July 4th. Getting Prepared For What Comes After

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So The Golden Day Is Upon Us... 

And not many can argue that it has been worth the wait.

It all started with Karatbars entry into crypto & blockchain universe. There was a lot of uproar then but now, almost two years later, the vision becomes clear to the world. We have achieved what was near unimaginable....a global financial ecosystem based on the solidarity of gold.

Well done Mr. Harald Seiz. Well done Karatbars International. Well done to all affiliates and Partners. Well done to all customers.

If Karatbars was a sports team, I would proudly refer to them as the dream team!

July 4th & Gold Exchange

We all know from the image above that, starting from tomorrow, we will be able to exchange our kbc coins at the rate of 100KBC to 1 Gram of gold.
We have received a lot of questions these past about jow this will be done. This is exactly the reason for the las vegas event.

If you will be at the Las Vegas event, you will be able to exchange your coins right there and then. If you have registered on the site as directed prior to the deadline, you will be able to change your KBC for gold at the event.

Otherwise, all the necessary information, the where, the when and how will all be revealed in the next 24 hours in Las vegas. And as always, we will send out this details as soon as they come in. So please pay attention to your emails.

The Kartabars ATM's

The Atm's were launched sometime ago and information regarding its operations and functions are still somewhat a mystery.
Once again, at the event in Las Vegas, this will come to light as all the necessary information will be make available.

What we know until now however, are the dimensions and specifications of the ATM, the cost of adquiring one, the varying amounts of cashgold available in every pack and the incentive that comes with these ATM packages.

We will find out about every other information in little over 24 hours from now. Some people have been asking if and where this atm's will be in their cities or countries.

What I say to them is this..we are the affiliates and the representatives of the company. It is our duty, and in our own best interest, to get businesses and shopowners to understand and see the value in these atm's. This will get them to order one and this way we can have an atm in every corner of every street in over 138 countries worldwide.

Is this possible, Yes. Is it worth it, Yes. Will it be profitable?...Oh Yes!!
Details to come.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen will be doing what she knows how to do best....sing and entertain. The only difference this time is...she won't be doing it at the grammys. She will be in the hall with a packed crowd of karatbars people.

When your company grows, you grow. And growth is synoymos with Karatbars right now, it gets bigger and better.

So It won't all be about stuffing you up with information nor fattenning your gold reserves in Las Vegas, we will have time for a little celebration as well. Afterall, it is our gold independence.

What You need to do

So what are the things you need to make sure and assure you are prepared going forward?

1. Create your karatbars/karatgold account if you don't already have one (an affiliate account is best as you get access to every area of the site and all benefits). You can do that HERE

2. Make sure your account is in order.
Login into your account, go to your profile page. go through the details. Get KYC verified.
-make sure names and addresses are correct.
-make sure your karatbit user-id match the karatbit user-id that appears on the  top right corner of your dashboard

3. Check that your karatpay account is set up and properly linked to your karatbars account, and that you remember your access details and your transfer pin. If not Please update and set it all up now

And we have found out recently that most still haven't done their KYC's on Karatbit. Please take the time to do it now.
Just login into karatbit, click on dashboard, then click on KYC.

Getting approved on the bronze level will do just fine. Although once approved, you can decide to get a higher level of approval as this removes certain restrictions on your account.

How To Get the Help You Need

Here are some tips to help you understand the support network. I don't think a lot of people are aware that different parts of the business are different companies in different countries.

Print this out and put it where you can find it. Put the contacts in your phone.

Karatbars / Karatgold support phone number: +49 711 128 970 00  (Stuttgart/Dubai)
Karatbars deliveries - delivery@karatbars.com (Stuttgart)
Karatbars Bank wires - financial@karatbars.com (Stuggart)
Karatbars Incentive queries - incentive@karatbars.com (Stuttgart)
Karatbars Mastercard PFS - +442071278165 (London)
Mastercard support - debitcard@karatbars.com (Majorca)
Karatbit support - support@karatbit.com (Romania)
Karatpay support - support@karatpay.net (USA)

Many affiliates are contacting the wrong departments about the wrong things which is why many don't get a reply.

Please also be aware that due to data protection:

*If you send an email from an address other that the one in your account you will NEVER get a reply.
**If you do not include your Karatbars username they may not be able to find you and probably can't reply.

As you most well know, if you are in my organization/team send me an email directly and I will be happy to assist you always.

That will be all from me today. July 4th is only 24 hours away so it's time to get ready to guide and help you all through the next chapter in our company's history.

Information will be passed on as it is recieved so stay tuned.

Happy Gold independence day....Viva Las Vegas

If you don't have an account yet, create one HERE and send me an email immediately so I can get you started properly. We can schedule a call and I will clarify how an account with karatbars will help you better your situation in all areas.

There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.

Keep a close eye on your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates.

Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

*****Please include your names and/or username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to*****


Ola Awoliyi

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