No Better Time

  You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start… …but you have to start to be great. That’s the way a very famous quote goes. I always say that the best time to join Karatbars International is now. If you are already a customer or a business partner and haven’t really got going, the best[…]

A Special Message To All Parents And GrandParents

THE SINGLE BEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE THE YOUNG ONES  Today I’d like to show you the best gift you can give your children and grandchildren during these times. And right now, you have a (potentially short) window of opportunity to maximize the value of that gift—to get the most bang for your buck, so[…]

How Much Money Do You Have?

Some Facts Everyone Needs To Know Forget about Karatbars for a minute… The information below YOU NEED to know. It needs to be shared with everyone you know too!  If you have watched our presentation for April, HERE , you will know what I am about to say. If you haven’t, here it is in text form. 1.[…]

Karatbars App, Newsletter And More…

Complete Training & Tutorials Where do I start? Since our new Director of Operations, Mr Thomas Brenner, started a few months ago the changes have been coming thick and fast!   1. Easier Process – Affiliates can now order their marketing package, Mastercard and set up autosave BEFORE doing KYC*. (*Uploading ID & address proof) This is a fantastic[…]

KARATBARS CASHGOLD REVIEW | Your Option To Pay With Gold Register for your free account and find out more at Since the 1970s money has been nothing more than worthless paper or almost worthless metal. Karatbars International is reintroducing a payment system using paper with 24kt, 999.9 gold bullion embedded into the paper itself. Now your money really is worth something! Find out[…]

Karatbars International Gold Launches Karatpay Become a business partner or Open your free account at How comfortable to know that we now have other options of payment and payment besides the fast devaluing paper currency. Soon you will be able to spend your gold! Soon you will be able to buy goods and services with your gold? Karatbars[…]

Premium Package Pool Participation Offer – Key Questions Answered.

Simple Premium Package Pool Participation Explanation Sorry for two Newsletters in three days!  (If this is your first you can read previous issues HERE ) I have been asked the same questions a few times this week about Premium Packages and the pool participation payout so I thought it best to answer them asap. 1. How much do Premium Packages cost? 2. Are they[…]

karatbars - gold-confisication

Don’t Dismiss The Possibility Of Gold Confiscation

I posted an article on my old blog on November 28, 2014 that talks about the possibility of Gold Confiscation. That was almost two years ago. But the threat of that reality is stronger today than it was back then. It’s so important I decided to share it again.  Don’t Dismiss The Possibility Of Gold[…]


Karatbars Gold – World of Charity Video

Now you know about The Karatbars World Of Charity Project you can create your free karatbars account and register at Questions? – Call/whatsapp +34644779968 or email How World Of Charity Works Always take a World of Charity card with you in your wallet. Write your Karatbars’ Username on the cardfolder, so that every[…]


Karatbars Gold – Complete Customer & Business Partner Review 2016

Now you have all the information you can register at Questions? – Call/whatsapp +34644779968 or email Welcome to our full Karatbars presentation. There are many videos about Karatbars International online and a lot of them only last for a few minutes. The problem with this type of video is that you need to[…]

Karatbars gold premium and premium profesional packages

Free Company Premium Pool Participations And A Free Crusie This Month – Limited Offer

How Are You Doing It?  People have been asking how we have managed to sell thirteen Karatbars Premium Packages already? (And more on the way!) The answer is I haven’t sold any. I send people the video4… They watch and decide this is a brilliant offer and purchase the Premium Package. People don’t need to be sold something which is obviously such a[…]