Karatbars & Karatgold May 2019 Updates Vol.2 – Gold Independence Day July 4th

Karatbars Growing Against All Odds - Bigger And Better

Welcome to all new affiliates and partners this week... Our team is growing by hundreds per week now so well done to everyone.

Let me start this update with something that is on everyone's lips lately...the 4th of July Gold Independence day and what will happen!

Gold Independence Day July 4th 2019

Harald Seiz and Karatbars is inviting everyone to Las Vegas to share and celebrate this special day!

The Karatbars CEO put up his guarantee of 100 KBC for 1g of Gold on the 4th of July and he's  going to be in Caesars Palace in front of us all on the day!

Las Vegas Incentive Launch

As always he wants to pay for you to be there so a new incentive has been launched today!

It is in your back office in the downloads section under "incentive". Or you can view it here:


Over 7000 people won prizes in the just concluded Cape Town incentive... .You can win!

It is possible and it is simple.. Keep sharing your http://karatleverage.info/k1impulse/ video about the K1 impulse phone packages with everyone and letting them know about this €4000 deal!

Its the best customer deal we have had in nine years!

Over 440 people have bought the €4k package in our team alone in the past few weeks not to mention all the €1250's €1750's, and €2850's... People want the phone, KCB and they want this offer!

The K1 Impulse Phone And 100% Bonus Offer

I am sure you were all aware of the offer that just ended. The company offered the #4 K1impulse phone with €4000 worth of KCB plus 200% KCB as incentive.
Loads of people waited until the last minute to get that offer and I wonder why this always happens. Well that offer has ended.

But the company has put forward a similar offer but with plus 100% KCb instead of 200%. This to me is still a steal considering the fact that you get the phone for free and still get a 100% bonus on KCB.

The K1 impulse phone and the new offer has all been explained in detail in this video HERE.

For those of you who missed out on the previous offer, you get another chance.

Dashboard KCB's Being Moved

The IT team has started moving KCB's from dashboards to wallets. So if you noticed your kcb's have disappeared from your dashboard, please check the ethereum wallets registered on your profile as they have been transferred there. For those of you who have registered your karatbit addresses on your profile , please check your karatbit accounts.

From now KBC's purchased and earned as bonuses will be moved every friday to the corresponding wallets in the same manner like we recieve our commissions every friday.
whatever bonuses or coins accrued the week before gets transferred the following friday.
What to do? Nothing. Except to check and make sure that the ethereum address registered to your accounts are correct. Those with karatbit addresses can also check  to make sure that the email addresses registered on karatbit are the same as those registered in their karatbars accounts.

Mastercard Or Bitcoin?

Wanted to remind everyone about the new option in the back office where you can decide to be paid either with the conventional karatbars prepaid mastercard or opt to recieve payments in Bitcoin.
To choose your preferred option, login into your account and go to profile and click on settings. Here, click on payout and choose the option you desire. Either credit card or bitcoin.you can choose one option this week and change it back the following week. It is totally flexible.

But once you choose an option this week, you will not be able to change it until this weeks payout has been recieved then you can change it back for the next week.

Masternodes And Full Nodes

There are still masternodes and full nodes available. If you go to karatbit.com/nodes you will see the details of these in there. You see how much KCB's is required to apply for either of these nodes and how many places of each are left.

To apply for these nodes, all you have to do is login into your karatbit account and transfer the required amount of KCBs into the corresponding node required by simply clicking on the apply for node link in your Karatbit dashboard.

KCB's can be purchased in profit packages and easily earned with a 100% bonus by getting the k1 Impulse #4 Phone package offer.

The John Mc Afee Endorsement..... 

He's not everyone's cup of team but John McAfee, (of McAfee computer security),  has been following Karatbars, our Phone, blockchain, coins and ecosystem and is a fan!

He is a big voice in Cryptocurrency and people do listen to what he says!

He declared his support for our ecosystem and coins on his Twitter page the other day! https://twitter.com/officialmcafee

Are You Going To Cape Town?

If you have won any of the incentive prizes or tickets you will find them in the Kbooster. (It is at the bottom of your karatbars.com dashboard). If you won and cannot go you can transfer your ticket to someone who can.. It is straightforward how to do it but if you get stuck there is a pdf in the downloads section.

For New Affiliates And Those Contemplating

If you are a new affiliate or thinking of signing up as one in our team, there are simple steps after registering for your free account:

1. Buy your profit package. The best package to start on if you can afford it is the #4 K1impulse package as it offers the biggest benefits which include the VIP dual status, and thousands of euros worth of KCB coins to get you started.

But if you can't afford this, there are the smaller profit packages from €150. it doesnt matter what package you start on, the important thing is to get started. We all get paid the same commission 10% direct commissions on the first level, 3% on the second level and 2% on the third level.

2. Do your KYC to get approved. This simply means you upload your documents for proof of ID and address. Once you do this, your account gets approved and you are ready to start recieving commissions and bonuses on your sales.

3. Order Your Mastercard.
Once you've done your KYC and approved, then you need to order your prepaid mastercard so you can recieve your commissions every friday. Like I explained above, You can choose the option to get paid by bitcoin too, by linking your karatbit account to your karatbars account.

If you need any help, you can always get across to me and I'll be more than happy to guide you.

4. Once you have done these, then you need to start sharing your video. This is really important!!!
If you are in my team, and you have done the first three steps, you will get a personalised page (available only upon request) with a video presentation that explains everything anyone needs to know about the company and our products and benefits.

All you need to do is share this personalised page with everyone and anyone. You do not have to explain to anyone. Let the video take care of that.
We create the video. we explain the products. All you have to do is share the video.

5. During the next 4 weeks, focus on the k1 Impulse Phone package which you can share with people using the video at http://karatleverage.info/k1impulse/ and  when someone registers their interest just guide them to following these very same steps and get their K1 phones.

Why? Because at the moment, it's the best offer we have at the company and the one that can get you earning very quickly.

For a sale of the k1 phone your customer gets:

100% BONUS (€4000 IN KCB)
VIP STATUS IN OUR DUAL SYSTEM.....a total of €8000 worth of KCB coins!!!

You get:
10% direct commission (€400)
120 units in the dual system (4 cycles - btw €80-€320 . depends on your package level)
320 Incentive points in the las vegas incentive.

Where else can you find this for a compensation plan???

If you don't have an account yet, please create one HERE and send me an email immediately after to schedule a call.

Keep a close eye on the www.karatbars.com and www.karatgold.sg website and your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates.

Please let me know if you need any help with anything. I am available from 7am - 5pm Monday to Friday. CET (Central European Time).

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

*****Please include your names and username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to from now on*****


Ola Awoliyi

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