Karatbars & Karatgold Updates October 2019 Vol.3


Important News

Lots of wonderful news for you today so lets get to it!

1. Our new team video is now live and you can watch it at www.karatleverage.info or your personalised page. It has the updated cashgold price, new videos and the actual presentation which is much shorter. (I'm sure you will be happy to hear!) 😉

*Please watch it today to the end and really understand what you our company and business model is all about and what are referring asking people to watch.

**If you want to get started with Karatbars in the next thirty minute the instructions are in the video too.

2. The Supernodes paid out on time as promised. Everything Harald Seiz has said he will do since 2011 he does. It's that simple.

If you don't know what a Supernode: You deposit 3M KBC in Karatbit and get 50,000 KBC deposited to your account monthly as a return. I have been accumulating as much KBC as I can and now have seven Supernodes. Yesterday I got 350,000 KBC added to my Karatbit which is worth about €7000 or 3.5kg of gold if I convert it. (100KBc = 1g)

Not a bad passive income on top of my normal commissions. The Masternodes and Full Nodes will also start after December so we are all looking forward to those starting too.

There are only 294 Supernodes left and you will see them disappear quickly now that the payouts have started. Ten have gone since the news broke the other day.

What Will I Do With My KBC

I am just going to hold them until we get 75 KBC for 1g or 50 KBC for 1g or maybe even until we get to 1 KBC for 1g.. There's no hurry.

I don't think anyone needs to question our confidence in our coins! We are stacking KCB just as fast and time is running out to get these under €0.14 too. We have phones, a CEM, WHIM's, Profit packages and will keep buying as long as we get free KCB with the purchases.

New Incentive

3. Harald wants to give every affiliate the chance to get as much KCB now as they can before the two coins merge in December. He also knows that the more phones and laptops we can deliver in the first batch the higher chance of success they will have. Purely from a business point of view the more we have on order the lower the production costs too.

To really help us get more KCB and help us promote, he announced a short incentive yesterday which will last until the 21st of November. This is on TOP of the Madrid Incentive and Cars incentive which is already running.

You can watch his announcement at https://youtu.be/Lc_4t4-Swrk and here is our short summary.

€2600 WHIM Laptop

If you buy a €2600 WHIM package you get your WHIM, VIP status plus 100% bonus in KCB which is €5200 of KCB coins. 37,142 coins!

If you sell a €2600 WHIM package you get your normal commission but also 200% bonus, €5200 of KCB 37,142 coins!

€5200 WHIM

If you buy a €5200 WHIM package you get your WHIM, a K1 Impulse, VIP Status and 150% bonus or €13,000 of KCB - 92,857 coins!

Sell a €5200 WHIM .K1 Bundle and you get your normal commissions plus 250% bonus or €18,200 of KCB - 130,000 coins.

Please remember this offer ends in around four weeks on the 21st November so don't delay.

Making It Easy For You

We have added the WHIM video and K1 Video to the presentation so just ask people to watch it. It is important they see all the company information anyway before spending €2600 or €5200.

Don't just try to sell our products to them without giving the person some background information about the company and it's successes until now.

What if they want MORE  information?

The specification pdfs are in the downloads section which they can read... also..

We have also created videos on our Youtube channel www.karatleverage.net  so if someone wants more WHIM or K1 info juts ask them to register with you first to read the pdfs and then send them there.

24/6 Support 

After many months of training and organising we now have 24/6 support at +49 711 128 970 00

Put that number in your phone and call it if you need help. If you are worried about overseas call charges use the skype app. The truth is that calling to help out one of your referrals could mean thousands of euros in commission.

Don't send emails, call. It's always the fastest way and speed is important for your business.

Exciting Times

The first batch of CEM's will arrive at the end of this week, next week, next will come the phones, then we have the end of KCB sales, the merge, the company going public and a big Christmas party in Madrid!

Plenty to keep us going for the next eight weeks...

My advice to you is not to get confused or overwhelmed by it all.

Watch our video, get your personalised copy and just focus on making sure you get at least three people every day to watch the video to the end.

Let the video do the selling. You just get on with asking more people.

"Spending €2600 and getting a business, a laptop and €5200 of Crypto  or spending €5200 and getting €13,000 of crypto, a laptop, a K1 Impulse phone and a business should be all you need to say to encourage them to watch it"

If you know of a better deal out there let me know. 🙂

Stay plugged into all the official channels for the latest news and updates. And make sure to favourite this newsletter email so you don't miss subsequent editions

***If you don't have a Karatbars account yet, create one HERE and I can get you started properly. You might have noticed that to be successful is not only getting the right opportunity but being in the right team. Joining karatbars is a great idea yet, joining as part of THIS team is an even better one.

There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.
Keep a close eye on your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates if you are on this team.
Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

***Please include your names, and username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to***


Ola Awoliyi

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