Final Days Of Incentive & How To Get Your Karatbars Business Going

Let me welcome all the new affiliates this week. Please see for your fast start guide.

Fantastic News From Corporate 

During the course of this week, there has been around four hours of online meetings with Ovidiu Toma. These has been somewhat of a "prelude" to our Leaders event in Stuttgart this coming weekend.

The top 150 independent affiliates will be in Germany with Harald Seiz and the management team for three days of important meetings.

But Here is what I can tell you today...

1. Karatnet is already being tested and looking good for release.
2. The number one priority when both coins merge will be to protect the value of the new coin.  They do not want to create any inflation.
3. The merge will be simple for affiliates and details are being held back purely for security reasons.
4. CEM's and K1 Phones are on schedule for delivery
5. Details are being finalised before all Kmerchant information can be rolled out.
6. The scam and phishing attacks have failed miserably and the activation of 2FA has stopped all thefts of coins.
7. Both Harald Seiz and Ovidiu Toma are very relaxed and happy about things going forward.
8. Plans are already in place to introduce new products and offers once the KCB sales end.
9. The Amsterdam Incentive ends on 2nd September which is only six days from today and there is a wonderful opportunity to earn free business packages, KCB coins, a free trip to Amsterdam and much more.

If you can get a flight to Amsterdam, make sure to be there. You can get an event ticket in the back office HERE

Please remember that KCB is being merged at €0.14 so getting bonus KCB now means you get them at a much lower value.
And you can take advantage of the current incentive to get more KCB coins from profit packages, K1 Phone packages and CEM packages .

Remember that once KCB sales end, there will be no more opportunities to get them. Make hay while the sun shines.

The profit packages can be found under the product purchase section of the website while the table below highlights content that come with the K1 phone packages.

[Training] How To Get Started With Your Karatbars Business.

The wonderful thing about Karatbars is that even despite when the company goes through a bad time such as the scammer attacks, glitches or even just summer holidays, it does not cost the affiliate a single cent to keep their businesses.

If you were an Amway or Herbalife affiliate you would be paying xxx per month to keep your business active. With Karatbars you have your business for life once you purchase that initial package and it never costs you another cent.

I had someone call this morning who registered with me in 2014 and he wants to get started now after all this time! His account was there exactly where he left it.

I can also tell you for sure that September, October and November are always the busiest months. If you want the best chance of success you need to start today because September starts on Sunday!

You'd probably ask, "So if I was starting today, what would I do?"

This question gets asked a lot and here is exactly the steps I would take in exactly this order to GUARANTEE my success.

I can say "guarantee" because I have personally sponsored over 1000 people and have a group of over 26,000 people from 100+ countries.

This works in any country and you need no money to do it. I had no money when i started and I did it.

1. Buy the largest Profit Package/ Phone Package I could afford. All packages pay direct commission so even a €150 bronze package is better than none. Do your KYC, order your Mastercard and commit to buying some gold each week or month. The steps are on the dashboard.

2. Print out the image below or Google "100 Squares" and print it out on a pdf".

3. Request your own replicated page like prepared with your referral and affiliate links.  If you are in my group please send me an email and I set it up for you once you are an active affiliate (Active meaning you have acquired a package)

You Are Now Ready To Start!

This is where the temporary  "work" begins. I did this for twelve months until my team started growing by itself. You have one task to complete every day for as long as it takes.

Only once you get this stage done can you start with social media pages, branding, blogs, youtube, Facebook etc... Not now!

"You could get super lucky and sponsor two superstars today and that could be you finished sponsoring forever" - This is what lazy MLM leaders tell people and it's not reality....

The Truth / Reality

More likely is that you will find one superstar in every fifty who starts with you.

What I know for sure, however, is that out of every ten people you ask to watch your video only one will, Depending on how you look at this,  it is either a 90% failure rate or 10% success rate.

80% of the work is always done by 20% of the people. Not every seed a farmer drops grows, not everyone who goes into a shoe shop buys a pair of shoe... You get the idea!

Not everyone who says they will watch your video will.
Not everyone who watches it will register.
Not everyone who registers will buy a package.
Not everyone who buys a package will build the business..

Now that you know these rules, you can't be disappointed or demotivated by reality.

Guaranteed Success - Ask People

Before I go any further let me define the word "ask" ... Ask means "to have a live and direct one to one conversation with another person in real time".

Posting links, creating social media pages, sending emails, solo ads, buying lists or leads... all these does not fall into this "ask people"category. These are a short cut to depression and certain disappointment.

Asking means:

Face to face - Go meet the person / bring them to your home / Do a presentation
A telephone call.
Skype / Whatsapp calls
Live messenger - (Not leaving messages)
Live whatsapp messenger (Not leaving spamming messages) 

So if you are in a conversation you need to ask them to watch your video to the end. But how?

Tell them you need to find a new business partner and maybe if they watched your video they could think on someone. Imagine the honesty of that! Tell them the truth!

Take the pressure off the person by choosing your words carefully..

Example:  "I know this is probably not for you but I'm looking for a new business partner and I thought you might be able to help me find them. Would you take a look at this video and if anyone comes to mind can you let me or them know? I need to get them up and running this week so it would really help me out"

They will do it to help you out and because they don't feel under any pressure. Don't be surprised if they called you later and say... "I know you said its not for me but I might be interested"

There you go...Help them get started!

The 100 Squares

Every time a person has definitely watched the video write their name in a square.

If you can get three views per day during one month and three days that's 100 squares. You can do it faster but NEVER slower. Momentum is very very important.

It is a statistical fact that if 100 people watch the 27 minute presentation then 4-8 of those people will become an active business partner with a package.

If you get three people per day, every day during three months then you can easily have 12-24 active business partners in your organisation.

The 100 squares keeps you honest and you can't hide from it. Without it you may think you have done a lot but in reality very little.

By the way I have used this system in other direct sales companies over years and it has worked everytime.

Direct sales is not luck. It is mathematics, statistics, repetition and an exact science. Do the same thing in the same way and you will get the same results.

Who do you ask?

There are over 3 billion adults on earth and unless you live in North Korea, contacting them isn't that difficult. If I happen to be in brussels today and in a cafe, that's an opportunity to speak to the owner and the staff.

If I took a taxi i could speak to the taxi driver. If I have a suit on I could speak to every business owner on the street.

The problem is not finding people to ask. It's the fear of rejection which stops people from asking. Its human nature to want to avoid conflict and rejection. Get over that barrier and you cannot fail at this.

We make the presentation in a video, and this guarantees the sale. You just make sure people watch it.

You can go from being broke to making thousands of euros/dollars by just asking people to watch a presentation every day during twelve months and keep going.

Here is a good question to ask yourself...

Which is harder... Asking people to watch a video or the thought of your life being exactly the same or worse in five years time?

The answer to that question varies with each person. When I started I didn't want my life to continue being the way it was.

But some tell me... "I really really don't know anyone and never meet people"

If you really can't think on anyone to ask use this memory jogger -

You WILL want to give up! 

My sixth month in Karatbars was December 2013 and I made a meagre €80 as it was December. (No one had told me no one buys in December). I wanted to give up but I kept going and things turned around in January.

During my tenth month, April 2014, a rumour/accusation went around the internet about Karatbars being a scam which wasn't true but it wiped me out for a few months. Harald Seiz took the people to court and won the court case. Again i didn't give up and kept going.

Truth or Hype?

"I would rather tell people the true ratios from the start and be honest and say it is hard but I can also say it is worth it.
In 2019 I live in a beautiful home, drive fantastic cars, earn in a month what a doctor doesn't make in a year, have time freedom and travel the world.
I am content and happy and it is 100% because of Karatbars."

The good news is that it is much more easier to grow a business now than when we started and its much easier for affiliates to earn faster. Its not 2013 any more and Karatbars is now a global business.

Start Right Away

So get your package, get your replicated page, trust in the video and start asking anyone and everyone over the age of eighteen to watch that video. And fill in the 100 squares.

Imagine it is like 100 Scratch cards with 4-8 guaranteed winners... Just keep scratching, (asking), and filling it in and they will appear.

I can also promise you one more thing...

However long it takes you to find that first person who eventually says... "Yes, this is great, I get it, I'm buying my VIP today"... It won't take you half as long to find the next one!

You will not be able to get in the way of people like me who immediately got it and got on with it with no help from my sponsor.. I had to work it all out myself.  You don't need to.

I really want to help you

I don't need to write this Newsletter today, I am making a huge weekly income which keeps growing. I am going to start making 20% per week on my Masternodes and Supernodes from October.

I will keep writing these newsletters as long as I know one reader gets value from it and I can help someone change their life with Karatbars.... Just as it did for me.

Karatbars is safe, honest and is going to change a lot more lives in the years ahead...

Enjoy the rest of your week and have fun!

If you don't have a Karatbars account yet, create one HERE and I can get you started properly.

There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.

Keep a close eye on your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates.

Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

*****Please include your names and username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to*****


Ola Awoliyi

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