Karatbars & Karatgold Updates October 2019 Vol.2

Important Updates

First let me welcome all new affiliates and customers and all new subscribers to our newsletter this week. We are happy to have you here. Please click HERE to read last weeks newsletter and catch up on all other necessary information.

One of my all time favourite phrases goes like this:

"In life, we either just got out of a problem/difficulty,
currently in a problem/difficulty,
or on our way to a problem/difficulty"

We are alive. Facing challenges, difficulties and problems is a part of being alive. We need to face them and come out victorious on the other side. I have had a really difficult week. And capped it off yesterday watching my little 8 year old boy break a foot during his football training session. Off i went to emergency, then x-rays. Canceling out my agenda for the rest of yesterday, today and until next week. Yet this newsletter had to be written. It's a compromise with all of you and it just had to be written.

I don't look for excuses, just solutions which is exactly what every Entrepreneur must do!

The Karatbars project is a lot bigger than my everyday arrangements so please don't expect everything to happen on time either. Some things happen on time, some don't and its just part of the journey.

The only thing is I can't say the journey is boring!!

So Let me try and cover another eventful week.

*Some unidentified person/person wrote a really slanderous article about Karatbars last weekend and posted it on Coindesk. This was spread all over the internet. And we all know bad news always travels fast. The entire article was untrue and our CEO Harald Seiz quickly got a reply out which is now being reposted.

You can have a read of it here -   https://www.businessforhome.org/2019/10/karatbars-ceo-harald-seiz-coindesk-spread-false-information/

Important - Please watch Harald's video response which he posted last night too -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6I8jsijd-Y&list=PLnlFI1TzIYYX9lGd48XWV-oV0Cjz3KHIY

*They have also sent coinmarketcap some really old info about the AMF which they have posted on their website. They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel now!

New affiliates may not know this but in 2014 the AMF in Quebec tried to label Karatbars as illegal but Harald took THEM to court and WON the case. If you want to see the judgement it is HERE

It really affected our business for a few months until the negativity started dropping down the google rankings. It ended up being a good thing as a senior court validated the company to operate worldwide.

Someone is trying very hard to damage the Karatbars project but it just won't work. Bringing up stuff from 2014 just shows how desperate they now are.

The Good News

The good news is that it will mostly disappear, or people will be less likely to care, when the phones and CEM's are delivered which brings me on to the next point.

*The CEM's are packaged and ready to be lifted from Germany. They have been for a couple of weeks. The delay is with the company doing the exporting. They have assured Karatbars that they will start collecting them in the next few days.

*The K1 phones are in transit from Asia to Europe. Once they arrive in Germany they will be labelled and sent on. You can watch the production of these HERE

It's not important if they arrive next week or next month, what is important is that they have been developed and produced and are ready. We are just suffering from third party logistics.

*Once the CEM's arrive, people local to the machines will quickly become aware that they can get 1g of pure gold for $2 at today's KBC price. This will drive demand for KBC and you will then see the price of KBC rise.

*Once the phones arrive users will need to pay a monthly fee in KBC to keep it active, this again will fuel demand for KBC.

*The fact that you can get KBC now at such a low price is a bargain considering what we know is coming in the next few months.

*Supernodes will start to pay from next week, 15th October.  Wait until you see how much KBC is sold one that starts happening. There are still 300 available.

*The locator for the CEM's and Kmerchants will form part of our new website which should be live in the next four weeks.

*Karatnet is also live and running. The website/explorer will be released online when the Tecnical Department and Ovidiu feels the right time. They are adding different parts of the ecosystem to it first.

*The first gold KYC's have been approved on Kmerchant yesterday. Karatbars have uploaded our video as a generic video so everyone can use it to promote Kmerchant if they wish - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhBhjbK3ukw&list=PLnlFI1TzIYYX9lGd48XWV-oV0Cjz3KHIY&index=6

Kmerchant is going to be a wonderful source of passive income for us all. Do not ignore the huge opportunity it offers.

Do Something Positive

We cannot speed up the phones / CEM's delivery or stop trolls from writing negative stuff about Karatbars but we are 100% in control of our own businesses. We have plenty of products which are available right now.

The debt bubble is bursting, massive companies are closing such as Thomas Cook.

More companies are freezing employees pensions, GE (20,000); LL Bean (5,000); DuPont (12,000); Lockheed Martin (48,000); Boeing (68,000); & UPS (70,000)
All job and pension promises will cease to exist!!!  Job security is a illusion!

We provide people with an option to buy gold in an affordable way as a pension and a business for €150 which pays 10% direct commission.

We have a great line of products but are now getting to a size where people are taking notice and it won't always be in a good way.

It's Not Just Karatbars Getting Negativity
These things happen to any growing business and I know many affiliates don't realise this.

Samsung and Apple are two tech giants and they are being investigated in numerous countries at any given moment. It's just something we have to get used to I think.

Apple Investigations - HERE
Samsung Investigations HERE
Facebook is constantly being investigated! HERE

The good news for Karatbars and Harald Seiz is that, right now, no one is investigating the company and its just idiots spreading false news reports.

I'll be very glad when it blows over and we can start talking about gold and our products again. We fully appreciate the fact that for new people this can be quite unsettling and even for experienced people like me, it can be draining.

We really don't enjoy writing this type of Newsletter believe me but it's necessary so that our team keeps perspective.

It's easy to promote the business and build when things are going easily with a tail wind. It shows real character to keep going when the wind is in your face.

What we won't do is hide in a bunker and wait for the shelling to stop before coming out. Karatbars might be Harald Seiz's company but it's also our company and I will defend it as my own.

We have nothing but admiration for the people in my team who I see on Facebook, Youtube etc supporting Karatbars posts and who carry on working and building their teams!

We notice and Harald notices too! Trust me that he will reward your loyalty.

Focus On The Promotion

On a very positive note we have a wonderful promotion running at the moment which should not be getting lost in the noise.

Read the chart below and really understand how much value the customer is getting.

*€150 gets someone started in the business as a bronze earning 10% 1st level direct commission and 3% second level and 2% third level.
**€1250 gets someone started at silver with a K1 Impulse + KCB
***€2500 gets someone to VIP with a K1 Impulse  + KCB
****€2600 gets them VIP with a WHIM laptop + KCB

Let me put this in context... Before coins, phones or laptops we paid €2000 JUST for the VIP status and you got 3g of gold with it. .

That was the best money I have ever spent in my life. Becoming a VIP in Karatbars was the single best business decision I have ever made.
To think now I could get a Blockchain phone or laptop and the value of the package in crypto too is crazy.

I had a "bad week" with my business last week compared to normal because everyone is reading fake news.
Guess what? My "bad week" is a fantastic months wages for over 95% of the worlds population.

Someone can join Karatbars today for €150, sell a €1 Million profit package and earn €100,000 and people are buying the €150k, €500k and €1Millon packages.


Savvy investors who don't care about fake news and see what Karatbars has achieved since 2011. Investors who know what to look for.

Everything Harald said he would do he has done. Every obstacle he has faced he has overcome since 2011. We need to remember that.

TIP For The Week

There is huge crash coming and everyone needs some gold. People want to spend Bitcoin and we have Kmerchant live. People are losing their jobs and we have our business packages, people want privacy and we have K1's and Whims.

If anyone wants to buy a Cryptocoin which is about to be used worldwide in live technology we have KBC on exchanges and KCB which is being given away free with products and business packages.

The project itself is going well and we have an exciting twelve months ahead.

As for the negative stuff, I have just trained myself to ignore it because I know it is only temporary. I will just keep doing what I have always done and will keep getting the results that I have always got.

We all reap what we sow.

Have a great weekend and we will catch up again next week.


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Ola Awoliyi

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