Karatbars & Karatgold Important Updates October 2019

As always, I would like to welcome all new affiliates and customers this past week. Let's get straight to the points for todays newsletter
Big News This Week - Karatbars Retail Stores 

Some of you may know that Karatbars CEO Harald seiz was in Atlanta last week and he told the people there about the new Karatbars retail stores which will be opening in 2020. (Image above)

For a full update on the announcements check out this update from Michael Dalcoe and Cherylanne Gober who are also on the company Leadership Council.

Watch it here - https://youtu.be/bXxN9LHj6YY

Information about the stores comes up shortly towards the end of the video but the whole video is a must watch if you are really serious about getting into the driving seat with your karatbars business. I have also made a trim on the video to the karatbarsstore info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDMNm9rq-KE&feature=youtu.be

Just for your information. There are lots of affiliates on Youtube but if you want to guarantee correct advice please only take it from Myself, Brian McGinty, Michael Dalcoe, Cherylanne Gober, Tammy Morrison, Nitsa Nakos, Priska King or our company's corporate if you want to ensure the information you are being given is correct.

Lots of affiliate make videos and although they have good intentions some of their information is incorrect at best.

Not only will we have K-merchants on our high streets and online but also physical stores which will sell our K1's, Whim's and future products. As affiliates we can also earn from opening these stores and from the products which will be sold in them.

See the simple k-merchant process in this video with Harald Seiz at the Hotel President in Brussels - the first Hotel to work with our K-Merchant....https://youtu.be/SqqmXyhNi2k

Update From Harald Seiz on the  K1 Phones

Watch this video, also from Harald Seiz explaining How KBC Coin Powers Karatnet , K1 Impulse Phone & Our Entire Ecosystem  -  https://youtu.be/hA-xGEbB3lI

Outstanding Issues

We had a conversation with Josip Heit this week and gave him a list of twenty questions we would like answered that many of you have also asked me.

Things like K1 and CEM delivery dates, Terms and Conditions for CEM's and Kmerchant, Karatbusiness app and K-booster updates etc etc..

He said he will get answers to all by next week so I will pass those on to you as soon as we get them.

One update I can give you is that the new KYC/Support team for K-Merchant was in training last week and will be up and running from this week. You will start to see gold KYCs being passed and tickets being answered if you have sent any in.

Fiat settlements for Kmerchants will also be running from next week so we are good to go on those.

Matching Bonus Qualification Starts Today

The company introduced a new optional way for direct sales people to make some extra money in the compensation plan.

In a sentence: If you earn €25 in direct commission from one of your direct referrals this week you can earn matching bonuses up to seven levels deep in your team next week.

We all earn 10% direct commission so any package/product over €250 in value would earn you €25.

This only applies to affiliates who have been in the business over one year!

As an example...If you want to take part in it you need to sell 2 x €150 profit packages, 1 x €350 profit package or higher , any K1 or Whim. It's one sale per week which is a ridiculously low qualification for any direct sales company.

If you can't bring in €250 to your business every week you need to look at what you are doing.

Personally I earn enough from cycles, unilevel and 2nd, 3rd level direct commissions but this will definitely inspire me to focus on selling at least one €250+ product myself every week.

Should I not have sold something by next Friday I will buy 2 x €150 profit packages under using my mum's account (she happens to be a direct referal of mine..lol) and stock up on KCB which will qualify me too. A win -win situation.

Keep It Simple 

If you focus on making sure at least three people per day have watched your video presentation you will have absolutely no problem qualifying for matching bonuses or growing your business. That's just a statistical fact.

Learn Your Packages and Bonuses 

Below is the table of packages and bonuses. It is also in the downloads section as a pdf and I encourage you to print it off and learn what you get.

EG: Sell a €5200 WHIM package and the client gets a WHIM, K1 and €10,400 of KCB. You as the seller get €5200 of KCB plus your direct commission and units.

First Major KMerchant Goes Live

The First Major Kmerchant has gone live in the President Hotel in Brussels - See the video on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqqmXyhNi2k&list=PLnlFI1TzIYYX9lGd48XWV-oV0Cjz3KHIY

Fake News

There is a wonderful bit of fake news doing the rounds online that Karatbars is being investigated by some authorities in Florida.. Head Quarters have confirmed to us that no such investigation is taking place and they have not been contacted by anyone.

Someone or some group are trying their best to discredit the company but it hasn't worked since 2011 and its not going to work this time either.

The Real news is that Karatbars has been growing since 2011, KBC is in the top 100 coins on Coinmarket cap even before it starts to be used, CEM's and K1's are about to be delivered and Karatnet is live.

This lot below are all real too..

Keep Building

We will start the new video next week and will start promoting Kmerchant too. I have a personal aim to start two new business partners every week between now and Christmas.

We need thousands of new affiliates to sell our products all over the world and I am going to play my part in finding them.

I'll just make sure to get three people every day to watch my video at www.karatleverage.info/getleverage .Each active affiliate in my team and my organization can also get a website like this with their own personal referral link. We update the videos with the latest information for you.

90% of people I ask won't but that's fine.. That's direct sales. Some will, some won't, keep going.

Don't get emotionally involved with the "no's"

All I need to do is ensure three people watch it to the end and statistics will take care of everything else. All the information they need to start is in the video.


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There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.
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Ola Awoliyi

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