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Welcome to all the new affiliates and customers this week.

Before you read this newsletter any further please log into www.karatgolsd.sg now as you will need to have the website open for some of the following links to work. It is the same login details you use for Karatbars.com . If you don't have your account yet, this is the perfect time for to create one. You can do that HERE.


Can we please remind everyone to log into their website every day and read the latest news https://karatgold.sg/members.php?page=latestnews and check the downloads section at  https://karatgold.sg/members.php?page=docs

Many of the questions we are getting have already been answered by corporate in those two sections so have a read through them now.

Here are asnwers to the main questions I have received:

1. What bonuses do I get for "x" package as a buyer or seller?

The chart is in the downloads section but here it is again below.
Please print it off and keep it by your computer or where you can find it. This is the url for the pdf-  HERE

We have a massive opportunity to help everyone we know get as much KCB as possible before the sale ends on 15th December and the hard fork happens on the 16th.

Its only twelve weeks or so and it will fly by! Every day you delay is a day wasted.

2. How does Kmerchant work?

Go to your back office and click on referral links. There you will see a Kmerchant link. Please click it and register yourself as a Kmerchant under yourself and learn how it works.

You don't need to ever use it you just need to know how it works and you need to use it to find out exactly that.

Register now, go through the process, do the KYC and check out the Kmerchant dashboard. Download the Kmerchant app and see how it works too.

That's what I did to teach myself how it works. I don't wait for corporate videos and don't have any information that isn't freely available.

There will be tutorials but don't wait for them. Learn how it works for yourself today. Its simple enough.

When you are happy with it THEN send out your referral link and start promoting it. If you don't understand a product please don't try to sell it and don't promote it.

Use your time learning it inside out first.
On the referral links page you can see a login button to log in and see your referrals.

As always here is a summary below:

A) Shopkeeper gets the software for free for the first six months. If he wants to keep it after that its $200 per year paid in KBC.
B) The customer and shopkeeper pays no fee's on transactions.
C) If the customer accepts Bitcoin/Ethereum/KBC but wants cash it will be settled to his bank weekly.
D) Karatbars makes money from sending the crypto to an exchange and making a profit on it using AI trading.
E) The person who referred the shop gets a commission on every transaction
D) Units will go to the people above in the dual team. I think every €10 earned will be 1 unit but I don't have that confirmed in writing. 

We have created a promotional video which you are free to use. https://youtu.be/yhBhjbK3ukw . You can download it and use it on social media or whatever you want.

3. I need information on the WHIM?

The specs are in the download section and I have uploaded two videos at www.karatleverage.net Please watch both videos now.

Explain to the everyone how the pre-sales work:

We started selling #K1Impulse phones in March so we had a six month pre sale and have sold between 25,000 and 50,000 units so far. They will be delivered in the next few weeks.

The #WHIM laptops will be the same.. Six months pre-sale with delivery around March.

4. There are lots of products now.. Which should I focus on?

My view is that you find out what the budget is and go from there. Or you find out what the main interest is GOLD or Crypto / Gold and Crypto.
I think its pretty simple and straightforward if you look at it like this..

€150 - €1250   - Profit Package
€1250 - €4000 - K1 Impulse Packages
€2600 - €5200 - WHIM or WHIM + K1 Bundle
€5200 - 1 Million - WHIM + K1 Bundle + Profit Package

EVERY BUDGET - Buy cashgold / coins weekly or monthly
Keep things simple. Explain it in those terms and let people decide what they want.

If someone wants to buy a car or house or stocks, the seller asks them for their budget.. We need to start doing the same.

Remember our company objectives:

1. We need tens of thousands more affiliates to sell our Cashgold, CEM's, WHIM's,  K1 phones Kmerchant and future products!
2. We need every affiliate to own a K1 and a WHIM - (They can buy them or earn them).
3. We want everyone in the world to own some physical gold / digital gold (in the form of cashgold) and our coins.

To achieve our goals we need every affiliate to have a dual team business status which they will get with a business package, profit package, K1 phone, CEM or WHIM .

By selling and using our products we can introduce people to the idea of referral commissions.


I am fully aware that over the years many people lead with the business with statements like... "join Karatbars and make money" but I think that the K1, cashgold, CEM, Kmerchant and WHIM have changed all that.

You can join Karatbars and make a lot of money but you will do it by using and sharing your experience of our products with others so they seethe complete ecosystem works. Add to that the possibility of them earning commissions every week by rederring others too.....Not with a twelve week plan about recruiting people.

I believe we should focus on selling our great products to consumers and when they use and like the products they can then happily refer others and start earning.

You will get lots of direct commissions short term and build a strong affiliate/referral business long term with passive income.

To this end we are going to start from scratch with my team video and create a new product focused presentation.

We are still getting gold into the hands of the masses, (which is the principal mission of our company). its just we are doing it on many fronts now.

1. People can buy cashgold and have it delivered physically as always
2. They can buy cashgold and keep it in digital form with Karatpay.
3. They can buy gold from a CEM or Kmerchants
4. We can earn when our affiliates buy and use the K1 Impulse phones or WHIM Laptops.
5. We can earn from every transaction that happens in one of our Kmerchants. (Direct commission and units)
6. We will be able to offer people bank accounts and earn every time they use their card or account! Just think how big that will be.
7. We will be able to earn from the fact that the company is going public. I don't know how exactly but Harald Seiz will have thought of something.

These are all new passive income streams that will work much faster than anything we ever had before.

The Plan For the Next Three Months 

We all need to focus on K1's, Kmerchant and WHIM's for the next twelve weeks. There is a fantastic incentive running with a Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferarri and Lamborghini up for grabs too which should focus minds.

See HERE for the pdf

We have sold tens of thousands of Impulse K1's in the past six months and we need to do the same with the WHIMS. Me, you, Karatbars, we all need the WHIM pre sales to be huge hence the big sellers prizes.

This is what I think we should do as a group so we are all pulling in the same direction.

1. Order your K1 and WHIM if you can afford to.
2. Watch the WHIM videos over and over until you understand the selling points of this device. We will create some tutorials to expand on it too.
3. Really get involved in the WHIM as the revolutionary product that it is. Think about the types of people who could use it! Sports scouts, Newspaper reporters, TV reporters, Politicians, Doctors, Financial experts, even government offices...anyone who uses sensitive information.

What we will do

We are going to create a new product focused presentation over the next week and upload it to www.karatleverage.info  Make sure you request your replicated page if you don't have one already. (only available to active team affiliates)

We will make a video on the incentive and upload it on youtube to our channel www.karatleverage.net

We will start doing more videos to help with sales and explaining how to promote the products including Kmerchant.

All you need to do is read my Newsletters, watch the videos and share the links with as many people as possible every day.

By simply giving away some free software and sharing the info on our WHIM you could have this £250,000 car below in your drive by Christmas! (or one of the others!)

Yours to keep!

This must be the biggest incentive ever created by any direct sales company. Most simply give you a lease car.

Get Started

You have a wonderful opportunity now to create a passive weekly income that will last for many years ahead.
Get out a piece of real paper and a pen and write down your goal by Christmas.

It could be 300 Kmerchants and 500 WHIM sales. It could be 10,000 Kmerchants and 5000 WHIM's..

You decide the number, make it so big it scares you, start work and watch it happen.

What you can be sure of is that if you think it won't happen it definitely won't... You decide..

Enjoy the rest of your week and have fun!


Stay plugged into all the official channels for the latest news and updates. And make sure to favourite this newsletter email so you don't miss subsequent editions

***If you don't have a Karatbars account yet, create one HERE and I can get you started properly.
There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.
Keep a close eye on your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates.
Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

***Please include your names, and username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to***


Ola Awoliyi

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