Top Ten Reasons To Buy Gold & Why I Choose Karatbars


Why Bother With Gold Or Karatbars?

We need to own gold, not should… need!  If you can afford ounces and kilos at $1200+ or $39,000 that’s great.

If you can’t, like 99% of the population, Karatbars is the solution to owning PHYSICAL 24kt 999.9 gold.

If you don’t know why you “need” to own gold watch this video series.

If you don’t like watching videos I am going to quickly explain here my top ten reasons for Gold and Karatbars below….

Why I Own Physical Gold...
  1. I am saving in gold because I don’t trust the government to give me a pension at the retirement age of 65
  2. My paper moneys purchasing power decreases EVERY year.. Gold’s purchasing power doesn’t, never has.. ever.
  3. Interest rates in the banks are awful and when you take charges into account you are losing money
  4. I don’t have my money in a bank because I know all these recent “glitches” are hackers. One hacker will succeed with your bank and your savings will disappear.
  5. If war breaks out, or the internet goes down I have something I can buy goods or services with. A plastic debit card will be of no use then!  
  6. I have gold in 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 1, 2.5 and 5 gram sizes because they are easier to liquidate than bigger bars.
  7. I have gold in these small gram sizes for security reasons. (I can split them up)
  8. I believe the gold price could rise to over $5000 per ounce. It could happen overnight as it has twice done before in the past.
  9. I am out of the debt system the government wants us all to be in. The UK Government is in over 4.7 Trillion of debt yet people trust them? USA.. over 18 trillion… Bubble bursting comes to mind! Whats your plan when hyper inflation starts?
  10. I am 100% in control of my gold,  my familes future and not depending on government or outside influences in any way.


My Reasons For Choosing Karatbars

  1. It costs me nothing to promote. Its a free business. No targets.. I can go on holiday for a month if I want.
  2. It is a Six year old stable, private, debt free company with no negativity or issues online or offline.
  3. The owner is honest, has integrity and a solid business plan.
  4. Physical gold sales are up 50% in six months to 154KG… it is growing and the market is enormous. €130 million euros in turnover in 2016
  5. It has long partnerships with well known companies. Fedex, Mastercard, MotoGP, Real Madrid, The Vatican etc
  6. They have never failed to complete a single order in 121 countries or pay a commission.
  7. I promote Karatbars because its not like MLM, no subscriptions, fees or charges or forced purchases.
  8. It is a conversation starter…Put a Karatbars in someones hand and watch what happens… People are interested in gold.
  9. I can make up to one million Euros per week in the compensation plan. (Many people on $30,000+ per week already).
  10. I earn up to 26% commission on sales.  True, passive, residual income.


Getting Started Buying And Saving In Gold…

Buy at least 1 gram per month, you get the best price per gram if you buy the 5 gram cards but its up to you. Buy whatever you can afford. .


Getting started As A Business Partner

It’s easy…. Please watch the fast start guide at

Give me a call or contact me if you have any questions.

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