Karatbars & Karatgold August 2019 Updates Vol.2

No Better Time!!

Karatbars is first and foremost a gold company, and gold price is rising fast again for the first time in several years! There has not been a better time since 2013 to start introducing cashgold ATM's into the market!

People are talking about gold and want gold and we have it to give them. Everything is coming together perfectly after the stormy few months we have had!

If you want the rainbows then you have to put up with the rain!  Well the rain is over and its time to enjoy some rainbow.

Hundreds of people have been asking questions on the CEM (Cashgold Exchange Machines) but I am still waiting on a lot of official information from HeadQuearters about CEM's and Kmerchant. But this week I decided to write a newsletter to cover a jost of other things just as important that we all need to know.Before I get drifted away by incoming calls and emails, let me get to the topics for this week.


Make sure you are in Amsterdam on the 15th of September for the Karatnet launch. Details and tickets are in the back office and can also be found HERE .

KBC Price

A lot of people have also been asking about the KBC price. "Why is it dropping?" "What makes it move?" "What can we do to make it rise?" etc etc..

Let me break it down...

Currently it is approximately €0.02 cents which is four times more than it cost us during the ICO which was €0.005 cents.

In simple terms it is worth four times more than it cost which is brilliant regardless of how many KBC you bought in 2018. If you spent €1000 it's now worth €4000 which is great.

Will it increase significantly further?

Once the CEM's, K1 Impulses and Kmerchant are switched on in less than six weeks the demand for KBC will increase through its use.

Once the gold bugs out there know they can get a gram of gold for 100 of them that will also increase the demand for KBC and the price.

Thousands of people buying KBC to exchange for cashgold will create the demand.

Before then the price of KBC is simply tracking the price of Bitcoin. KBC doubled when Bitcoin doubled, it plateaued when Bitcoin did, it rises and drops as Bitcoin does. If Bitcoin drops further in the next few weeks I imagine KBC could too.

In any case, all of that becomes irrelevant when our blockchain/Karatnet goes live. In fact the lower KBC is in price, the more of it I am going to buy.

If you want to see the price rising BEFORE our blockchain goes live that's an easy one to answer....Buy some. The more we all buy the higher it will go. 🙂

Othwerwise stop checking the price and focus on the opportunities you have before Karatnet goes live..

**The chart below is from Coinmarketcap and proves the point I am making. Do it for 24 hrs, 7 days, 1 hr and the result is the same. In order to buy KBC or any crypto most people will buy Bitcoin first and then trade it... Hence the connection. 

KCB Coin - The Current Opportunity 

Another question this week has been... Why should I buy KCB?

We know for 100% sure from official company documents that KCB is going to merge with KBC at a KCB value of €0.14.

The fact that you can get KCB today for less than €0.14 means an instant increase at the moment the coins merge.

Look at the bonuses you get in Profit Packages, K1 Packages and from buying a CEM below and you will see the opportunity.

Let me use myself as an example: I am the seller, my partner is the buyer

I buy a CEM via my partner's account which costs me €7900 for the machine plus cashgold.

She gets 100% bonus in KCB which is €15800 of KCB.  (€7900 + 100%)

I sold it to her so I get my €790 direct commission and 100 units PLUS 300% bonus of KCB which is €23,700 of KCB  ( €7900 + 300%)

In total we get €39,500 of KCB or 282,142 coins! - My outlay was €7900 plus whatever amount of cashgold I buy.

This is a pre sale offer

This is an opportunity for us as affiliates before we start selling CEM's to the public. As soon as we get the Terms and Conditions back from the legal department we can do that.

These offers will not be available when we are selling these to shopkeepers in September/October simply because there will be no KCB to offer.

Only About 13 days Left Of These Great Offers

We are coming to the end of the chance to get coins at a reduced price or completely free with a phone or CEM. (Cashgold Exchange Machine)

Note Also: Business status now come free with every phone purchased!! Silver, Gold and VIP as shown in the image above!

As a seller the headline offer has to be..
Sell 1 x CEM and receive €23,700 of KCB! Plus your normal units and €790 commission!

As a buyer..
Buy 1 x CEM and receive 100% bonus in KCB which is €15800 of KCB.  (€7900 + 100%)

Log in to www.karatgold.sg and you will find these offers under "Product Purchase"

Where will the CEM's Be?

The CEM's are going to be wherever the affiliate places the CEM's.
This means that if you are an affiliate, like me, I have ordered a CEM. Why Have I done this?

- I want to be one of the first people in the world to have one
-I want to be able to demonstrate it to other people online..by making a video of it working.
This way, I will be able know how it works inside out, to demonstrate it to shop keepers and business owners and educate them about its functionalities. That way I sell the CEM's to business owners, shop keepers and whoever is interested anywhere within the countries we are active in.

This could be the local newstand at a corner in my city or it could be at a duty free mall at our local airport. This mean the CEM's will be showing up anywhere an affiliate has helped the shop keeper see its benefits, how it works as a stand alone machine and as part of our ecosystem.

Dont Forget Gold

The whole reason I joined Karatbars was not for Crypto! Harald Seiz did not start Karatbars to sell Cryptocurrency.

It was for gold and that is still the case. I know many affiliates have lost sight of that but I haven't and the company definitely has not.

The point in us getting involved in crypto was simply to make getting the gold to people easier!

The blockchain, Kmerchant, K1 Impulse and especially CEM's will all just accelerate the company profile and help us get more cashgold to the public faster!

Guess what? Gold is in the news again!..and it's inflation proof.

All the gold I have accumulated since 2013 has increased by over 20% already in the past year! Gold is currently at around $1500 per ounce and I can easily see it passing $2000 by the end of this year.

How much gold do you have?
How much do you buy every week or month?
Do you even know how to buy gold from Karatbars?

It doesn't matter if you earn $100 per month or $100,000 per month you really need to be putting 10% into physical metal. Gold is your money insurance.

As the value of currency drops the value of gold increases. It has been that way for 2000 years and nothing will change that.

That's why banks are buying it at a faster rate than ever! Do what they do... Not what they say!

Get you KBC and KCB yes, get your K1 Impulse yes... But never ever forget to get your gold every week or month.

Other News

Mine Information Let me share a great article published this week about the Karatgold ecosystem with official documents about ownership of the Karatbars Mine -  https://globalcoinreport.com/karatgold-proves-its-business-model-by-providing-official-documents/

Karatbit security update over the weekend.

1. What happened?

The company decided to create a separate 2FA for Karatbit. Now we will have 1 x 2FA for Karatbars/Karatgold and a separate one for Karatbit.

Head Office have made a step by step video tutorial on how to do it HERE

2. What is 2FA?

Its a free Google Authenticator app that you can download on your phone which means only you can log into your account because you have to enter a code which appears on your phone. It takes literally two minutes to set up and stops 99.9% of any hacking attempts.

Android link -  HERE

Apple Link -  HERE

3. Why has this been made compulsory?

Simply because EVERY DAY affiliates are having their KBC stolen.

This was the final straw that finally make them act to make it compulsory.... In the past seven days 3 "leaders" in the company have had over 3 Million KBC stolen simply because they have not set up 2FA? Making it compulsory solves the problem.

4. So what?...  If some people can't look after their accounts? 

It matters a lot because the hackers simply sell the coins at any price driving down the price of KBC. If the price gets driven down the market/ordinary people think there is a sell off happening, get scared and sell too. It creates FUD. Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.

The only people selling are the hackers at the moment so it has to be stopped.

5. What if I have trouble setting up 2fa or lose my phone?

You should keep a written paper copy of your secret key..But we know people don't!  That's ok.. Karatbit support will help you. If you provide a picture taken today with your ID beside your face they know it is you then they can deactivate 2fa so you can reset it.

Karatbars have had to take this action because people are not putting on their seatbelts, not taking enough care with their assets and it is affecting the coin value for everyone.

Going forward, this compulsory 2FA will solve the problem until Karatnet goes live.

Overall a very positive step which will stop the hacking and stealing.

6.   "What if I don't have a smart phone?"

Buy one for €10 on Ebay or your local shop . 🙂 You don't even need to buy a sim card. You can use the wifi in your home. Even better and even smarter buy a K1 or earn a free one in the current incentive.

Not having a phone is no excuse if you want to protect your coins and accounts. The entire community cannot suffer because of the inaction of a few so i can only see this as great news for everyone.

Spam Emails 

Just be aware that the hackers are sending spam emails with viruses in them which simply sit quietly on your PC and wait for you to log in recording your information. They can record the keys you tap on your keyboard.

You won't know anything has happened until you log in and see an empty Karatbit account.

2FA prevents this because only the person holding the phone at that moment can log in.

I am guessing these spammers are using robot scraping software to harvest emails from the internet. The theory about someone having access to the Karatbars database doesn't stack up because I am getting them to emails that have never been associated with any Karatbars account. (I own 52 domains with different emails)

Its positive that they want to steal them if you think about it.

They wouldn't be so desperate to steal KBC if they were not valuable! They simply realise that most Karatbars affiliates are not very tech savvy and are easy prey.

This is exactly why the K1 with all its security, end to end encryption and voice over blockchain calling is such a revolution. It will not only help our community stay safe but all crypto users!

We are not the only Crypto company being targeted... Many many are! We can see that when we follow the hackers trail on Etherscan, loads of different coins are going through these accounts and being dumped.

Please lets just all get 2fa set up and put an end to it.

Right now Karatbars has the same task as Henry Ford selling cars to Cowboys!

I don't mean that in a negative way about our affiliates. Just that this is a big jump in technology very fast.

I knew nothing about this stuff two years ago too but I am on Youtube every day watching videos about cryptocurrency, blockchain etc so I can teach my team.

Don't forget that it will only be us who will have to put up with all these changes and learning as pioneers.

When the K1 Impulse phone arrives it will have everything pre loaded and the security will be set up.The same will apply to Karatnet. Once the whole ecosystem is up and running new affiliates and customers will have an easy process and won't know anything about what we went through to get to this stage!

I am looking forward to that day ! What I won't do is wait for easy mass adoption because I will miss out on bringing in the big players who always come in first.

Accept That Reality Is Not Plain Sailing And Keep Moving!

Global Leaders Meeting

All the Gold Director Elites have been invited to Stuttgart for three days next week to visit our offices and take part in training and Mastermind sessions.

That's everyone in the whole company who has earned Gold Director Elite status in the compensation plan. This is not some inner circle or invited guests!

You could have been there too and anyone can be on the next one. Just become a Gold Director and have one Gold Director in your downline.

Harald is personally going to talk us through the Karatnet launch, new products and discuss the planning for the next twelve months.

What you should be doing over the next two weeks.

1. Order as many profit packages as you can to get the free KCB coins. You can order more than one.
2. Order a K1 Impulse.. If you can afford one!
3. Order a CEM... If you can afford one!
4. Get enough KBC to apply for a Supernode ... If you can afford to!

I have done all four because I want to take every opportunity given to me.

Having profit packs gives me free KCB, the phone in my hand will guarantee me phone sales and super security, having a CEM will guarantee CEM sales and having my Supernode guarantees me a 20% residual income on those coins.

Can I see into the future? No...

But the past six years have taught me to trust the companyand Harald Seiz as they have always delivered on everything else since 2011. There have been bumps and challenges but that's what a pioneer puts up with.

I have no reason or evidence to suggest that that will change today and that there won't be more challenges ahead. I'm content with that and happy to proceed on that basis.

If I wanted a predictable career with a regular pay I could have been a Librarian. 😉

95% of people are happy and have no issues and the company is working hard to help the other 5%. That's all we can ask for.

...And for the hackers and keyboard warriors to crawl back under their rocks again! 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your week and have fun! Otherwise whats the point!


If you don't have a Karatbars account yet, create one HERE and I can get you started properly.

There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.

Keep a close eye on your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates.

Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

*****Please include your names and/or username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to*****


Ola Awoliyi

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