Karatbars & Karatgold August 2019 Updates Vol.1

26,000 and Growing!!

Let me say a big welcome to all new affiliates in our team over the past 3 weeks. Our organisation just hit 26,000 and keeps growing every day! It seems we just keep reaching new highs and rightly so, we have a business that goes from strength to strength, a product that cannot be bettered and a team of dedicated professionals and a passionate and focused CEO that won't stop until all goals are met. I won't forget the efforts of every affiliate and customer in our team too - everyone of you. Well Done!

As you well Know, I had been on holiday all this time and that left a vacuum of information. (I know because i recieved your hundreds of emails asking questions and requiring attention on one thing or the other). Please undertsand that we work hard so it's essential that we get time off to relax hard too, which is one of the reasons i started with this company six years ago. To have free time to do the things i want to do when I want to do them. I apologise all the same if you needed me and I wasn't on hand to help. I am back now, fresh and gearing to go.

We have uploaded a new team video for your fast start guide at www.karatleverage.info . Everyone should watch it even if you are already an exisiting affiliates as it contains new important and updated information. All replicated websites will be updated with the new video later today.

Coinmarket Cap Listing For KBC

A great bit of news for the hundreds of people who have been asking. KBC now has a circulating supply and market cap on Coinmarketcap.


Something else for the naysayers to stick in their pipes as it were!
The data will soon be adjusted and the KBC coin will sit in its rightful place somewhere inside the top 100 coins and that's where the steady growth will begin to take place.

K1 Impulse Live Video

Recently too, there has been a spate of crazy claims made about Karatbars such as the gold isn't real, the office don't exist and all sorts of completely mad statements!

Harald Seiz and the company isn't one to take any of that lightly so has released all the documentation which proves all ownership of all parts of the business and company accounts. He even did live videos with visitors in the head office.

He also released videos of the CEM's which, according to those who want to bring the company down, apparently are not being made. And videos of the gold being tested... Which "is apparently fake". (I have added a couple of images from those videos below)

Here is the CEM video - https://youtu.be/TAJAf0I5FJM

New K1 Impulse Video

The best one was released yesterday and shows the K1 Impulse phones actually being hand made in the factory.

Please take two minutes to watch it at - https://youtu.be/b0_ZjmANerg

I appreciate that someone who has come into the company in the past years does not have my years of trust and experience with Harald Seiz and he appreciates that too.

Hopefully all these documents and videos will put everyone's minds at rest. Its great to see corporate opening up and letting everyone see inside.

Only Four Weeks Left Of The Phones Offer 

We are coming to the end of the offer/chance to get coins at a reduced price or completely free with a K1 Impulse phone or CEM. (Cashgold Exchange machine).

Make sure to order your K1 now so you can be one of the first to show it on social media, to potential customers, to your friends etc. This is the worlds first ever Voice Over Blockchain Protocol phone!  

CEM (Cash Exchange Machine) info

We are still waiting for the final terms and conditions from the legal department. I have ordered a CEM regardless and thats OK for affiliates like me but we will not be promoting them to people outside Karatbars until we get all the info.

My advice - What I am doing

If you are an existing affiliate buy a CEM so you can use it to promote, show online, make videos, experience it.... but don't promote it to anyone outside yet.

As soon as we get all the info we will create sales materials, videos etc which you can share with shopkeepers.

Log in to www.karatgold.sg and you will find these offers under "Product Purchase". Here is a list of the units and free KCB coins you get with each product, K1 Impulse Phone and CEM alike.

Upcoming Events

The KaratNet Market Launch, Amsterdam 13 -14 September

We should all know by now that the next company event is coming up on the 13-14th September in Amsterdam. At this event, we will announce our KaratNet Market Launch. And as always, the company wants as many of us as possible to be there.

They have come up with an incentive where we can all win entry tickets to the event, and also pay all our expenses in the form of travel allowances. There are also other incentive prizes to be won which includes K1 impulse phones and profit packages.

All the details on the incentive can be found HERE. If you have questions please send an email to ola.awoliyi@karatleverage.com

If you are new and want to win this incentive, you can create your account today, order your profit package(starting from €150) and start promoting the products. You have enough time between now and September 2nd to achieve your incentive goals as the qualification period for the incentive ends on that day.

If you don't win on the incentive, you can order your event ticket and book your hotel and flight tickets and show up at the event. You don't want to miss these events. Just ask those who were in Dubai, In las Vegas and Cape Town.

The Grand Opening Event For Latin America In Bogota, Colombia

For our friends and partner in Latin America, you do not want to miss this event at the Chamorro Entertainment City Hall on the 16 November 2019.

You get to meet Mr Harald Seiz, the founder and visionary of Karatbars International. This event will be hosted by famous presenter and motivational speaker, Mr Antonio Sanint.

Buy your tickets now because the number of seats are limited.

Tickets are available in your back office on the karatbars website. Just create your account/login, click on product purchase then on karatbars event.

KBC Price - 400% Up!

The scammers and spammers tried their best to disrupt the Karatbars project by spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt but as always, Management and our CEO Harald Seiz has answered their claims with truth and facts and also excellent videos.

The downside is that they scared some people who sold off their KBC in panic and this has driven down the price to just over €0.02 cents. (After releasing details on circulating supply on coinmarketcap yesterday, the coin has started to bounce back). It is up to 0.03 cents today. See image above.

That may seem like a disaster to some but its still four times more than what I/we paid for it during the first quarter of last year.

I am not aware of any bank that has given 400% interest in the past twelve months? My glass is very much half full on this!

The great news for me and people who don't listen to nonsense or panic is that we have been able to pick up KBC at a price I never thought I would see again. I have been increasing my KBC holding ever since.

Other News 

Hard Fork / Nodes / Karatnet

We were being bombarded by people who have different opinions on how the fork, the nodes and Karatnet will work.
Seriously though, I have asked head office to create a series of videos and clarify them 100% so please ignore my interpretation of the formula until you get the correct official explanation.

I thought it was pretty straightforward when Ovidiu Toma (Head Of Technical Operations) explained it to us in Dubai but obviously it is not!

I guess Karatbars has brought 600,000 people into the crypto world who have no clue about how Blockchain, Forks, Nodes etc works. (And that included me but i'm learning fast).

They are designed FOR US

The point everyone is missing is that, regardless to how they work, Harald Seiz, Ovidiu and no one  at head office would ever do anything to harm the value of KBC, KCB or the new coin.

That would be business suicide so why would that do that? They need affiliates to sell CEM's. phones, Cashgold and new products which are coming.

They have never and would never do anything to disadvantage me or you or any affiliate. I have been with the company for over six years and in that time no one at Karatbars has ever done anything to harm my business. (Plenty of people outside the business have tried to derail us but they have never succeeded)

SECURE YOUR ACCOUNTS/ verifying emails from Karatbit

Scammers and hackers are doing their best to drive down the price of KBC and steal out affiliates coins. Why? Because they know it is a valuable coin! Why would so many people want to steal something if it had no value!

This is why the KYC process on Karatbit is now so extensive. This is why you MUST set up 2FA on all your accounts. It is also vital that you never click any links from any emails. Karatbars will never send you a link to click in an email.

The scammers are using robot email scrapers, (look them up if you don't know what they are), to extract email addresses from websites,blogs, social media channels that are connected with or use the word Karatbars. That's how they are getting the email addresses.

The company has however come up with an idea of how to help secure affiliates coins on Karatbit by sending out a codewe can use to verify the origin of all karatbit emails. A video has been made to explain this. Please watch it at   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weVGYeyguQE&list=PLnlFI1TzIYYXWW2NN3b2LRIKrXO7jzeqj&index=14&t=0s .

I want to believe I don't have to stress how important this is.

Ignore social media comments

We have had over 500 spam comments from 100+ fake people on Youtube. The spammers also have fake Facebook profiles and are targeting Facebook pages and groups.

We even have people setting up false profiles, using my profile picture, pretending to be me slagging off Karatbars on blogs! We managed to get them deleted.

It's bonkers and would be funny if it wasn't so serious. It's very difficult for a new person, or even existing affiliates not to be demoralised when they see this stuff and think it is real.

I have just stopped reading comments on any social media until these people go away. If you have a social media page just disable comments if you are getting this stuff.

Facebook and Youtube are working with Head office to identify them and clean them out and are already having good success.

The good news is that I am not worried because we have been through this before and had a similar attack in 2014. Spammers, most likely a rival company, did the same thing but it was much worse as they tried to convince an official authority that Karatbars was a scam.. Karatbars was a young business then which made it more difficult.

My business was wiped out for several months while Harald and his lawyers fought back. He spent over one million euros but won the case and the spammers went away! We lost a lot of good affiliates at that time but thankfully 90% of them came back.

One of the best thing about Karatbars is that you NEVER lose your business.

Harald and the lawyers again are working to find the source and will eradicate this nonsense like they did before.

Business Goes On!

Harald Seiz, Ovidiu Toma and others are working flat out to raise the profile of the company on a global scale and we need to get behind them. Nothing will stop us from completing the mission.

Last week the company sponsored an International fashion week and Miss Europe which goes out to a Global TV audience. (That's Ovidiu Below)

There are new television commercials for the K1 coming out too soon and a huge marketing campaign will be launched.

Once the CEM's and phones are turned on, the scammers and idiots can crawl back under their rocks again or go target some other company.

New K1 Images 
Got some great new pictures of the k1 this week too! Please make sure you get your orders in now so you are the first to have one.

Once people start showing them on social media there is going to be a massive rush on orders so best to beat the queue.

If you are unsure how to buy one or which one to buy, we have made this video which covers the options. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeGGg18k5RI&list=PLnlFI1TzIYYX9lGd48XWV-oV0Cjz3KHIY&index=239&t=0s

Things Change

Harald's plan was that it would be closer to €0.30 by now but things/people have happened which were outside the plan! That's just the realities of life.

The plan has not changed, the destination is the same. - "Affordable Gold - Easily accessible to the masses"

100 KBC for 1g, then 75 for 1g and so on. K1 Impulse, CEM's, Karatnet, new cashgold are all on schedule.

These are the parts people should focus on:

This coin is going to be used in the CEM's, Phones, Kmerchant, Karatpay, Karatbars & Karatnet.

Karatnet will be an open source blockchain so developers will be able to develop software, apps and programs on it.. All of which will use our coins.

Whether there is a bank in Miami, a mine in Madagascar or a thousand tonnes of gold in Hong Kong will make absolutely no difference because it is the coins everyday usability which will give it its value.

Moving Forward - 5 Steps

Here are our top tips to have a fantastic August and be prepared for September And October.

1. Watch the new video at www.karatleverage.info and get your replicated version.
2. Order at least one K1 Impulse phone.
3. Order some KCB coins via the K1 Phones/CEM's or even a profit package which is available for as little as €150. You can buy as many profit packages as you like.
4. Buy some KBC on one of the exchanges. Check out the different prices on the different markets at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/karatgold-coin/#markets  I now use Bitforex as I found it easier and less complicated.
5. Keep sharing your video with at least five people every day.

The important thing now is building your affiliate network and having a team in place BEFORE the phones and CEM's start to be delivered and BEFORE Karatnet goes live.

All the Karatbars leaders around the world carry on as normal and that's why they are successful.

When things seem a little harder I just work harder. We learn nothing from easy times and its the storm which gives trees the strongest roots!

Thousands of parents have children going off to school for the first time and are looking for something to do. Thousands of people are retiring and being made redundant every week and they are waiting for you to share your video with them.

If your video isn't out there today they will find someone else's.

Stay plugged in. Add my email address and phone number (whatsapp) contact list. Follow me on social media. Subscribe to my youtube channel for the latest news and updates.

Karatbars and Harald Seiz has more great surprises on the way!

We are not just a business, we are a way of life and we are changing how people see money and use their finances by bringing gold back to the masses.


If you don't have a Karatbars account yet, create one HERE and I can get you started properly.

There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.

Keep a close eye on your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates.

Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

*****Please include your names and/or username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to*****


Ola Awoliyi

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