Karatbars & Karatgold April 2019 Update Vol. 1

Welcome to our first newsletter of the month. There is so much going on that we decided it is better to wait to recieve  official information directly from the head office instead of passing across bits and pieces that will eventually overwhelm many. That said, from now on the newsletters will be sent out twice monthly and will cover every novelty in detail rather than weekly.

However, we will continue to send out urgent and up to the minute details as we deem necessary. Please add our global instant whatsapp helpline (+34644779968) to your phone contacts, and my email ola.awoliyi@karatleverage.com so you don't miss out when we send out a message

Major Updates

The Karatbars month ended on the 10th of April (A karatbars month runs from the 11th - the 10th of each month) and we had another record breaking month with over €2 Million Euros in sales in just our group alone!

Congratulations, well done and thank you to everyone out there working so hard! Its not easy getting your business going as we know!

The faster you can get the building part out of the way the sooner you can get to that freedom place where we are now! Trust me it is worth every bit of effort you put in!

Work hard now, work fast for the next four weeks and win your trip to Cape Town! Work hard and fast now for the next six months and set yourself up for passive income over years to come!

Profit package sales have soared, same with the new offer on the K1 Phone! More details on that HERE

New Presentations Released

Our new team presentations for the month has been completed and all the personalised websites have been updated with the new video. It covers all the new information including the K1 impulse phones, k-merchant etc. You can watch it on our team website www.karatleverage.info

If you are yet to recieve your personalised webpage with the video, please send an email requesting one. Remember, the only requirement for this is that you are registered and have purchased a package.

Security & 2FA

A lot of people have been losing their coins to scammers recently, recieving all sorts of scam emails asking for passwords , etc. This has prompted the company to add extra security features to the sites, in the form of 2FA (Two Factor Authentication).
To activate this on your account, all you have to do is go to your profile. Choose to add the 2FA to your account. As the value of our coins grow, it becomes a thing of interest to scammers and hackers who want to rob customers of their coins so please we advise that we all activate 2FA to give us that added layer of security to protect our coins.

Ending KCB as a stand alone product

From today, the 15th of April 2019. KCB will no longer be sold as a stand alone product. Only as part of our profit packages and the K1 Impulse phone packages. Now a lot of people have reacted with panic to this news and we felt the need to clarify.

This only means that KCB cannot be bought alone but as part of the other products mentioned above. KCB has not been discontinuedKCB is not sold out. You can get as many KCB as you want by ordering a profit package or the K1 impulse phone which, by the way, gives the best price on the KCB when you factor in the 200% bonus. See Here for details

Discount Codes
A lot of people have been asking what the discount codes included in the profit packages are used for.
Discount codes gives a stated discount on purchase of certain products.
The 3% discount codes gives the corresponding discount on all classic gold purchases during a 12 month period. Please note **classic gold purchases** . These include the 1g, 2.5g and 5gram gold cards. Not Cashgold.
There are no discounts availbale on cashgold.

The €100 discount codes give the corresponding discount on all package purchases from VIP upwards and can be used just once.  It cannot be applied on the bronze, silver or gold packages. Also this does not apply to the profit packages neither. Just the classic VIP business packages.

K-Merchant Info

Although the K-merchant is already available and the referral link is in the back office under referral section, we would want to advise that this not be shared yet. it is still being perfected. they are still finalising some details in the back office and we are still waiting for information. Once we have this, we will make a tutorial on k-merchant and how it works. Wait some days until every detail is finalised and we will get you the information necessary to be successful at presenting this to shop owners.

Besides, you do not want to be talking to shop owners and businesses yet without having all the necessary details to answer whatever questions they throw at you. So please wait and we will advise accordingly.

K1 Impulse Phone

In the next couple of days, a 20 page PDF should be made available in the back office on specific details of the K1impulse phone such as mothly costs, possibilities of using your phone to call someone who deosn't own one  and other options. Much Information coming out with the PDF so be on the lookout.

What i want to stress however is the offer that is running at the moment on these phones. we should be promoting the K1 phones massively because it is simply a no-brainer. This offer basically gets the phone into people's hands for free with thousands of euros worth of KCB to go with it. They also get units on the dual system, direct commissions and incentive points towards qualification for the freedom celebration in Cape Town

Hay diferentes paquetes disponibles. cada uno con ventajas excepcionales. Lo mejor de esto sin embargo es la oferta en el Paquete # 4. sabremos que 2 x 1 = KCB de nueva moneda Si KBC pasa a ser de 0,42 centavos de dólar,

Details Here

You can also login to your back office under product purchases. Click on K1 impulse and go through the 4 packages available.

Hard Fork / Merge 

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about the hard fork or the merge anticipated later on in the year between KBC and KCB.
It is really really simple.

What we should keep in mind is that whenever the two coins merge later on, the primary factor will be the price of KBC at the time.

We know that the price of KCB in the profit packages is 0.14cents.
Lets take for example that at the time of the merge, the price of KBC is .28cents.

we'll know that 3 x KCB = 1 of New coin

So the important thing is the value of KBC on the day of the fork. If the KBC happens to be 1.40cents on the day of the fork, this will mean 10xKCB = 1 of new coin. The thing we don't know now is what the value of the KBC will be then.

That's all for this newsletter.
Like I mentioned earlier, We will be sending out information as we recieve and confirm them so you are up to date.

Si usted no tiene una cuenta, por favor crear una  AQUÍ  y me envía un correo electrónico inmediatamente después de programar una llamada.  

Mantener una estrecha vigilancia sobre la  www.karatbars.com  y  www.karatgold.sg  sitio web y su correo electrónico para recibir boletines urgentes como éstas para las actualizaciones. 

Por favor, hágamelo saber si usted necesita ayuda con algo. Estoy disponible de 7am - 5 pm de lunes a viernes. CET (Central European Time).

* El correo electrónico es la mejor manera que pueda trabajar a través de ellos con el fin ..

***** Por favor, incluya su nombre y nombre de usuario en toda la correspondencia. Los correos electrónicos sin estos no serán atendidos a partir de ahora *****


Ola Awoliyi 


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