Karatbars & Karatgold April 2019 Updates Vol. 3

So it was a holiday weekend last week and we all had a little time to either spend locked in with family or getaway with family. Mine was the latter. Madrid was our destination. Lovely place. Spain is pretty they say but you could never imagine how pretty it is until you visit and see for yourself.

The only thing prettier about our getaway, and being able take family and invite friends to come along (all expenses paid) was that while I was there , karatbars continued to take care of business. The perfect example of "earn while you sleep" or in my case "earn while you are holidaying with family and friends".

Some people have sent me emails saying my newletters are always strictly to the point ( I thought that was supposed to be a positive). So the personal info above is just a little breather to slightly vary from the norm. Let's try to keep as much people happy as we can. Now it's time to get back to work so here we go:

Loads going on this week but the big news is the K1 Impulse phone 4k deal! One person bought 36 x 4k packs this this week, another 11, another 10!! For €4000 you get €12,000 of KCB, VIP Status and a free phone! See the limited time offer here.

K1 Impulse Phone Video

In response to all the questions we have recieved about the new K1 impulse phone, we decided to make a video explaining in detail everything we think is necessary. From the possible monthly costs of usage to the limited time offer available right now if you want to purchase your impulse phone. This video is available on my youtube channel and can be found at www.karatimpulse.com

KCB Coins Being Moved

Since monday the company has started to transfer the KCB coins of customers and affiliates to their ether wallet addresses. To be sure to recieve yours, all you have to do is make sure your etherwallet address is correctly entered into your profile on your dashboard.

To check and confirm this, you need to login into your karatbars account on www.karatbars.com or www.karatgold.sg. Once in your account, click on profile. Then click on edit profile.
You will see the space provided to enter your etherwallet address. If it is blank, you need to enter your wallet address then click on save. If you already have your etherwallet address there, plese confirm it is the right one and click on save.

Your etherwallet should always appear in this space from now on.

If you want your coins to be transferred to your karatbit account, you should login into your karatbit account and go to your dashboard. You should then click on the deposit link in front of KCB. A wallet address will be given to you. This is your karatbit wallet address for KCB. You can now copy and paste this address into your profile on karatbars.com or karatgold.sg.

How To Check movement on your  ethereum wallet

To check movement of coins and tokens on the ethereum blockchain, all you have to do is go to www.etherscan.io
This is like a public record of all the transactions that are done on the blockchain. You do not have to register on the site to access this.

Just type or paste your ethereum wallet address into the top right corner of the site and hit the search button as shown in the image above.
You will get a resulting page with all the transactions that has been done on that address. Use the image above as a guide.

KBC Listed on New Exchanges

There are a lot of new exchanges that have listed our Karatgold coin KBC recently. These includes:
Coin Bene
LBank. Add these to the other exchanges we are on and you will see we are on the major and biggest exchanges in the world of cryptocurrency.

K-Merchant And K-Booster

Like we have said in previous newsletters, The K-merchant is ready and is being finalised. we have not come out with details as we are waiting on completed version to be released. Then we will test run it real live to see the finer details and make sure everything is working properly before giving it the all clear for our team to start using and  promoting.

The same goes for the K-Booster, which is supposed to go live on the 2nd May.
Be self assured that once we have all the confirmed details directly from head office,and everything is working okay, we will make a video and/or send out a newsletter to inform you immediately.

We advise people in our team not to waste time on any of these two right now. Instead focus on the impressive offer of the K1 phones. We have until the 12th of May to put these in front of people.

You don't want to focus on something that is yet to be 100% functional and tested and people will start finding issues. You want to focus on what we have functional today and by the time the k1 phone offer ends on the 12th of may, the k-booster and k-merchant should have been perfected and then we can switch over and start focusing on those.

K1 IMpulse Phone 4K Offer - Sell 2 And Become VIP

Let me repeat this from last week. Amazing sales of the k1 phones #4 in our team.

When someone buys the K1 phone, they do not only get a voice over blockchain phone, they get €12000 worth of KCB, a VIP dual status, 320 incentive points towards the Cape Town incentive which almost guarantees a free gold package (with 10 more incentive points)...and all these is what the buyer gets.

If you were the seller, you would get 10% direct commissions, 120 units in the dual system (4 guaranteed cycles), 320 incentive points towards the Cape Town incentive (free gold profit package guaranteed), and selling 2 phones will give you a VIP status.

Now If we take a look at the Capetown incentive winners as at today, there are already more than 169 pages of incentive winners and the incentive still has almost 3 weeks to run.
You can see for yourself here:

People are already winning VIP packages, Impulse phones, travel allowances etc.

How are they winning? Because they are sharing the videos on the K1 impulse phones.

Focus On Affiliates 

I insist that I can't stress enough that over the next four weeks or four months, we need to focus on affiliates. We need affiliates in every town across the countries where we are active. The reason being that we need affiliates to

1. Sell The K1 phone
2. Present K-merchant to shops and businesses
3. Sell Cashgold
4. Sell ATM's to shops and businesses.

So over the next months we need affiliates in our team and in all teams in karatbars across the 138 countries we are in. This way we can reach at least 3  billion people.
If we can do this successfully, imagine what earnings will be like across the board and more importantly, how all this people will have had their lives touched in one way or another as a result of our efforts.

If you are on this team, you should already know that you are not alone and if you can build a local team in your city up to 200 business partners and active affiliates, we will come and assist you with an event or training sessions for you in that city. That way , we will amplify your reach, give a more professional face and seriousness to your business, and you, me and your business can only grow as a result.

Being a Pioneer - Perspective

A lot of people have been complaining about the company changing things. About how this was supposed to be just about gold and now we are in crypto. And why there's all this new porducts and innovation. And emails also from people who think this is an already completed project, the whole karatbars ecosystem, karatgold and karatbit.

First of all, i would like to state categorically that companies "Evolve"! I would rather be part of a company that evolves and innovates and carries its customers along than be part of a success story in the past that has gone stale over time without relevance to its industry today.

As the lifespan of successful business goes, it is fair to say that Karatbars are still growing and those of us that are with the company now should consider ourselves pioneers. Pioneers see the vision, they work to build it, they live for it and will put everything on the line for it. When hurdles come, as they always do, they don't complain and quit, they dig deeper, identify the problem and find the solution so they can keep going.
We are setting the pace for those who come later. But we are also being primed for the biggest benefits....passive income and financial independence.

So what I will say to those complaining about being pioneers is that they hold back,wait and watch. When the company is all setup without glitches, and everything is up and running 100%, they can come back and start then.

I'd rather be a pioneer and be ahead of the pack. If you are okay with that, this is where the company is at the moment and we have to live with it. The upside is the company keeps working to make sure everything is where it needs to be.

There is a huge opportunity to get started in Karatbars right now. It has never been easier to get started or to earn, and earn a lot!

If you don't have an account yet, please create one HERE and send me an email immediately after to schedule a call.Keep a close eye on the www.karatbars.com and www.karatgold.sg website and your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates.

Please let me know if you need any help with anything. I am available from 7am - 5pm Monday to Friday. CET (Central European Time).

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

*****Please include your names and username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to from now on*****


Ola Awoliyi

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