Full Details Of Karatbars K Phone (Voice Over Blockchain) Launch…In Dubai

The Biggest Karatbars Event Ever? Since I started with Karatbars in 2014 I have been to all incentive events possible and for me there is nothing more important! Just being there, having the photos and learning from Karatbars millionaire affiliates is worth thousands of euros to afterwards. Having dinner with and talking to Harald Seiz gives you[…]

Important Updates And New Detailed Video Explanation

Great news today as we have updated and recorded our team video and you can watch it on all replicated pages or HERE If you have contacted me and didn’t get an answer within 24 hours always send the email again. If you are using anything other than email and my instant global response mobile (Whatsapp[…]

Karatbars & Karatgold – Updates on 35% Bonus, Masternode And Full Node

Lots Of Great News For You Today Our team is growing faster than at any point in the past five years so well done to everyone for your efforts. The buzz around Karatbars, the rise in the price of KBC, The new voice over blockchain phone, our ATM’s, our cashgold, digital payment system, digital stock[…]

Karatbars And Karatgold – A Passive Income Opportunity

Big Announcements After over five years in this company, we thought we couldn’t get more excited by what Harald Seiz does but yesterday he has gone and done it again! How does a passive weekly income of between 15% and 25% sound? How does 100% direct commissions sound? In a nutshell these is what has[…]

Guarantee Your Success With Karatbars

Guaranteed Success! If this is your first Newsletter please see www.itmightbeofinterest.com/newsletter for important information in previous issues. I hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to the week half as much as I am. Today I thought I would share with you the secret to success in Karatbars or any direct sales business. This[…]

Karatbars In 60 Seconds

Karatbars In 60 Seconds!  If this is the first article you have read, please see www.itmightbeofinterest.com/newsletter for important information from previous issues or our newsletter. Yesterday a man asked if I could explain how Karatbars works in 60 seconds which I thought would be a great topic for this blog post. Here are the bullet points I[…]