Karatbars & Karatgold Update – New Combo Packages With Free VIP Status

My sincere apologies for two newsletters in two days but I got some extremely exciting and urgent news to share with you from the leadership meeting.

In the next four weeks you are going to see advances with Karatbars and Karatgold that will amaze you.

For example....You will see our new cryptocurrency exchange up and running, new high level business partnerships and the first viewings of our ATM and crypto phone!

**You will be able to buy and sell KBC, KCB on our exchange as well as convert your KBC/KCB to other cryptocurrencies and fiat/paper currency!
The Karatbars exchange will operate just like the following exchanges only it will have features friendly to the Karatbars base

The urgent news is on the new combo packages which are selling like crazy and here is why...

The company has decided to give Free VIP Dual Status with every combo package for the next seven days.

They have also introduced the possibility to buy them with cashgold as well as with Bitcoin/bank wire/credit card and debit card.

If your card company won't let you use your card to by cryptocurrency, as many don't, they will have no issue with you buying cashgold so problem solved.

Buy the cashgold and convert it! Always buy with cashgold if you see the option available.

Remember you and everyone else gets paid unilevel commissions and dual system units on the cashgold purchases and again on the combo package so use cashgold if you can.

If you are not sure how to do this please call me and I will talk you through it.

**UK and European customers - VAT (Tax) was added to the combo packages but head office have checked and it can be removed as it seems it doesn't apply to crypto currency. Please keep an eye on the website over the next few days, when you see the VAT gone you can go ahead and purchase/promote. 

Lets look at the packages

To buy your combo package create your free account here or login into your account at www.karatgold.sg   You are a Karatbars affiliate so you can order products from Karatbars.com and Karatgold.sg using the same login details for both sites (We get preferential rates)

Below is the explanation for the 15k and 3k combo packages. You can see the details for the 5k and 8k combo packages in the back office.

The 15k Combo Package Offer

In the 15k package you get €15,000 of KCB at €0.14 cents each plus another €15,000 of KCB at €0.14 cents each 100% Free!

You also get €7500 of KBC coins at today's rate which you can see on the website. It is about €0.017 cents as I write this . KBC coin is already up over 300% on what we paid for it in April/May!

If KBC goes to just three cents your combo pack will paid for and you will still have €30,000 worth of KCB for free!

That's €37,500 of coins in total!

On top of that, you get an automatic upgrade to VIP if you already have a package. On the other hand, you get VIP status if you have no package right now.

Buy one with a friend or family member under one account and share the coins later!

There simply has never been a better offer from the company!

The 3K Combo Package Offer

In the 3k pack you receive €3000 of KCB coins plus a bonus of €1800 so €4800 in total. You also receive €750 of KBC at todays rate.

In total that's €5550 of coins for €3000

Besides that you can also become a VIP member and you have a fantastic deal for new people.

KBC and KCB - What's the difference?

The short but not very useful answer is go to a world tour event and Dirc will explain it to you. That's the purpose of the world tour. Dirc stands on stage for three hours and goes through it all.

Notwithstanding, let me share with you my summary

KBC and KCB and Cryptocurrecncy is altogether confusing, yes! But so was a motor car to people who had only ever used a horse.

We have been using this evaporating fiat, paper, debt based currency for the past three hundred years. (Liken it to the horse when the motor engine showed up - it's time is up)

KBC coin is a new form of payment which you can send globally in milliseconds and avoid banks and their charges and delays. Imagine no more getting your card blocked! Imagine no more explaining yourself because you want to send money to book a holiday apartment or buy a car!

Unlike USD/Euros/Pound Sterling amidst other currencies, KBC is backed by an increasing amount of gold. As the amount of gold increases so will the value of the KBC. We bought it at half a cent in April and it is already worth three times that.

Meanwhile sterling/euros/usd are worth about 5% less due to inflation.

Right now you have to take your KBC to a third party exchange to change it into USD or Euros.  Think of a crypto exchange like a Bureau de Change or money exchange center on your high street.

Some of these exchanges only allow you to change your KBC to USD, some don't allow you to use credit cards or bank wires. Our company has decided we have have our own exchange that will suit the Karatbars ecosystem in 125 countries.

You will be able to convert KBC to gold or to cashgold or to fiat currency... You will have the ultimate, gold backed flexible type of money ever created.

OK Cool,  So What About KCB?

During the ICO for KBC,  the company realised that if we had our own bank and our own goldmine then we would have full control of the entire process. We would be able to get the gold out of the ground at the best price and Karatbars affiliates would be able to use bank facilities that never blocked their payments.

Hence Harald Seiz, Karatbars CEO went into partnership with Joseph Heit who owns a bank and mine in order to solve the issue. The bank already has a , capitalisation of $100 million but to increase gold extraction, create atms, bank services and to build a refinery will take up to $1 billion to achieve.

....In comes KCB

The sale of KCB will raise the $1bn quickly to achieve this goal. We had no more KBC to sell so that was not an option.

50 billion KCB are available for sale during twelve months and at the end all unsold will be burned.

KCB is the coin of the bank, the exchange and the mine. The value of KCB will increase as the amount of crypto exchange,  bank transactions, ATM and phone transactions increase.

Profits from all of these services will go to extracting more gold and thereby increasing the value of KBC.

Basically one side of the business (KBC), feeds the other (KCB) in perpetual motion.

Our Own Blockchain

Add to this the fact that we will soon have our own blockchain to put KBC, KCB, The phone and all bank transactions on and it will be an impressive global currency system!

The company is already in talks with countries about using our system as their countries' currency!

If you can, please watch this video which explains blockchain...

You absolutely need to know what blockchain is or this whole thing will never make any sense at all.


If you enjoyed that just type blockchain into Youtube and keep watching more videos on why this is so big.

The World Tour is still on going and it's not too late to make it to one. You'll be happy you did.

Atlanta               21st/22nd September  HERE
London            29th September   HERE
Dublin              30th September  HERE
Nassau Bahamas  6th October  HERE
Madrid               October 13th - HERE
Miami               October 20th  - Waiting for venue

Final Tip Of The Day

There have been several websites and apps over the past twelve months which have confused people. They have been a necessary evil due to the ever changing nature of what we were trying to do.

Here is what you need... Forget anything else.

1. www.karatbars.com - This is where you buy your gold and where you get started as a business partner.

2. www.karatgold.sg - This is actually the same website as Karatbars.com in that they share the same back office. You use the same login for both and see the same dashboard.

So why have it?

It was created for "cryptocurrency only" customers and partners. They asked for a website which only promoted the cryptocurrency side of the business. The .sg website was a clever solution so that if someone regisitered in one business they were in the other automatically and they didn't need to register again.

To register in either as a new customer or affiliate please click here

Yes a little bit confusing but a very clever IT solution which ensured we get all the new cryptocurrency people in our Karatbars ecosystem!

3. Karatpay App - You should download this to your phone.

4. Karatgold wallet - A secure place to store your KBC/KCB. Download this to your phone but I don't recommend using it yet. Personally I want to ensure it has no bugs so I'm keeping my KBC in my  www.Myetherwallet.com account. New customers and affiliates will not need to go through myetherwallet now that this exists.

5. Karatbusiness App - You can download it but it's not ready yet so I haven't mentioned it. It is going to be a communication tool so you can connect with persons in your team and organization. When it becomes active 100% I will use it and explain it to you.

6. www.etherscan.io - If you ever want to see how many coins you have this is the ONLY place you need to look. This is where you will see all your KBC, KCB and can see all your KBC / KCB going in and out. Just put in your Ethereum address.

The whole point in cryptocurrency and blockchain is that all the information is public. When Karatbars transfer KBC or KCB to you you can see the transfers on etherscan.

That's all for this week....

Keep a close eye on the latest news on the www.karatbars.com website and subscribe to this newsletter for updates.

Please let me know if you need any help with anything. *Email is best as I can work through them in order.


Ola Awoliyi


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