Karatbars Is Mainstream

Karatbars Is Mainstream

Eleven days ago, Forbes Magazine gave a very strong vote of confidence to Karatbars by naming us as one of the top ten crypto companies of 2019!

-  https://www.forbes.com/sites/joresablount/2019/05/31/10-blockchain-companies-to-watch-in-2019/

Are you or do you know anyone on the fence about Karatbars?... Send them that link!

Quick Updates From Cape Town

This undoubtedly has been the biggest Karatbars event ever!  Over the years, attendance at karatbars events has been steadily on the rise, but this time the growth has been staggering. I can only attribute this to the growth and reputation the company holds right now in the industry. And this gives even more credibility to the headline above.....

...Karatbars is mainstream!


There were lots of great announcements on stage. (And off stage)

I know, as always, that a lot of diverse and incogerent information has and is being thrown around on social media and I also see that most of it is not accurate.

They don't mean any harm but in their excitement they have mixed it up a little.

4th Of July

The 4th of July announcement is fantastic for everyone in the company when the process is explained properly.

Our ATM's

The announcement that the company expects to roll out, starting this week, between 100 thousand and 500 thousand ATM'S across thw whole world has also been met with a lot of euphoria
I want to crave your indulgence to wait until later in the week when we will be sending out our newsletter where everything will be explained properly, in detail and in the correct context as the company intends.

Until then, you can watch this two phone recorded videos from the event in Cape Town:

Karatbars #CapeTown Review - #K1Impulse & Blockchain Explained By Ovidiu Toma 

#Karatbars Cape Town Review - 100KBC To 1g Gold Explained By Harald Seiz


Our Updates For You

We are just waiting for clarification on a few points and as soon as we have those in writing, we will get all the correct information to you.

There is zero benefit in sending out information unless it is correct and verified.


EVERYONE from head office attends the Freedom Celebration and they all flew home on Monday and have today, Tuesday, off in lieu of the fact they just worked eight days straight.

They will be back tomorrow and the wheels will begin to turn again.

We will be spending the next couple of days collating information and putting all together prior to sending out the newsletter later in the week.

My Time Is For My Team (You)

In tune with the growth within the company, our group has also been growing exponentially. These newsletters are accessible to almost anyone on the web and we get loads of emails with questions everyday,...and we can only do so much.

It is a lot easier for me to attend to questions by email. Not Skype, not social media, definitely not facebook.
Please send me an email if you need help with anything but Please ensure the subject comes with your username.

I know therefore if you email me you are definitely in my group. No username = no reply.

Please therefore ensure everyone in your team knows to subscribe to this newsletter at

When the K1 Impulse phone is released we will have a dedicated team hotline on it anyway so the issue will be solved.

If somehow you are reading this and you are not in my group please contact the office and ask for your active upline Director who WILL want to help you.

So that's it for today... Short and sweet.

Look out for the Newsletter later this week...   If you have a question you want answered in there, you have until Thursday morning to get it to me.

P.S. The 100% bonus on the K1 Phones ends on Friday... That's what everyone should be focusing on this week!

If you want to learn more about that see http://karatleverage.info/k1impulse/

Enjoy the rest of your week.


If you don't have an account yet, please create one HERE and send me an email immediately after to schedule a call.

Please let me know if you need any help with anything. I am available from 7am - 5pm Monday to Friday. CET (Central European Time).


Ola Awoliyi

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