Karatbars & Karatgold Updates October 2019 Vol.4

Welcome to all our new readers this week! We just reached over 27,000 in our team across 100 countries and growing. If you want to get started in the next thirty minutes simply watch our team video at www.karatleverage.info which is a complete presentation on everything Karatbars. With instructions on how to get started and how to make the best use of our opportunity.

Lots of great news for you fromt he past week so let's cover them bit by bit.


The first CEMs have now been delivered and are being switched on. The owners are, of course, posting videos on social media. I have seen videos of one in Edmonton Canada and one in South Africa.

*Please be aware that Karatbars are NOT placing CEM's! They are being delivered to whoever paid for them. If no one ever buys one in London, for example, there will never be one there.

If you want one in your area or town, you can either buy one or sell one to someone in your town or to a local business.

I know there will be one in my city because I bought one. We are Karatbars affiliates and need to think like Entrepreneurs and not customers.

The CEM owners have a fantastic manual with operating instructions and access to a private video website for video tutorials.

For security reasons this is not available to everyone but we have seen it and it looks great.

You will now start to see the price of KBC growing in the coming weeks as people start to use the CEM's to exchange 100 KBC for 1g of gold.

Right now it is a stone cold fact that you can convert 100 KBC into 1g of pure gold if you are near a CEM or go to head office.The more CEM's there are, the more people will buy KBC to convert.

**Breaking News - One of our team leaders and one of his partners went to head office this week to change someone of their QR codes to Cashgold and one of his team asked if he could change the cashgold to Euros. Harald Seiz agreed. He could get cash if he wanted but obviously less than the cashgold value.

I personally would never sell my cashgold for less than its value but it's now an option for someone if they go to head office. Some people may be desperate for cash so Harald Seiz has kindly offered a solution.

You can watch the video HERE

Remember most CEM owners would buy back the cashgold too as they can simply put it back in the machine and earn on it again. I do not envisage getting cash for cashgold to be a problem.


Just a quick note on the price of KBC because many people in our community don't know much about Cryptocurrency. Everyone is checking the price of KBC every day and thinking that every price fluctuation is a reflection of something Karatbars is doing or not doing.

Up until today the KBC coin has been floating on the exchanges as it is not being used for much else other than trading. If anything, the scammers dumping KBC could have done more damage but they didn't manage that too. The community of KBC holders is too strong.

KBC has not been bought in big numbers as people want to see the CEM's giving out the gold. Which is fair due diligence.

It is therefore going to flow along with the Bitcoin price as most crypto exchanges/trades are done via Bitcoin.

We can illustrate this clearly in the chart below form the last seven days... You can do it over a month or longer it will be the same...

If you download the Coinmarketcap app to your phone you can do this yourself. Just add BTC and KBC on the compare section.

An OpportunityAll I see when I see a lower KBC price is a reflection of what is happening with Bitcoin. Bitcoin lost 6% yesterday but that wasn't Harlad Seiz's fault.

If I saw the KBC price falling and Bitcoin rising then I might think there was an issue.

What I am sure of is that the more our coins are used in CEM's, K1 phones,WHIM laptops, Kmerchant, Karatbit etc, the less of an influence the Bitcoin price will have.

All I see today is an opportunity to get more KBC at a lower price. I keep buying and buying so God bless this low price and i'm grateful for it. 🙂

Karatbars Is Growing 

90%+ of our team work online and we are fully aware that online relationships are nothing like real life ones. You never really have a relationship or bond with anyone until you have broken bread, shook hands or had a drink together.

Online marketers find it easy to jump from business to business or stop and start because of this weak relationship status with their sponsor.

It is because of this weak bond that online affiliates can be easily put off by online posts, comments or negativity. The recent anonymous online spam attacks on Karatbars have affected our team more than any other in Karatbars.

Are we annoyed? Yes!  Are we worried? No..  Definitely not because we have been through it all before in 2014 and it only lasts a few months.

Can you make your team immune to online attacks?

Yes and it's very easy. You just need to build an offline team too. If you had the choice, offline is much faster, easier and you will have a stronger business.

"I don't like public speaking"

Neither do I, It makes me physically sick. But you don't need to speak as our team video is the solution.

Find a hall, room or private rental, ($20 per hour meeting room in a local hotel or community centre, church or your living room.. It doesn't matter)

Don't scare the people with a fancy set up... You want them to think.."I can do this too"

Sit people down, play the team video. We have created the video so it will play on a big screen and work just as well. The listeners will think.. "This is easy, I can press play on a video"

If they have a question you can answer, Fine! If you can't, call me or send me a text live in the room. If you tell prior to the event, I will try to be available.

They will be impressed by the support and again will think... "I can do this too, we have got backup"

Ask them to register, get a package and come back next week with five people or do their own event.

Week 1 - 5 people
Week 2 - 25 people
Week 3 - 125 people.
Week 4 - 625 people 

Ok! Not everyone will register, not everyone will come back but what if you were 50% successful and had 312 active people in 4 weeks?

If and once you get to 500 registered affiliates, we will come and do a two day training event. Anywhere in the world.
Everyone in the area can get behind the 500 target and get to it quickly.

Don't think it's possible?

Take a look at one event in South Africa at the weekend. This was not a Karatbars corporate event.
This is a local team which started off in one room and has grown and grown. Meeting by meeting.

Do you think many of the people below care about negative comments on Facebook or anonymous blogs?

Singapore Event There was also another big event in Singapore where people were exchanging their KBC for 1g.

Watch the video - HERE

Everyone can fill a room like the one above, but it has to start with one or two people standing in a room to get it going, to make the plan and make it happen.

Madrid Incentive

Just as another indication of how the company is growing is that there are already 52 pages of winners in the Madrid Incentive which you can see at the bottom of the Karatbars.com dashboard

Please let me know if you are going to be in Madrid! I think this will be the biggest event of the year and the best Christmas party you could ever go to. You can even send me an email and we can make easier accomodation arrangements as part of one big team

Long story short. You can see everything is going well so don't miss out. Keep sharing your video with as many people as you can every day.

The only thing that can possibly stop you will be the story you are telling yourself which isn't true.
But that's the same in all aspects of life.

KCB Coins Have Been Pushed From DashboardsAnyone who got free KCB coins with purchases will have noticed that they have all now been pushed from dashboards and are in the Karatbit wallets.

Another job done as promised by Harald Seiz and HQ. These KCB coins will be converted to the new coin on hard fork day in December.

These bonuses are amazing. Just take a look at a selection of whats available for the next SEVEN weeks below..   That's all the time you have left to get all these free coins.

Makes sure everyone you know has got their K1 Impulse phones and WHIM Laptops and are stacking as much KCB as possible.

Print off the picture below or save it to your phone for easy reference.

K1 Impulse PhonesKaratbit is working, Kmerchant is working, Supernodes are paying, gold is being delivered, KCb is being delivered, commissions are paid every week, CEM'S are being delivered, events are running, the websites are running but we have to have one delay and that's the K1 phones.

The Hong Kong Protests have delayed shipping from there but Harald Seiz, Josip Heit and the company  has a solution and the K1 phones will be getting to Germany by another route. When they come into Germany they need to be cleared by customs and then packaged and sent from Headquarters.

Its the first time the company has done this so there were always going to be unforeseen circumstances...just like any business.

Here's the really bad news if you think K1 phones' delivery will change everything. Even if all the K1 phones were delivered tomorrow, some affiliates will just find something else to wait for.

It's procrastination and the curse of sales people. I have been in direct sales for twenty years and salespeople will look for and find every reason to "definitely start when x happens"

Check the sequence below, sound familiar?

2015.. When cashgold is delivered I will...
2016.. When Karatpay goes live I will..
2017 .. When the KBC ICO happens I will..
2018... When Karatbit goes live I will...
2019... When the K1's get delivered I will...
2020.. When the company goes public I will...
2040.. When Britain leaves Europe I will... lol

Get my point?
So if anyone tells you they are waiting for "X" to happen don't get annoyed it's just human nature.

If you want to be really successful you should

"Sell what you have to sell today. You do what you can do today, affect what you can affect today, talk to as many new people as you can today and tomorrow will look after itself. Thinking about the past is depression, thinking about the future is anxiety but thinking about today is a gift and why they call it the present"

In other words the phones are in transit and neither you nor me nor Harald Seiz can speed the delivery up.

Just keep making sure three people per day watch your video or you are organising your first live presentation.

New WHIM Laptop Advert 

We got a fantastic new WHIM advert to promote this week!  The theme is about someone who gets targeted by some criminals who try to steal his data but they can't as it's a WHIM..

Check it out - HERE

Please Like and share it.

Wonderful Times - New Videos - New Focus

Thank you for all your great feedback on the new www.karatleverage.info video. Lots of you have having great success with it which makes me very happy.

Karatbars have listened to leaders in the company and are taking the burden of support and teaching away from us at long last.

Karatbars have some of the best sales trainers I have seen but they have been spending too much time on support and communication.

Headquarters are now supplying 24/6 telephone support (Mondays - Saturdays), lots of updates and great training videos on products.
This gives us the space to start to show people what is possible with Karatbars.

Just by repetitively sharing our video with enough new people consistently over twelve months will give you the springboard to achieve success like it has done for me.

Yes there were obstacles in the way which everyone faces and these are the things we can help people with.

Let Me Help You 

So if there is a team building topic that interests you, please let me know.

If you are having problems with your referrals account, their KYC and getting them approved, please let me know. (If you haven't done so already, you should send me the email addresses of everyone in your downline so i can add them to recieve the newsletters). this will take a lot of burden off your shoulders. So you can concentrate on referring and talking to more people.

Maybe you want to know how to do live meetings, how to plan your day, how to handle certain objections you are getting etc...talk to me about it and we will work out a plan to suit your specific needs.

Let's build your team to 1,000 or 10,000 in the next twelve months.

Send your questions to ola.awoliyi@karatleverage.com and make sure you are subscribed to my youtube channel at www.karatleverage.net or you might miss out on some important video updates.

If you want any more technical videos done please ask sales@karatbars.com or support@karatbit.com as they have now started to do them which is great. If they get enough requests they can make whatever you need.

All in all I am really looking forward to the next twelve months with Karatbars and helping create many new successful affiliates in our team.


Stay plugged into all the official channels for the latest news and updates. And make sure to favourite this newsletter email so you don't miss subsequent editions

***If you don't have a Karatbars account yet, create one HERE and I can get you started properly. You might have noticed that to be successful is not only getting the right opportunity but being in the right team. Joining karatbars is a great idea yet, joining as part of THIS team is an even better one.

There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.
Keep a close eye on your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates if you are on this team.
Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

***Please include your names, and username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to***


Ola Awoliyi

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