Karatbars January 2020 Summary. What Next?

K1IMpulse and Back To Gold
Welcome to this weeks update. Not so much novelty to tell you but as a commitment, i write these newsletters weekly to keep my organisation up to date with events within the company so let me get on with it.

Statement From Harald Seiz - You can watch Harald's statement online now where he explains some plans for the coming weeks and months including BUNV being used again. There have been a lot of issues and he knows that. The important thing is that he is still moving forward and getting everything done for us.

You can see it at - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqlBTcdvYLs&list=PLnlFI1TzIYYVTiJZq81E2ZHGvkfip-dQw&index=1

This aside, let me talk on the following points:

1. K1 IMpulse
We did a review of the K1 Impulse.
As a first attempt at a phone by our company, we love it. We set up the wallet, the Matrix ID, charged it, have made calls with it and everything works. The camera could be better though and software can be upgraded but that's not what the K1 phone is especially about.

For a company who never made a phone until twelve months ago it is brilliant and we are very proud of the whole team who made it possible. If there are any bugs or issues over the coming weeks the cryptodata team will solve them with software updates.

Ovidiu Toma has also announced that there will be no fee's applicable on them for at least the first month.

Watch the review at https://youtu.be/6FRzMGQSygk 

2. KBC Goldminer 
Affiliates can now spend 75 KBC per week and activate the gold miner which gives you access to earning cashgold from seven levels of your team. The details are in the latest news.

3. Multipackages
These are optional packages which can be purchased if and when you start to grow your team. We have spoken to Harald Seiz about some changes which will make them more appealing and they are being evaluated. Hopefully we will get some more news on that in the coming days.

We can tell you that the epoints are going to have lots of very cool uses and Mutipackages will feature more as they evolve in the next few months. My advice is that unless you have a large and active team/organization, forget about them for now.

4. Using Karatbit to buy Cryptocutrrency in Karatbit.
The card processing companies stopped the possibility for cashgold to be used in Karatbit due to people buying crypto and then claiming chargebacks.

Karatbars' compromise is to allow us to use our cashgold to buy Crypto but it has to be stored in our Karatpay ewallet for eight weeks so as no chargebacks can be made.
If you already have cashgold in your Karatpay ewallet for more than eight weeks you can use it now. There is also no longer any fee for moving it across from Karatpay to Karatbit.

This is another step towards everything starting to flow properly in the Ecosystem.

5. KBC Price
Some stolen coins have been dumped on the market over the past few days suppressing the price of KBC. Many affiliates are however picking these up at a good price so they are coming back into the community. Now is the time to buy KBC if you can.

6. Karatnet
Ovidiu Toma and his team are working hard on the different phases that needs to be completed, tried and tested for efficiency and functionality, before Mainnet goes public. They are working very hard in the background.

New Team Presentation

We have been working on our new presentation.
From 2011 until 2018 we helped people buy a package, save in gold and repeat. It's what made many millionaires in Karatbars before cryptocurrency was even a thought.

We used a very simple system between 2011 and 2018 and we are all going back to it now.

We have put all the necessary information, product details and more into an eighteen minute video and have included some testimonials from affiliates too.

Once someone gets started with their package,saving in gold, setup their KaratPay and starts building a team we can then introduce them to Multi packages, phones and other things.

Saving in gold and getting gold to the masses is what got me started and built 90% of my team and organisation and I am pleased we are getting back to this as a basic again.

I would ask that everyone watches the video today and if you want to get started with the system then you need to create your account and set up an autosave for at least one gram of classic gold per month. (We explain the reasons for this and the differences with cashgold in the video)

For everyone who wants to take part in the five week, five steps to success plan, I will be focusing on it from this week onwards.

The video is being uploaded to all my teams and organizations (http://www.karatleverage.info) replicated pages already and is on youtube at https://youtu.be/6rgVcqbrthM

It is very very simple to follow and anyone can do it.

What Next? Looking forward to the future

Head Office are working on Kmerchant, Karatnet and the other parts of the Ecosystem and I am looking forward to promoting them in whatever way we can.

For the next few months we will be helping new and old affiliates find their next five partners and start growing depth in their businesses with gold.

It is through people saving in gold that you create your passive residual income. The five step plan ensures that this happens. It's great to be back to doing the thing that made the company such a success and back to the reason why I joined the company in the first place.

If you have not got your replicated page you can send me an email with your username to ola.awoliyi@karatleverage.com and I'll set it up after confrimation you are in my group and that your account is active.

Don't forget to put the head office number in your phone for all support and admin issues.  -  Head Office Number  +49 711 128 970 00

Have a great weekend.


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Ola Awoliyi

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