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New Phase - Back To Basics
I would like to welcome all new subscribers to our newsletter. It's such a great time to get started with Karatbars and the beginning of a new phase.QUICK BRIEF:
To bring everyone up to date, this is what has happened so far.

1. From 2011 until 2018 we sold gold and gold products. We sold business packages that gave a dual status in the business compensation plan and which contained gold.
A VIP Package was €2000 and contained 3g of gold.
I joined the company in 2014 and started with a Silver Package for €250 and it contained 1g.
Since then the company has built an organisation of over 500,000 affiliates in over 100 countries and we were growing well every year.

In 2018 we started selling cryptocurrency and we sold a lot of it. The funds from this allowed Karatbars to invest in gold mines and create new technologies such as the K1 Impulse smartphones and WHIM Laptops (both operating on the VOBP - Voice Over Blockchain Protocol).

Our company CEO, Harald Seiz, implemented a plan to grow the coin price through a gold guarantee which, if had worked out, would mean we have a KBC worth around €0.40 cents now.

Unfortunately it didn't work out as planned thanks to certain external crupulous activities which includes scammers stealing and dumping our coin so the course had to be changed. Karatbars is a pioneering project and things always change.

Things that have been announced this week will probably change. it's the nature of businesses and it is a requisite for evolution and success. It has been the same since I joined.

However, what is important is that the business keeps growing,moving forward and reaching its objectives and goals despite all the turbulence along the way.

Karatbars has done all these and is still here, and growing strong. Thanks to an excellent team of dedicated individuals guided by the guile and vision of Harald Seiz.

The Get Rich Quick Crew

We have had the merge of KCB into KBC and the speculators and get rich quick merchants are all selling their KBC which is fine. They are dumping the coin and the price of KBC is dropping which we expected.

The good news is that this dumping simply means we can pick up the coin cheaply today as this creates an opportunity.

KBC will probably go under 1 cent today so get it at that price while you can. Buy some Bitcoin, send it to Karatbit and buy it there.

Moving Forward Karatbars as a company is still moving forward and K1 Impulses are being delivered all around the world right now.(Have a look on Facebook, loads of people are getting them).

Each one of these phones needs the KBC to operate which will start the demand for KBC again. Same with the laptops and CEM's. Our entire ecosystem and our own blockchain Karatnet needs the KBC.

We are working on our team K1 IMPULSE phones' full video and will get it out to you as soon as it is done.


*Our blockchain will operate using KBC so anyone who develops anything on it will have to use KBC.
*The company is opening high street shops and going public over the next twelve months too which will all have a positive impact on the KBC price.

What we NEED now and in the coming months is as many K1's, WHIM's, Kmerchants and CEM's in the marketplace as possible.

*All four products will drive demand for KBC and help the ecosystem.

*The CEM's, Shops and our new packages will get the physical gold into the hands of the public which has always been our goal since 2011.

New Packages 

Globally we need tens of thousands of new affiliates to do all the above and the company's new packages are designed to help us do that. Harald Seiz and the company has spent weeks going over the figures and possibilities to try and give as much as possible while ensuring the company's growth.

People need more money to live day to day 
People need to be able to get our K1 for free 
People need to be able to get our WHIM for free 
People need to be able to get a CEM for free 
People need residual income 
People need more gold for free 
People need their teams to grow faster 

The new Multi Packages are designed to give new affiliates all of the above and I think it has been achieved. The important thing for everyone to remember is that this is a brand new phase.

These packages are designed to attract new people into the business and keep them building and they do that extremely well.

Look at it from a new persons viewpoint

Someone starting today can build their team and earn commissions, gold, k1's, WHIM's and new products which will be added. (Including "shares" in the public company) More on that in the next few weeks.

Rather than just being paid from the first three generations, matching bonuses and on cycles, a new affiliate can accumulate ongoing epoints and cashgold too.

When you understand the new packages you will see how powerful it is.

Forget The Past 

There is an important skill that direct sales people all need to learn and that is to forget about whatever you had to sell last week.

The person you are talking to today knows nothing about last years packages, offers or last years KBC price or any of that. The only one comparing it is you.

Comparing is not practical anyway, everything just "is" when viewed on it's own.

I have been a direct salesperson for almost twenty years and I know that new people we talk to are going to love these packages and everything they can earn from them.

Video On The New PackagesWe are working on a video for the new packages which should be ready by tomorrow.

We know others have already created videos but we are not sure they are explaining it 100% correctly. We have some questions submitted to head office and want complete clarity before we explain it to you.

It's better to get it right the first time. Measure twice, cut once!

If you want to have a read of the pdf it is there in your back office in the downloads section  now or click HERE

It will be explained in simple terms tomorrow anyway. It is more simple than it looks. We will also create a new introduction to Karatbars video too so you won't have to worry about explaining it to people if you are in my organisation anyway. The video does all the explaining.

If you don't already have your replicated page, and you are actively  in my organisation you can request for it by sending me an email ola.awoliyi@karatleverage.com

If you have any IT issues or other issues please contact the office by telephone first of all or contact support@karatbit.com or support@karatbars.com

Don't forget to put the head office number in your phone -  Head Office Number  +49 711 128 970 00

If you want help with team building contact me on  ola.awoliyi@karatleverage.com.

***Only emails with a Karatbars username will be answered and I can only reply to people in my organisation. If you have somehow found your way to my Newsletter and you are not in my group just contact your upline or the office and they will help you.

That's all for today, go and get yourself some cheap KBC. Once all the devices start running it can only go one way again....and that's up!

Have a great week...


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There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.
Keep a close eye on your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates if you are on this team.
Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

***Please include your names, and username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to***


Ola Awoliyi

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