#Karatbars Important Updates April 2020 vol.2

Important Update 
Todays newsletter is coming on the back of yesterday's leaders meeting with head office and I have some great news for you. It's not entirely nice to know that not every affiliate and customer could be on the call because it was extremely positive.

As you all know, most of the what is discussed on thsi meetings is under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) which explains why it is usually not open to the general public just in case you are wondering why!

Head Office and Corporate, in general, are aware that things got extremely "not so good" for a few months and are working to put everything right...

It's clear that corporate need to tell EVERYONE what they are doing and let the entire field know what is going on behind the scenes. They know they are working hard. The leadership team know it but I don't think that message is getting out to everyone.

They assured us that they are working on doing that and insist that process has already started...

For now here is the information from me..

Masternodes and Supernodes Payments started today.
Harald Seiz said that March and April would be paid out this month and he has been true to his word. Mine were paid already and they hope to have all completed latest by Monday.

That's great news as I could tell some people were worried.

Corporate communication
From 29th of April and then every 2 weeks after, at 8pm CET,  corporate will be doing a live call giving us updates on everything. Communication is going to be a big deal from now on.

Karatbit support
This is moving to Stuttgart so there will be some support gaps and delays over the next few days. They are working hard to get it back to full speed.

USDT Withdrawals on Karatbit
These will be fully operational again by next week.

Annual cashgold payouts
Payments for these has also started for anyone who bought the larger 25k+ packages last year.

WHIM promotion KBC bonuses
These were KBC bonuses given to the seller of WHIMS between 11th October and 21st november 2019. These bonuses have started to be paid this week.

Offer for Premium and Premium Professional Owners
Harald Seiz is looking at creating an offer for anyone who bought Premium pro and Premium packages as the payout is lower than expected. As soon as it is worked out, they will let us know.

WHIM deliveries
Obviously with the whole covid tantrum/pandemic, this is going to be delayed. However corporate said they will get a message out addressing it shortly.

UNV on Blockchain
Univals are gold. 1 Unival is 0.1g of gold.  Univals are going on the Blockchain. When univals are moved on the blockchain they will generate fees which will be paid in KBC.

This will be great for the people who buy gold from Karatbars as their gold will be completely secure on the blockchain This will be great for KBC as it will increase the value of KBC.

CEMs are being restocked
Karatbars has contacted the CEM owners to start arranging the filling of CEM's again. Once they are restocked and fully ready the locator will be released.

Announcement on the security of gold purchases
We know that all future gold purchases by customers will be recorded on blockchain so it will be 100% secure and deposited in a third party bank.

A statement will be made by corporate on how that all works for people who don't understand.

**My advice is do a Youtube search on "blockchain" and find out why it is so secure**

It's clear a lot of work is being done from just one announcement, to make sure everything is right. The ship took some big hits at the end of last year but it is definitely back on course....and sailing again.

Corporate are organised and communicating. We have an excellent selection of starter packages, we have around a presentation to send people to and the value of gold and KBC will continue to rise.

That should make all affiliates, old and new, very happy. It will take longer for some than others but the great thing about Karatbars has always been that you get your package once, and it gives you a business, and passive income for life.

Everyone of the 29,000 affiliates in my group still own a business and it costs nothing to maintain. Any one of them can introduce a new partner today and be paid next Friday.  That's pretty unique in the online business world.

As an online Karatbars business owner I probably lost 90% of my team since November for various reasons but I am very confident that 40% will come back this year and the other 50% over the next 2-5 years.

In comparison, I lost 80% of my team to various other online businesses in 2014 when the "AMF" accused Karatbars of being a scam. So this crisis is nothing new to me. 80% of those people came back and this time will be no different.

Karatbars has been operational since 2011. It has been great during 90% of the time but, like every business, you get some bad patches. We have had two since 2014 and we are still here and guess what, I am pretty certain we will have more... the secret is to keep going.

My income is down 90% over the past few months but I have been saving since 2014 so three or six or twelve months of no income is not a disaster. I was ready for it. That's what we have been teaching everyone since 2013 and everyone in my team has been doing... Right? ... Unfortunately not! Those that did however, have themselves to thank for it today. Not me.

Because I can preach all i want and try to help all I want. Yet without action, it's all worthless. They took action so they have merited the rewards.

Karatbars is about creating a back up plan. It is about saving cash in gold for a crisis.
Lo, and behold... here we are.
In a fiat/currency (backed by nothing) economy and an economy based on credit, A crisis is like a headache, we all get to have it at one time...sooner or later.

Anyone who wasn't prepared wasn't listening.

Maybe they will be prepared for the next one. And there will be another!

Opportunity In The Next Few Days

Supernodes and Masternodes were paid today which means many people will sell their earned KBC today as they are needy or greedy for cash. There's always categories for these things.

That means the price of KBC will probably drop a little in the next few days..(it already has as I write this). A very good time to buy more.

Some people see the price drop as a problem, Some as an opportunity. You can guess which camp I am in.

I have Millions of KBC and I have never and don't think of selling 1!...I have given to members of team as an incentive though. So let that tell you whatever you need it to. My KBC would be the last thing I sell.

Every Crisis Is An Opportunity

This short video on the oil price... It should expain to you why you should be buying as much gold as possible from Karatbars and making sure you help as many others do the same as possible

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQuXDvA8l24&list=PLnlFI1TzIYYVx6_HxvkHDqXRnWJtHMTPA&index=8 - A MUST WATCH!!! PLEASE

Karatbars is simple

1. Buy a Multi Gold Package - Get A Business And Dual Status for life
2. Start buying some cashgold every week/month - Make It A Personal Decision
3. Share a presentation with people, anyone, everyone - Earn A Passive Income in Cash and Gold

It's Time For Karatbars

And this song tells it perfectly....LISTEN TO IT HERE

This is the calm before the storm. This is the people on the beach watching the tsunami take the water out of the beach wondering what is going on. By the time the water comes back it will be too late.

History tells us massive hyperinflation is coming and the Dollar and Euros are finished.

Learn Your Way Out Of Trouble

Please please watch this series of videos. I have been asking people to since 2014.

If you want to really earn from this crisis you need to watch them as soon as possible - HERE

How easy could it be for us to promote cashgold in the next year or two?

I am extremely positive about the next twelve months and I know it is going to be a very successful year for many of us.

Keep reading my newsletters and I'll show you how you can take part in the upcoming opportunities too.

Get a muti gold package, get some cashgold gold, read my newslettters... Easy!

Have a wonderful week.


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There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.
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Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

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Ola Awoliyi

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