How to Guarantee Success With Karatbars
I hope you have had a good week so far... It's been non stop all week and cashgold sales are through the roof. Remember you get 20 free ICO tokens with every 0.1g purchase! 

So.. Today's topic..

I have been on 100% commission for over twenty years so I have never had or wanted a salary in all that time. 

I love being paid over and over for doing work once too much! 

I could leave Karatbars today and go to Amway, Herbalife, Melaleuca or any established direct sales company and would be 100% confident that I would make money! 

How can I be so sure? 

The product is irrelevant. If the company is over 3 years old and dozens of people are earning more than €100K, then I will too. 

There is not one of those people any better than me and anything they have learned I can learn too. 

I would simply find someone in the company who is successful and I would copy everything they do. If they stood on their head for an hour every morning eating bananas so would I!

I learned that in one of my first direct sales jobs and it has made me successful in every company I have worked with since. 

I follow the system leaders use exactly without questioning it. Whether I like it or agree with it is not important, my job is to copy. 

I talk to other leaders and head office DAILY  to find out what is working so I can bring it to you in these newsletters. Success leaves clues and all we need to do is copy. 

In Karatbars I have also found the perfect product everyone needs which makes it even easier! I don't even have to buy, store or deliver it and there are no returns! 

I now have a mission and commission with no hassle!

System not Skill

If you follow the system and stop thinking about it you will start earning today. You don't need any training or skills or talent to be successful in Karatbars. 

Presenting, closing, orders, deliveries and customer support are all done for you by me, other leaders and Karatbars. 

A new affiliate's ONLY task is to get people to watch a live or recorded presentation and become a professional, persistent inviter until their team starts growing by itself. 

Guaranteed Success By Following Steps

From today I am going to be doing specific training on each step so anyone can follow what to do. 

It is impossible to fail, it is impossible not to start earning if you do this. 

Over 5000 people get this newsletter and if everyone follows the steps everyone will start to earn a lot of money. 

Ready to copy??

Step 1 - Complete the five steps on the dashboard. 

Karatbars have made it easy by providing five images on the dashboard you only have to click. 

They take ten minutes to complete and please do them in order. 

Karatbars have provided tutorials for each step and we made a video which gives you a breakdown of how to do each step:

Be Accountable 

Once you have completed the steps please send an email to and let me know you have done it. 

We want to help as many people as possible earn over €10,000 per month this year so I need to know who is "plugged in".  

If you want to be a €10,000+ per month earner the first stage is completing your five steps and letting me know. 

Why is this so important? 

I have taken several calls this week from people who were having trouble growing their businesses. In every case they had not completed the five steps which was the root of the problem. 


"I didn't think I needed a Mastercard yet" - Wrong 

"I was going to wait until I earned before doing autosave" - Wrong!

"I can't afford to do autosave yet"

These statements show a complete lack of faith and confidence in both themselves and the company. 

"I can't afford to do autosave yet" simply means the person is not confident that they can make €50 this month with Karatbars! 

We explain why in more detail in our video - 

Finish the steps and the confidence will grow, the need to earn the €50 for autosave will appear and so will the means to achieve it. 

Whether you think you can or think you can't you are right! 

Once the steps are done and you have contacted me, we will help each person individually by creating a personal plan. 

In future Newsletters we will be focusing on individual parts of the Karatbars business such as working with Charities, K-Exchanges, Sports Clubs etc and how to approach them. 

Going forward in 2018, we really want to ensure that everyone who wants to be successful in our team feels supported in achieving their goals. 

Click the create or login link below, complete your steps and lets make 2018 your year... 



Ola Awoliyi


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