Karatbars & Karatgold July 2019 Update Vol.1

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Has July 4th Changed anything?

Let me say a big welcome to all the new affiliates and customers in our organization these past days, and also to new subscribers to the newsletter. All previous information and newsletters can be found at HERE. You can always catch up on whatever you missed. Today's newsletter is a long read as this is the only way to cover all the information released during this period.

Many of us waited patiently and zealously for the coveted price of 100KBC to I gram of gold as promised on the 4th of July by the company and did we get it? Yes, we did.
Was it what/how/what we were all expecting? Absolutely not.

From my honest point of view, as always, I think the company fell a little short on this one with the strategy they have chosen. Don't get me wrong. The fact that we have been given options to exchange KBC for gold (making a fortune in the process) and to store these gold in the vault with an annual yield in gold, is undoubtedly genius.
Yet I say they fell short because is this really what the people want?....make a fortune but have to wait and wait to enjoy and use it?

This strategy they have adopted fits the bill perfectly for people with ample resources and vision for the future (like me) but not everyone. What about those who are trying to use this to take the step up financially? Does it suit them just as much? I doubt it. But then the company's mission is to get gold to the masses and it is spot on in doing that. Yet the company gives passive income options to every affiliate and we can take advantage of this to be financially independent while we wait for the KBC ecosystem to get into full swing.

Anyway, before I get way ahead of myself here. let's take a look at the July 4th announcements and other news...

KBC To 1Gram of Gold

As promised, you can now exchange 100KBC's into 1gram of gold.
If you were at the Las vegas event, you would have been able to do it physically there and then and obtained your cashgold.

The option to exchange your KBC for gold is now available on Karatbit. Also available is the option to store your gold in one of the vaults.

If you want to exchange now, follow these steps on your karatbit account:

1. login into your karatbit account and click on dashboard.
2. locate your KBC coins and click the exchange next to them. You will see the options available for you to convert them into. Choose BUNV (bonus unival). It exchanges at 100KBC to 10BUNV
3. enter the amount of KBC you want to convert and click the confirm button.
4. You will now see the BUNV on your dashboard.
5. locate the BUNV on your dashboard and click withdraw next to them. You will see options available for your withdrawal with the highest being 10BUNV. this gives you 1gram of gold.
Once you do this, the system generates a QR code that you will need to take to our ATM ( Now GEM - Gold Exchange Machine) to get your gold
6. If you decide to choose the vault option instead of withdrawing your gold, Click on vault and you will see the options available to you.

As you can see from the image above this vault plans give out a yearly yield on your gold stored.

4% on the 100, 6% on the 1000, 8%on the 10000, 10% on the 100000 and 15% on the 1000000. If you choose to store your gold, you must understand that you will have to keep them there during a 12 month period to be able to recieve this yields.

I have already received a lot of questions and the following Q&A should help answer most of these.

Q &  A on Exchanging 100KBC to 1 gram gold

How much KBC can be exchanged into gold?

You can convert as much KBC as you can into gold. There are no limits on how much you can exchange.
Note however, that there's a limit on how much gold you can withdraw after conversion. You can only withdraw 1 gram of gold per day.
You can decide to store all the gold exchanged in the vaults by choosing one of the 5 vault options available but you cannot withdraw more than 1gram per day.

Can the gold converted in karatbit be moved to my karatbars account so I can order for it to be delivered?

No. The exchanged gold can only be obtained physically through our ATMs (GEMs) cashgold exchange machines. You cannot move the gold to your karatbars account. You can only withdraw them on karatbit and get them physically through the GEM's.

How can I sell my gold and will the company but it back from me?

The gold is yours and you can do whatever you want with it once you have physical possession of them through the GEM's. You can sell them at your local gold store or pawn shop. You can sell them individually to whoever you want whenever you want.
No the company will not buy back thye cashgold once it has been withdrawn physically. There are various options on the Karatbit to get physical cash. If you wanted cash, why exchange your KBC into gold in the first place? You could just have sold it on the exchanges.

Where can I find GEM close to me?

This a question I have received a lot.
The GEM's are already in production and the company expects around 500 GEM's to be delivered in the US alone in the next 4 weeks, about 200 in South Africa and various other units in other locations globally. I do not where else exactly they will be available during this time frame. But as they start getting delivered, I will update everyone on when and where.

Now the good thing here is that we can all have this GEM's delivered close to us in our towns and cities. All we need to do is go out and talk to shop and business owners about the benefits and how it works and get them on board.Explain our business model to them. Let them get one and before we know it, we can have a GEM in every city worldwide. And the most interesting thing is it also gives us passive income as there are commissions paid on every transaction on this GEM's.

Can the Unval be uploaded to KaratPay and be used to make purchases on the karatbars website?

Most Likely. this is one of the many options that will be available for the exchanged gold. However, this options are still being evaluated by the company. Once they are completed, they will be activated and become functional on the karatbit website

These are just some of the many questions we have received. The CEO, Harald Seiz has also gone and made a video where he personally also responds to some of these questions.

It is available here at: One On One With Harald Seiz or by clicking HERE

Another video I have uploaded explains in detail about the 100KBC to 1Gram of gold and karatbit is:
If you are serious about dominating your karatbit account, I recommend you watch this.

You can see this video along with other videos explaining the new developments in detail on my youtube channel at www.karatleverage.net . You can subscribe to keep up to date.

New KYC procedure

As a way of making sure our exchange is secure, and our coins and gold as well, the company have decided to add further KYC levels to our karatbit exchange. This is mainly for our security and the protection of our assets.

You will have seen this, if you have already tried to exchange your KBC to gold that the systems issues a notice that says, KYC level not met.

This only requires you to do your KYC until the required level to be able to make the exchange.

There are now five level of KYC available on karatbit: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Testament.

To be able to make the exchange, you are at least required to be platinum verified. The testament KYC level simply has been added to give us the opportunity to add beneficiaries to our accounts just in case the unforseen happens.

So please we should all try to verify our KYC tot he platinum level. This includes you downloading an app that will verify your identity. This is an easy process in itself and it takes about 5 minutes to complete if you follow the steps detailed below:

1. login into karatbit and click on KYC
2. Verify account until the gold level is approved
3. verify platinum level. You will have to fill all details and then you will receive a prompt to download the app and insert a code that will be displayed.
4. Download the app, insert the code,follow the steps until it is completed.
5: Wait to receive confirmation email of approval from karatbit.

If you experience any errors, like some have, you can send me an email and I will be glad to help.

NOTE: we all need to get the platinum level of KYC approved as it will be needed in the future. There are so many things and features in karatbit that will astonish us that has not yet been announced. We want to make sure we have our accounts ready when the new features becomes active.

There's so much information I don't want to cramp it all up in one email.....
I will be sending out the vol.2 of this newsletter next week so please if you have any questions, do send them to me between now and monday so I can include this in the follow up newsletter.

In the meantime, please ensure we get our KYC's sorted.

Have a great weekend.

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There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.

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Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

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Ola Awoliyi

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  • Thank you so much for this update! I’ve been telling my affiliates roughly the same, but seeing your confirmation of my suspicions of how things will work in the future, just sets my heart to rest. I am really exited for what is coming… But oi, the wait!! Will be back to read your blog again.

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