#Karatbars Latest Update May 2020

Updates From Wednesday Night’s Live Call  Let me give a warm welcome to all our new subscribers this week. This is a very brief newsletter to let you know that as promised Corporate would be speaking to everyone directly now and the last live call was on wednesday 29/04/2020. There is the video/voice recording of[…]

#Karatbars Noticias Importantes Abril 2020 vol.2

Noticias Importantes  El boletín de hoy viene después la reunión de líderes de ayer con la oficina central y tengo buenas noticias para todos. No es del todo bueno saber que no todos los afiliados y clientes podrían estar en la reunión porque fue extremadamente positivo.Como todos saben, la mayoría de lo que se discute[…]

#Karatbars Important Updates April 2020 vol.2

Important Update  Todays newsletter is coming on the back of yesterday’s leaders meeting with head office and I have some great news for you. It’s not entirely nice to know that not every affiliate and customer could be on the call because it was extremely positive. As you all know, most of the what is[…]

Lets Talk About Gold…. $2000 Per Ounce Gold

Karatbars Live Webinar Tomorrow – Gold On The Move  This a very brief update but some great news for you today….especially about gold! Karatbars know communication has been bad and have promised us updates directly from corporate! The next one is tomorrow night so don’t miss it. There were thousands of people on the last one. This[…]

#Karatbars. Passive Income, Gold & From Home. A Business Opportunity For Crucial Times

Important Update Let me welcome those who are joining us for the first time on this newsletter. It is not the best of times considering what is happening around the world at the moment. Allow me to send my most sincere wishes to everyone affected. I wish I could say this will all be over[…]

Very Urgent And Time Sensitive Important Update From Karatbars

Very Important And Urgent Update For Today A warm welcome to all our new subscribers this week. I hope you are all doing and feeling well. Our heartfelt recovery wishes for those who have fallen sick during these difficult times – GET WELL SOON. For those of us who are well and in confinement, lets[…]

#Karatbars Latest News March 2020

Harald Seiz Makes A Statement Just to let you know that #karatbars CEO Harald Seiz created and published a video yesterday which gives lots of positive news on what has been happening inside Karatbars. In this video Harald Seiz talks about the difficulties the company has had over the past year and the plans in[…]

Karatbars Latest News – Epoints And GoldMiner Activated

Important Update  *Gentle reminder – This is a private newsletter between me and my team.  Its not to be forwarded to anyone or republished anywhere. I wasn’t supposed to be in the office today but there have been some developments that can’t wait and I made a promise to always get you news out quickly.[…]

Realities Laid Bare But Is It Enough To Feed Negativity?

Important Update But then, when hasn’t all our updates been important?Many of you know we have been writing these newsletters for over six years, you know that Karatbars is our only business and it took us from humble beginnings to the amazing income we are proud of today. I have been extremely loyal to all[…]

Karatbars Important New Changes

Lots Of Exciting Developments A warm welcome to all the new people in the team this week from all over the world. Karatbars and the group of companies have gone through massive change and challenges over the past twelve months but finally everything is settling down and things are looking great for the future. I[…]

Karatbars January 2020 Summary. What Next?

K1IMpulse and Back To Gold Welcome to this weeks update. Not so much novelty to tell you but as a commitment, i write these newsletters weekly to keep my organisation up to date with events within the company so let me get on with it. Statement From Harald Seiz – You can watch Harald’s statement online[…]

Karatbars Presents New Multi Packages But Are They The Best Option?

Multi Packages Review  Todays newsletter is coming out late on the back of new information because it has taken a lot longer than normal to get around these multi packages and where they fit into the business. Yet I think we have worked it out so that’s good. Thank you also for your questions, some[…]

Karatbars & Karatgold – New Phase Begins. New Opportunities

New Phase – Back To Basics I would like to welcome all new subscribers to our newsletter. It’s such a great time to get started with Karatbars and the beginning of a new phase.QUICK BRIEF: To bring everyone up to date, this is what has happened so far. 1. From 2011 until 2018 we sold[…]

Karatbars 2020 Loading….

Are You Ready? I suppose you are all wondering what is happening? Everything has been so quiet over the past two weeks. Where are our new packages and products?The first thing for everyone to realise is that everything was supposed to go live on the 5th of January but because thousands of people didn’t pay[…]

#Karatbars New Year – Back To The Basics

Welcome to my first newsletter of 2020. I hope this will be the very first of many as I am hoping this year will be the turning point for everyone in my organisation and the karatbars family as a whole…the year many will realise their objectives and goals with Karatbars. I hope to help by[…]