CEM Delivery Begins – Karatbars & Karatgold November 2019 Updates

Important And Interesting News For November 

Welcome to all our first time readers!
We are a team of over 27,000 in over 100 countries and growing each day, with one mission and vision in common - Karatbars, Karatgold, KBC coins and our entire ecosystem. If you want to get started in the next thirty minutes simply watch our team video at www.karatleverage.info .

It has been a big week again so let's get into it:

K1 IMpulse Phones Delivery 

As you will see below, the K1's are boxed and ready to go. The Asia issues have been sorted so it's just a case of on to Germany now and forwarded to the customers.

Headquarters will be producing a full length video of Ovidiu Toma's Asia visit but if you want a sneak preview go to  https://www.facebook.com/karatleverage/ where I have uploaded a short video today.

Sales Cycles

Every sales company goes through growth cycles. We have seen this in our Karatbars group over the past six years. Busy then quiet then back to busy... It's normal..

Our team alone was generating over two million euros per month in sales during the summer which was a high and then it slowed down. Partly due to the spam attacks. Of course but even without them dips are normal.

We are now getting back sales, numbers are starting to rise over the past seven days so here we go again.

Harald Seiz is preparing for our next phase with new appointments at head office.

New Asia Pacific Director 

Yesterday Robert Corriveau was appointed as the new head of Sales for Asia / Pacific and what an amazing appointment he is! He has resigned as the CEO of a Top Asian company he has been with for many years to come to Karatbars.

This is from his Linkedin..

"Robert Corriveau CEO/Founder of PurityBlock Capital Management a multi-facet consulting and hedge fund company heavily focused on disruptive technology. PurityBlock connects large institutional investors to leading early-stage companies deploys institutional capital to empower entrepreneurs for global expansion.

Robert has 25+ years’ experience working with over 500+ startup companies in infrastructure, investment and branding has helped pave the way for success, most notable Trump Networks. Robert served on the advisory board for Donald Trump’s Trump Networks advising on branding, legality’s, marketing and company growth. Robert also CEO for the past 7 years at Moringo Organics a fortune 500 nutritional company.

Robert has been working in blockchain for the past 5 year’s advising new and exciting startups and speaking at blockchain events throughout the EU. His passion for helping others is his greatest success"

Please watch his interview with Harald at https://youtu.be/ZkiATzlWAwY

Karatbars is now attracting corporate leadership which is what we need going into this new era of selling physical technology products. Exciting times!

Less Than Two Weeks Of The Big Bonuses

Please note that the KCB bonuses are NOT LISTED in the product description. You need to make sure your referrals know this.

There are huge KCB bonuses to be had with all purchases until the 21st November but I think people don't realise as they are not in the product description.

Buy a WHIM for €2600 and get €5200 of KCB

Buy a WHIM/K1 Bundle for €5200 and get €13,000 of KCB

They are in the downloads section on a separate pdf.  HERE . There is a screenshot of it here if you want to enlarge it or print it off.

Once these deals are finished the only way you will be able to buy coins is on an exchange Get Your coins now - with bonuses.

Quickest Way To Get A Gold Package

Some of you have asked about this so here goes...

Anyone who registered with Karatbars before the 4th of July can change 100 KBC for 1g of gold - no problem.

Anyone who registered after the 4th of July needs a gold package or higher. There are two ways to do this.

1. Buy a bronze or silver package and SELL 5 gold packages or higher within five weeks. You will get a free upgrade to bronze.

2. Buy a €1700 Profit package or higher, a €1750 K1 Phone package or higher, any WHIM package or a CEM.

Do it before the 21st of November and you get all the bonuses too!

Usage of K1 IMpulse phones's , WHIM's and CEM's are what will ultimately grow the price of KBC and grow the company so this is a fantastic solution for everyone ad prevents the scammers with their multiple accounts...

P.S. When we said in last weeks newsletter that scammers were opening multiple accounts, we didn't say or mean under one name because that is impossible due to KYC. They were registering family members, friends, creating groups and one person was controlling all accounts with the sole purpose of scamming the 100KBC to 1g offer. The gold package qualification will make such a venture unprofitable for them. 🙂

Life would be easier if everyone played fair but that's the world we live in! In any case they won't get the better of Harald Seiz or of Karatbars no matter how hard they try.

If You Are Going Through A Tough Time, Keep Going

We learn more in the bad times than the good. I learned more during the difficult years than I did during the good times when my previous businesses were doing well.

My mission now is to help as many people as possible get to where they want to be in the next few years. We've had some calls from affiliates this week that we hadn't heard from in two or three years which is one of the main things I love about this company.

The beauty of Karatbars is that they can simply start again from where they left off. A business package with Karatbars is a one off cost for life.

As long as someone wants to start or get active they can contact me anytime. I never ask them what they were doing or why they stopped. My only interest is in their future and what we are going to do to change it.

No one in our group of 27,000+ should ever be afraid to send me an email or call me. ola.awoliyi@karatleverage.com or Whatsapp +34644779968

I'm never too busy and will never be too busy to help you.

*We just need the Karatbars username in every message/email or I won't reply. (I get a lot of spam so it helps me filter it out. If you have messaged me and didn't get a reply that will be why).

Example: "Hi Ola, this is xxxx , my username is xxxx . Can you help me with..."

Getting Started

The first step is to get your business status via a profit package , a K1IMpulse , a Whim or a CEM. I never advise anyone which one to buy as I can't see their bank account. There's a package for everyone one and for every purse. Karatbars is about giving the masses an asequible way to own gold and secure their futures. Everyone!!! - not a select few.

However, I do advise buying the largest package you can comfortably afford which is how it should be.

Once you have your package, you get your replicated page at www.karatleverage.info and start sharing. Start talking to people, tell them about buying gold from 0,1g upwards, tell them about buying KCB coins, Cashgold vending machines, Kmerchant software, K1 Blockchain phone and WHIM blockchain laptop!

These are all amazing revolutionary products and I think sometimes affiliates do not fully understand what they have to sell!

CEO's like Robert Corriveau see something and that should make us all realise what we have here!

Have you ever said.. "I can't afford a package", "I can't afford a k1" etc?
Have you every had someone say it to you when you showed them Karatbars?

I remember seeing the image below around 2013 and the message in it really was a thunderbolt moment for me. We grew up in a poor family and my mother was always saying "I can't afford it" Maybe she unwittingly was programming her mind every time she said it.
In any case I started saying "how can I afford it" and it has made a monumental difference to my life.

Maybe its something we should all try to do.

Scam Emails 

Please look out for emails using this address -  support@karatbithelp-zendesk.com  It is fake. The real one has a (.) and not a (-) !!

Karatbars /Karatbit will never send you an email asking you for information.

The scammers know #KBC is a very valuable coin which is why they are trying so hard to steal it!  It's a positive thing in a strange way!

Fantastic Months Ahead 

That's all for this week. Great news again, everything is on track although we are a few weeks behind with K1 impulse phones but that's ok.. When you break new ground you find rocks...We are pioneers and the road will never be straight. Nothing we are doing has ever been done before.

Every day is different and gives me new challenges and that's one of the reasons I enjoy this company. If I wanted something predictable I could open a Subway or some sort of franchise.

All in all, it's a good week. Great new corporate people in place, loads of new support staff at Karatbars and Karatbars to make us go 24/7 on support, CEM's being delivered every day, K1's in the next few weeks, Hard Fork on the 15th of December, Madrid on the 21st December....It's going to be a very merry Christmas and a happy 2020!

This eagle just landed

As always, if you read your latest news every day, read the newsletters, read our blog at www.karatforum.com and like my facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/karatleverage/ ) and read it, you will have all this information right away.


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Ola Awoliyi


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One thought on “CEM Delivery Begins – Karatbars & Karatgold November 2019 Updates

  • Thank you so much Ola for the indebt information and explanation. I just bought my WHIM and I unfortunately they didn’t accept sofort or credit cards payment and I had to pay via bank wire transfer which may take a day or two to get to them. But hopefully I’ll be able to get my bonus as I payed before 21 November.

    God bless you for the great work

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