Karatbars & Karatgold June 2019 Update Vol. 1

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Loads Of Great News 

There is a lot of great information to share with you today including how the 4th of July guarantee works which is the main question we have been getting.

It's ingenious in its application and exactly what we need to increase the value of our coins, sell ATMs and grow the business.

The most important thing this week is that the huge offer on the K1 Impulse phone has ended. It ended last Friday at noon CET. I still get loads of messages from loads of people wanting to buy in on the offer. So I will start today's newsletter from there:

K1 IMpulse 4K Phone Offer

It was a great offer....If you bought a 4k Phone Package you get the K1 Impulse, VIP Status worth €3000 and €8000 of KCB coins.  If you are the seller you also receive €4000 of KCB! We had a lot of time to get it while it was running. And I made sure I did all I could to get the message out. I will never get to understand why people wait until the last minute to take advantage of these offers. It is beyond my comprehension.

Any way that is done now. If anyone would like to get the k1 phone now, it is available on the website. The only downside is you get only €4000 worth of KCB instead of €8000 which came with the last offer.

I just wanted to make it clear. If you buy the k1 Impulse Phone Package #4 today, YOU WILL ONLY GET €4000 worth of KCB coins, VIP status and the k1 impulse phone.

The video which explains it in detail is at www.karatimpulse.com

We have had over 400 sales in our team in the past four days alone, this phone and the KCB coins are a bestseller.

Cape Town

Since I became a part of the karatbars family in 2014, and for me personally, this was the wow moment. for over five years i have watched the company together with our CEO Harald Seiz lay the foundation, one piece at a time and now we finally have the complete financial ecosystem. And the attendance and size of the last freedom celebration in Cape Town all but confirmed my thoughts personally.....

...Karatbars is mainstream!
This undoubtedly has been the biggest Karatbars event ever! ...Over 5000 people were there. And there's only one place the company can go from here, which is up.

Las Vegas Incentive

If you were not in Cape Town last weekend, you can definitely be in Las Vegas to celebrate the July 4 gold independence day with karatbars. And like always, the company has given everyone a chance to be there by offering us this incentive to win free VIP tickets, travel allowances and other prizes.

The complete details of the incentive can be found HERE and we have until this friday the 21st of June to achieve this.

Even if you don't already have a karatbars account, you create one today HERE and start earning IPS towards the incentive. it is that easy. If you have any questions or need any help on how to achieve this just send me an email and I'd be glad to guide you through it.

4th Of July Announcement

We all know the 4th of July 100KBC for 1 gram of gold promise made by the company and Harald Seiz. What we did not know was how it was going to be done. On the stage in Cape Town, Harald put an end to speculations and confirmed it all in the video below


Let me explain further:
Starting from the 4th of July 2019 onwards, KBC coins can be exchanged for pure physical gold at the rate of 100KBC to 1gram of gold.

Please note the underlined words. Onwards and pure physical gold. This mean from that day on. It is not a deadline and it is not somethin you can only get to do on that day. It is something that comes into effect on that day and thereafter.

It also means that your KBC's can be exchanged for pure physical gold. Not cash nor fiat currency but physical gold which will be in the form of our very own cashgold.

Someone remember the company mission statement?


Harald Seiz – Founder & Visionary

“My mission is to produce the highest
quality gold available in the market, make it easily accessible to the masses of honest people around the world at a price point everyone can afford. My goal is to help millions find financial freedom from the current
system of debt with Karatbars.” -Harald Seiz

Does it all make sense?

This should beg the question, "how will they get physical gold into the hands of everyone that has got KBC or who wants it"?

This is where the next two concepts come into play - Our ATM's and Our Karatbit Exchange

Our ATM's

Imagine you going to a store or a location where we have our ATM machine. And simply logging in with your account and trading 100 of your KBC's and the machine giving you a gram of physical gold. Awesome.

Details on the ATM's will be coming out later this week but let me give you an idea of how this works:

The shop keeper would want to get this ATM because it is good business for him, it registers him as a k-exchange center, it allows to have access to recieve payments in gold or crytpo (using our K-mechant), and allows him to get the cashgold at a special rate.
He loads the ATM with the cashgold. A person comes there to convert their their KBC's into physical gold. Shop keeper makes a commission. And the customer now knows that they can always get gold for their KBC's at this point, and also use their cashgold or KBC's or Bitcoin or Ethereum to make purchases from this point as a k-exchange using our K-merchant.

What this does is it creates more demand for our ATM's as shop keepers and businesses know they have a ready market that grows all areas of their businesses.

The ATM's will be available very soon. If you are shop keeper or a business owner and reading this and would like more information about our ATM's or K-merchant or how to become a k-exchange, please send an email to atm@karatleverage.com and I will get back to you with details.

Our Karatbit Exchange

Now not everyone wants to exchange their KBC's for gold.

I definitely would not be exchanging any of mine. So what if someone wanted to exchange their KBC's for digital gold and other cryptos ? well they can create an account on our karatbit exchange (which is in its Beta phase) then exchange their KBC's into univals UNV which is the unit of exchange of our cashgold, or exchange it with other cryptos available on the exchange.

They can then turn this into physical gold by withdrawing it into their karatbars accounts and asking for physical delivery or keep it in digital form on the exchange.

Now finer details will emerge as soon as official confirmation of the ATM's comes out so please stay tuned for our next couple of newsletters.

Interesting times really for all of us in the karatbars family.

KBC's on Dashboard

The company has started transferring KBC's from the dashboards into the ethereum wallets. All you need to do is to make sure that your ethereum address and email registered on your karatbars account are correct and that the email is also the same one registered to your karatbit account.

That will help guarantee that the coins are moved to the appropriate wallets.

KYC And Support Issues

There is a brand new KYC team and the company hopes this will help free up the support team in Dubai to concentrate on more important support issues.
From now, support and KYC are going to be running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We believe this will ease the burden on support and waiting time for kyc approval will be drastically reduced.


Supernodes was announced at the freedom celebration in Cape Town. And it has become  available for registration since saturday 15th July 2019.

Basically there are 750 seats available. To reserve your seat, you will need to have 3 million KBC's.
Registration will be done on a first come first served basis and you can register for your seat on karatbit.com

All you  have to do is to transfer 3million KBC's into your karatbit kbc account and click on the register for supernode box  beneath.

Basically what this means is that everytime a time transaction happens in the ecosystem, there's a fee. Those tiny tiny fees are added up and are paid out to the people who own those seats. Each supernode seat will be credited with 20% KBC.

There's going to be 20% of kbc's paid and it is going to be paid out in weekly parts starting from when the mainnet goes live.

If youa re interested in getting one of these seats you need 3 million KBC's. if you don't have you should go on the exchanges, get them, transfer them to your karatbait KBC address and request for your supernode seat.

KCB's and 35% Bonus Claims

Right about now, all KCB's on the dashboards have been transferred to the respective wallets.

Also queries about the 35% kbc bonus has reduced a lot. from my understanding, most of them have been paid. However, if you still have not recieved yours, and you have a genuine claim, please send your query to support@karatbars.com and someone from that office will get back to you directly on that.


K-merchant is live and almost ready to go to shops and businesses. We are just waiting for terms and conditions and waiting for  little adjustments and enhancements especially how we can track people in our back office that we register.

Once that is live, we will be the first to get it our to you.

The good news is that you can now buy packages on our websites with ethereum and bitcoin using k-merchant. So if you were to go through checkout on our websites  now, you have the option available using k-merchant, as well as karatpay and credit/debit cards.
Why is K-merchant a good option? Because with K-mechant you dont pay any fees using bitcoin and ethereum. So this is a great way to get your packages using cryptocurrency.

K1 Phone Production

Other good news is that the k1 Phone is in full production which implies that in 12 weeks or thereabouts from now, we will be getting delivery of our first phones, which is fantastic.

If you have been following Karatbars, you will know that this is a great development at it is the first Smart phone to work  over the blockchain technology and it is patented by karatbars International.

Like I said above, If you haven't ordered yours, you can still do this now. It is still at a bargain. You will recieve your K1 impulse for free because you will get €4000 worth of KCB coins too.

Just like the K1 Impulse phone (only 2 million made), the KCB coins are selling fast and once they are gone, and the mainnet goes live, they are gone.

Now I understand many people are on the fence about Karatbars, KBC , KCB etc....some hear the whisper in their head saying to take that first step, others know they need to but the fear of failure or error keeps them back.

I am not a motivational speaker and I am not trying to sell you anything you don't already know ...most importantly that gold is money,  that the furture is decentralised blockchain .....and that karatbars has brought these two together in an ecosystem designed to make anyone truly free from the centralised system of fiat currency and financial institutions. In other words, DEBT!

I can only show you the path I follow. To go the path, is entirely up to you.

"None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone." - Thomas Carlyle

That is all from me today.

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Ola Awoliyi

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