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5 Days To Go.... 
I hope you had a great weekend like I did.

We all know Christmas is around the corner and it's inevitable at this time to be all around the town. Getting gifts for family and friends. This is what my weekends will be like until the new year apparently. Well besides the weekend of the 21st when i will be in Madrid. Which also means more gifts for friends and family...

Why am I telling you this in a Newsletter? Well because the freedom to do what I want, be where I want, whenever I want is what Karatbars is all about.

If you had all the funds & all the time you wanted,  what would you do?

Personally I'd live on an island or on the country side. I'd get an office overlooking the sea, or the mountains and rivers, drive a car with no roof, spend time with my wife and children and help others achieve the same.

Without Karatbars, without a dual team that feeds up units, without a passive income, without the Karatbars HeadQuarters taking care of support, creating and delivering the products and paying me every Friday it wouldn't be possible.

I basically have dozens of people in Germany, Spain, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, The US, Romania and more all working with me for free. So do you. All you need to do is promote a website whenever you feel like it.

A brain surgeon, a premier league footballer, even a Hollywood star doesn't have the freedom that a network marketer has and maybe not even the same income so please let that sink in.

Money isn't the answer by itself! We need time and peace of mind to enjoy what it can do for us too.

Is it hard asking people to watch a presentation? Yes.
Is it hard taking rejection? Definitely!
Is it worth doing it for six or twelve months to live however you want... Absolutely!

Five Days Until The 15th Of December 

Let's take a look at what you need to know this week.

There are only five days to go where you can get KCB at a reduced price before the fork/merge starts on the 15th.

Let me make this 100% clear. The 15th is a deadline for the sale of KCB and the date for the beginning of the fork/merge.

It's the start of the process and it could go on for weeks until everyone is sorted and all coins have been converted.

The 15th of December is the beginning!

There will be a period of time in which the existing KBC/KCB can be exchanged for the new mainnet coin. Just make sure all your KBC/KCB are on Karatbit and it will make life simple for you.

We can all still receive, hold, send existing KBC, KCB after the 15th. It doesn't vanish or disappear or become redundant on that date.

There will be a period of time after the 15th in which we can exchange existing  KBC, KCB for the new coin.

If we still have KCB Or KBC on our Karatbars dashboards after the 15th that's fine, if we don't have all our KCB or KBC on Karatbit that's fine. No one is going to lose anything if they haven't done x, y or z before the 15th.

People are spreading all sorts of crazy "must do" stuff on Facebook. If there is something you MUST do by the 15th, then head office would have told us. Ovidiu Toma would have told us to tell you and he has not.

No one is going to be at any disadvantage. If you stick to the info in my newsletters and the Karatbars latest news and stop listening to affiliates' Chinese whispers online you will be fine.

Harald Seiz and Ovidiu toma are planning everything so that it is for our benefit as well as for the benefit of the company. Remember, we are the company. Without us affiliates, there is no business. The last thing they would ever want to do is harm us or the community.

The only thing you MUST do to get the current offers is to buy your K1 Impulse phones, WHIM's and  profit packages before this Sunday 15th December at 11.59 CET.
That's all that is important for the next five days or until head office tell us otherwise.

Focus on either getting yours or helping others get theirs until next Sunday...Get as many as you can now while you can.

After the 15th we can decide what to focus on next. One thing at a time makes life easy.

My guess is that there will be a quiet period between the 15th and 21st as the next phase begins then. Harald Seiz keeps the big announcements for the big events.

So work hard between now and the 15th and then have a few days off to do your Christmas shopping, enjoy the Christmas markets and chill.  That's my plan anyway.

Can't Use Your Credit/Debit Card?

If you don't know already, the banks are building their own blockchains and getting their own cryptos ready so they don't want us buying any crypto first!

Over the past few weeks they have been blocking cards when affiliates have tried to buy WHIM'S, K1's, Profit Packages etc. (because they had coins attached)

The good news is they can never block gold purchases and we can simply buy cashgold with our cards and use cashgold/Karatpay to pay for the packages.

We have an amazing global payment system in Karatpay and cashgold and I think this fact sometimes gets missed by people!

How much physical gold do you have?

Every one of us needs to be buying gold every week/month anyway so it is essential we all know how to do it. There is a financial crash coming so make sure you are prepared.

If everything you own is worth $100 you should have $10 of gold.
If you have $1 million you should have $100,000 of gold.

10% of whatever I earn goes into cashgold every week. Gold is my insurance against everything else that can go wrong. It has always been that insurance for thousands of years and is the foundation of Karatbars International.

Just because we are talking a lot about crypto and phones should not make us ever forget the gold!

K1Impulse Phone Deliveries

As you may have noticed in the latest news the K1 phones are now in Germany and head office said that they are confident that the first K1's would be hitting doorsteps this week.

I'm glad to hear this news otherwise they will need to give them to Santa Claus. Jokes aside, from development to delivery in under a year is remarkable even with the third party issues slowing up the logistics a bit.

They are going to be delivered in the sequence in which they were ordered which is fair and another good reason why we should all get our WHIM orders in early too.

New Month Starts Tomorrow

The Karatbars month ends on the 11th of each month and for many of you it is a chance to hit the Manager or Director levels. You can read how it works in the downloads section.

Many people are getting the volume they need but are missing out on the number of contracts or individual sales they need. (see chart below) 1 point is €2 of turnover by the way in an entire leg or team.

Here is a quick tip....

Lets imagine you buy 3g of cashgold every month. Rather than buying 3g of cashgold buy 3 x 1g of cashgold.

That way you help your sponsor and everyone above get three sales/contracts instead of one.

Remember that even a 0.1g of cashgold is still a sale although some card companies have a minimum purchase of €15 or €20 per transaction.

Just remember that you can only use one credit card tens times each month on the Karatbars website so factor that into what you do.

It might take you a few seconds more to make three purchases instead of one but if everyone in the team remembers to do it everyone gets the benefit.

The great thing about the Karatbars compensation plan is that every time I buy something I know I have helped my sponsor and dozens and hundreds of people above me with my purchase. 🙂

As you can see below someone above you could be on 49, 99 or 199 sales today and your purchase could make them a Bronze, Silver or Gold Director.

So if you are thinking about buying some cashgold do it today if you can.

Last five days...

The chance to buy KCB at a low prize is ending on the 15th, the fork/merge is starting, Supernodes pay out again on the 15th, K1's are going out. Masternodes and Full nodes will start to pay out from the 15th and we are going into our new phase of massive growth!!

Stock Exchange and Madrid Event.

You are going to hear the wonderful news about our stock exchange listing on the 21st of December too and there is still time to get there...

Book your flights from anywhere in the world using www.skyscanner.net

We are going on The Stock Market! Get your head around that statement for a second! No one will question the legitimacy of our company going forward and massive growth is almost certain.

Just watch the amount of network marketing leaders who will join us in 2020!

One thing I know for sure is that if you make the effort to be at these events you will be successful! I can't name a single affiliate who does well but misses events.

So I am looking forward to see you in Madrid, Spain!

Christmas Gifts

I'll leave you today with the best gift I can give you this year..

If someone asks you what you want for Christmas this year tell them you want one of the following books/ebooks and read them in the following order.

Or even better, order them yourself today...

George S Clason - The Richest man In Babylon
Charles F Haanel - The Masterkey System
Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich
Bob Proctor - You Were Born Rich 

If you can do that between now and the end of the year I guarantee you nothing will stop you from having a fantastic 2020.

Those books really have been the difference between who I was and who I am.

Karatbars has just been the vehicle used to put the theory into practice. Having a fast car is no good unless you now how to drive it.

Have a great week ahead.


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Ola Awoliyi

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