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Are You Ready?
I suppose you are all wondering what is happening?
Everything has been so quiet over the past two weeks. Where are our new packages and products?The first thing for everyone to realise is that everything was supposed to go live on the 5th of January but because thousands of people didn't pay attention, we have been delayed until the 13th of January. Harald Seiz and the company has kindly given them an extension which is not a bad idea. Hopefully everyone will learn from it and stay plugged in this year.

The second thing is that you haven't heard from head office because they have been so busy getting everything ready! Our new sales Managers have been working hard developing our new sales and communication tools.

Communication broke down in 2019 as we all know. Scammers crippled our support and caused a lot of damage which we all know. The good news is that the company is putting everything in place so these things don't happen again.

Making mistakes in itself isn't a bad thing, as long as we learn from them.

Moving Forward

There was a Leaders meeting two nights ago with Harald Seiz, Josip Heit and Ovidiu  Toma and we have had a preview of our new packages which will be going live on Monday. Can't say too much but what I will tell you is that you are going to love them.

Our focus is going back to gold and promoting our K1s and WHIMs which is wonderful. Like I said in my last newsletter titled "GOING BACK TO THE BASICS". If you didn't recieve it or didn't read it for some reason, you can find it HERE or on my blod at www.karatforum.com

There is going to be a fantastic focus on helping affiliates build their teams.

#CEM, #K1IMpulse and #WHIM usage is what is going to drive up the price of KBC in the months and years ahead.

Other developers developing apps and services on our Blockchain is what will drive up the coin price.

There is a Bitcoin halving happening in May which should also help the value of all Alt coins including KBC. (Google it if you don't know what that is).

Over the coming months we will get more information on the company going public, our new high street shops and new products which will be sold in them. There are going to be many many ways to earn a lot of income.

We can now let our KBC coins sit as they are and focus on bringing in new affiliates, building our teams, selling #cashgold, K1's and WHIM's.

It is new people from outside we need going forward. Remember that 99% of the world population have never even heard of Karatbars.

If you speak to 1000 people 999 of them won't have heard of us yet. That's a huge opportunity.

Gold Is Moving 

Just at exactly the right time people are talking about gold again and it is starting to make gains. The political situation is also helping. We are perfectly positioned to take advantage of that in 2020.

No other company can beat our cashgold prices, we are miles ahead with the K1 and WHIM even if another company started today.

The new packages you will have to sell from this week combine the best of what we have to offer.

What Do You Need To Do?

1. Be ready for the next newsletter on Tuesday/Wednesday

2. Get your head in the right place. That is prepare your mind and concentrate on the possibilities you know you can have with your karatbars business.

3. Clear your diary - If you want to build a huge team in 2020 I will help you. My 100% focus this year will be on team building and helping people create the passive income I enjoy.

4. Forget anything that happened in 2019 because everything was blown completely off course by the scammers. Some things that were planned didn't happen, things were delayed and Harald Seiz and the company had to move fast to keep the ship afloat.

The good news is Karatbars is still here and stronger than ever as a result of these experiences. The K1IMpulse phones are arriving all over the world as I see on Facebook, Mainnet goes live, the new sales managers are creating great tools for us and we are getting firmly back on track.

All old issues have mostly been dealt with and we can go into a new decade in full strength.

So enjoy whats left of this weekend and be ready to start on Monday.

Don't forget to put the head office number in your phone -  Head Office Number  +49 711 128 970 00 and support@karatbars.com   / support@karatbit.com

I am team building in 2020, Head office are handling all support.

Let's do it and have some fun.

Have a great week...

Stay plugged into all the official channels for the latest news and updates. And make sure to favourite this newsletter email so you don't miss subsequent editions or read our blog at www.karatforum.com

***If you don't have a Karatbars account yet, create one HERE and I can get you started properly. You might have noticed that to be successful is not only getting the right opportunity but being in the right team. Joining karatbars is a great idea yet, joining as part of THIS team is an even better one.

There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.
Keep a close eye on your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates if you are on this team.
Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

***Please include your names, and username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to***


Ola Awoliyi

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