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free[…]


Karatbars Gold – World of Charity Video

Now you know about The Karatbars World Of Charity Project you can create your free karatbars account and register at http://www.karatleverage.co Questions? – Call/whatsapp +34644779968 or email ola.awoliyi@karatleverage.com How World Of Charity Works Always take a World of Charity card with you in your wallet. Write your Karatbars’ Username on the cardfolder, so that every[…]


 10 GOOD REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD WORK WITH KARATBARS   Someone asked me, “Why I think they should work with Karatbars International”?  And we thought that would be a great subject for our blogpost today. Everything below is also covered in our latest presentation at https://youtu.be/ZmHCMRdVcEA?list=PLnlFI1TzIYYWoyScIc6WXeVOnl3sjTZOh         There are many good reasons but[…]


 THE EVENTUALITY OF THE CURRENT WAR ON CASH   Some years ago, when I suspected there would be a War on Cash at some point, everything in the behaviour of the central banks pointed to the idea—it fit exactly into their own informed, yet unrealistic, pattern of logic. I therefore decided that it would be[…]


 WHEN CASH IS OUTLAWED……ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE CASH!! Editor’s Note: When the Fed wants to confiscate your money, who will stop it? In today’s Weekend Edition, Agora founder Bill Bonner explains that holding paper cash is the only way to protect your money from the Deep State.   Bill originally wrote this essay on February[…]