Karatbars Premium Offer Extended. KaratPay Officially Introduced.

Karatbars Extends Premium Pool Participation Offer …  As a result of the continued demand and pressure by business partners and customers, Karatbars international have extended the deadline for their premium packages “2 Premium Pool Participation” offer. This is an opportunity of a lifetime from Karatbars International. Imagine if you could go back in time and get[…]

How Much Money Do You Have?

Some Facts Everyone Needs To Know Forget about Karatbars for a minute… The information below YOU NEED to know. It needs to be shared with everyone you know too!  If you have watched our presentation for April, HERE , you will know what I am about to say. If you haven’t, here it is in text form. 1.[…]

Karatbars Premium Packages Offer – FAQ’s

Explanation Of Premium Packages With Premium Pool Participation   I have been asked the same questions several times about the Premium Packages and the payment of the participations, so I thought the best way to respond to everyone will be to write something that explains it in detail. The most common questions are: 1. How[…]

Three Very Important Updates

Massive Changes Happening As you may know Thomas Brenner is our new head of sales at Karatbars International and he has created the “Heart Beat Club“. His choice of the team top leaders in Karatbars. He is implementing changes and updates we have suggested and you can see some of these already in the website.[…]

Premium Package Pool Participation Offer – Key Questions Answered.

Simple Premium Package Pool Participation Explanation Sorry for two Newsletters in three days!  (If this is your first you can read previous issues HERE ) I have been asked the same questions a few times this week about Premium Packages and the pool participation payout so I thought it best to answer them asap. 1. How much do Premium Packages cost? 2. Are they[…]