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Welcome to today's newsletter. This is a sequel to the one from last week. So much information it gets increasingly difficult to jam it all up into one. If you haven't read read or didn't get the last one, please read it HERE.

Overall, the vibes are really good and everything is falling into place as expected and planned by the company. The easier thing would be to summarise all the information in a couple of sentences which would read as follows:

  • A coin bought for €0.005 a year ago is worth eight times what was paid for it. (€0.04 today) And it isn't fully functional yet.
  • Karatbars is bringing out the world first VOBP blockchain smartphone. (K1Impulse)
  • We are about to start delivering CEM's, CashGold Exchange Machines, around the world which will allow people to get gold in their hands locally...and physically (GEM Machines)
  • We have developed the worlds first fee free merchant software which can accept crypto and turn it into cash. (Karat Merchant)
  • Our blockchain will be going live and the whole ecosystem will be turned on... Fueled by our coin!  The phones, CEM's and K-merchant all use KBC.
  • The value of KBC can only begin to rise again when this happens. Especially when people start exchanging 100KBC for 1g as they will be able to do.

What other company has done all this in just over a year?

In the next two months over 2000 ATM's or (Gem's) Gold Exchange Machines will be in place around the world and already over 25,000 people have ordered our K1 Impulse phones!

We have seen the phones and ATM's in full production at the factories and they look fantastic. Corporate will be releasing videos soon.

You can now convert your KBC to gold at the rate of 100 KBC to one gram of gold on Karatbit . You can convert as much as you like. There is no limit. ATM conversion will come soon as will other options.

We have just been presented with a great new way to save in gold and earn up to 15% per year on interest on it too called the Vaults!

summed up perfectly buI'd rather give you details so let's get to it.

KBC India Scam

The only bit of bad news is that the internet is jammed with stories about A KBC coin in India which was a big scam and people have been arrested. Has absolutely nothing to do with our KBC coins. Noone at karatbars has been arrested. Not the CEO, not an affiliate...no one!

Unfortunately it has spooked a lot of people since the news broke and people have been panic selling their KBC coins which affected the price.

https://cointelegraph.com/news/indian-authorities-arrest-4-individuals-accused-of-crypto-ponzi-scheme   There are loads of stories all over the net.

People thought the price dip was something to do with Karatbars and the 4th of July which it wasn't and panicked. Just bad timing I think

The only good news about that is that people like me and you have just been given a great opportunity to buy more KBC at a discount!. I didn't think I would see €0.05 KBC again.
Even at €0.04 it is still 8 times more than it cost me/us so I wasn't bothered. The big value increases will kick in when our GEM,s and phones go live! Something that is just around the corner.

KBC Price

People won't stop asking me about why the KBC price has been dropping this week.

Part of it is to do with the many stories(above) and scammers who stole coins selling them but the other part is to do with Bitcoin.

KBC is simply following the same path as Bitcoin as you can see from the chart below. Bitcoin goes up so do most other coins and the reverse is true.

Unfortunately most Karatbars affiliates have no clue about this and get freaked out by it. Fear creates panic and so on. At least KBC had a 4th of July event. What did Bitcoin have?

Once we are on our own blockchain and people start using our Kmerchant, K1 Impulse and CEM's it won't really matter too much about the price of Bitcoin. We would have our very own ecosystem and dependence on others won't be an issue.

Our coins will be used every day in the k1 phones and Kmerchant. People will be exchange them for cashgold at CEM's and the price will increase due to demand.

*The image below is from www.coinmarketcap.com

If anything this is just a good opportunity to get more KBC at a good price. It's still worth five or six times what I paid for it so i'm not bothered.


Last Three Days Of The Phones Offer 

Our priority for the next eight weeks must be to make sure everyone you know has ordered a K1 Impulse phone so they have it BEFORE the blockchain goes live.

Make sure you have bought an ATM/CEM. If you can't afford one make sure that at least one shopowner in your town has one so you can use it and advertise with it.

As an affiliate I think it is essential you have an ATM locally...in your city. Being the first will give a huge advantage as well as generate a lot of publicity.

The good news is they should be simple to sell with all the free KCB coins available on them.Please do be aware that the offer ends on the 18th July. 

The information is in the downloads section of our back office but here it is again anyway...

Improved Impulse K1 Package #3
Price: 2.500€
Content: 1 Impulse K1 Phone
Buyer receives: 2.500€ in KCB + 100% Bonus + VIP Dual status
Seller receives: 2.500€ in KCB

New Impulse K1 Twin Package
Price: 5.000€
Content: 2 Impulse K1 Phones
Buyer receives: 5.000€ in KCB + 100% Bonus + VIP Dual status
Seller: 5.000€ in KCB

New CEM Impulse K1 Package
Price: 9.500€
+ 5.000€ in CashGold or
+ 10.000€ in CashGold or
+ 15.000€ in CashGold

Buyer receives: 9.500€ + ordered CashGold amount in KCB + 100% Bonus + VIP Dual status
Seller receives; 9.500€ + ordered CashGold amount in KCB

Special offer
If 1 Person buys the "CEM Impulse K1 Package" within 4 weeks together with one
of the other two Impulse K1 Phone Packages then the buyer and the seller receive,
additionally, the total amount of both packages including CashGold in KCB.

Impulse K1 Package #3 + CEM Impulse K1 Package with 10.000€ CashGold
Buyer: 2.850€ + 9.500€ + 10.000€ = 22.350€ in KCB on top
Seller: 2.850€ + 9.500€ + 10.000€ = 22.350€ in KCB on top

For the buyer:
It is a great way to stack up on KCB coins, a great way to get one or two K1Impulse phones and a great way to become a VIP in the business.

These promos end at NOON CET (Central European Time) on Thursday 18th July 2019!

**All sales of KCB ends in September and thats only weeks away so time is running out to get KCB at a reduced price or even free**.

You can find the K1 Phone's, CEM's and profit packages in the product purchase section of our website.


Big Months Ahead

I am so excited about the next few months. Please keep promoting the €2500 K1 Phone offer and the GEM's and when our mainnet goes live, you will undertsand why all the excitement.

Whoever buys one of these ATM'S/GEM's is going to make a fortune in commissions, free advertising and new customers. The local newspapers and radio stations will cover it never mind every Karatbars affiliate promoting you for hundreds of miles!

If you are shop owner, GET ONE!!! If you're not, Make sure you tell every shop owner you know about these and why they need to have one. Being the first is important!!.. Ask Bitcoin!

That's before we even get on to Kmerchant! ...More info will be sent out on that as the needed details come in. Then we can promote it.

Just remember all of this goes live when the mainnet (our blockchain) goes live in September... It's only weeks away!

It's exciting times and if I am relaxed, happy and confident then you should be too. Its the most exciting time since I joined in 2014!

We have been here since the turn of the new year. And we have been everywhere with Karatbars. On events, launches and the freedom celebration. Now it's time to let off steam and I will be travelling for holidays, this time to Africa. Won't be back until the end of the month.

**If You have any Karatbit issues please contact support@karatbit.com  They are working through the mountain of tickets, round the clock and will get back to you.

Everything else is on track and looking good.

Stay plugged into all the official channels for the latest news and updates while I am away. A week is a very long time if you are involved with Karatbars right now, let alone two!

You can send me an email with your questions or if it's urgent. I wil try my best to sort it out based on the nature of the urgency. All emails should come with your username. (No username no reply).
I hate to say this but the truth is I cannot attend to everyone. There are only 24 hours in a day and we can only do so much. I have a very large organisation and it is normal I attend to my affiliates first.

If you are not in my organisation and you have an issue that has not been covered in this newsletter or previous, please send an email to the appropriate channel. You can also contact your sponsor. I am sure they will be more than glad to help.

This newsletter does a great job in informing everyone and I am glad it helps. I know because of your feedback.
Thank you all for your messages of gratitude and encouragement. I do appreciate it all.

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There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.

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Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

*****Please include your names and/or username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to*****


Ola Awoliyi

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