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As always, let me welcome all the new affiliates and subscribers this week. Please see www.karatleverage.info for your fast start guide. (Can all existing affiliates please watch it too to keep refreshed).

This update is just a quick review of what happened in Amsterdam.

Many of you have been asking for an update so here goes everything we know so far. Myself and others have put in some questions to corporate which should be answered in the next few days.

HeadQuarters have asked us to tell you all to keep checking latest news and the downloads section for information. They will answer our questions and get them uploaded as quickly as possible.

Missed Amsterdam? Couldn't Make it?

You can watch the video of the event here - https://youtu.be/eJ53amX5RLE   Please watch all of it. If you couldn't make it that's a video of the actual event.

First of all it was a wonderful event with great good, entertainment and loads of new information for us to digest.

Karatbars has suddenly gone from an online business to a company which can reach every high street and person on earth. I will summarise the updates as follows.

1. The ecosystem/company will be listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange from December this year. The name of the listed company will be revealed then.

2. Karatbars has purchased another mine in Brazil. Unlike the others this one is fully operational already with 2000 tons of gold to be mined.

3. The company now has a full banking licence and can offer Karatbars affiliates our OWN bank accounts and bank cards from December. We will have physical banks that people can walk into. Everyone we offer a bank account to will generate commissions for us 24/7 as they use their accounts. This will be a huge easy way to make a lot of passive commissions.

4. There is going to be a huge event in Sao Paulo Brazil in December to launch all this so keep your diary free on the 15th December.

5. We have been doing lots of sales of KCB and so Harald Seiz and the company has decided to let KCB run until 15th December. This will also give the company a chance to grow the KBC price higher. Personally I think it is a great idea and gives us all a chance to get more coins at a lower price and gives us a chance to sell more KCB. KCB has been a huge seller for us and I’m glad we have it for another twelve weeks. We can then replace the KCB offer with new offers linked to the bank and the stock exchange listing.

6. I don’t know how that affects the nodes in terms of when they start but we have asked for clarity.

7. The Karatnet blockchain is live and running. This is an extremely fast blockchain and is open source so developers can build on it. I don’t think everyone understands how big this could be. Every developer who uses it will have to use KBC in the same way we use gas for Ethereum.

8. Karatbars have launched the first VOBP laptop. It is a completely secure laptop which is unhackable . This will be a must have product especially for business people. The video on it can be seen here – With the K1 phone this gives us a great product to sell to everyone and for Karatbars to become a household name.

9. As the company grows the incentives can too. In the next one we can win a Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini. These are super cars to keep! And all for just telling people about your coins and products. Details on the new incentive are in the back office under downloads. . I really want to see our team driving off with those cars and we can make it happen.

10. Delivery of products – I have seen some negative chatter on social media about the fact that the phones//CEM's are a couple of weeks late or that the merge isn’t happening exactly on time.

Here is the facts as I see them. Karatbars has been running since 2011 and everything Harald Seiz has developed and announced has been released. Maybe not on the day and hour planned but that’s just business and developing new projects.

Harald Seiz and the company developed classic gold and delivered it, created cashgold and delivered it, created Karatpay and delivered it, Mastercards for us, created an ICO and delivered it even though it was sabotaged, delivered Karatbit, The Gold Vault system and now Karatnet. He has opened companies around the world and offices to protect the infrastructure, he has delivered events for us all around the world , he has got us listed on Forbes magazine and major publications. He has brought in a billionaire investor, gold mines and a banking licence. Best of all and most important.. He has delivered every single gram of gold ever ordered in 100+ countries and paid everyone their commissions every Friday without fail for the past eight years. He has paid me every incentive prize I have ever won and looked after me and my business.

If anyone says that Karatbars has not delivered they really need to wind their necks in and just look at what has been achieved already. These are all new innovations and if I get my phone in September or October, or we go on the stock exchange in December or February It's all consequential. What I care about is the fact that Harald Seiz is planning for the future and growth of the company and developing new products for us to sell and new opportunities.

What I know from the past eight years is that he always delivers everything he said he would. That's just a stone cold fact.

11. K-merchant is up and running and will be a huge core product in our ecosystem. We are just waiting on some info from corporate and we will do a full overview on it. We can make huge incomes with this as you will see.

12. The Hardfork/merge – The fork/merge of coins will happen at the time and in a way that is best for us and worst for the hackers and people with stolen coins. If we give them all the details of how and when they will simply take advantage of the information. If you or I do not have information on something please don’t look on that in a negative way. I know that information is only withheld for operational or security reasons. Again I just know it will happen at the best possible time.

Again... I will say that if people are not happy with moving dates and fluid plans they should not be involved in such an innovative business. It would be better for them to join a company which sells a fixed and established product line. Personally that would bore me to tears.

To summarise the event I am so excited about everything we heard and saw. Karatbars is really going mainstream and we are going to have so many products to offer and so may ways to make a passive income.

Our goal is to help as many people in our team achieve time freedom and so much passive income that you never even check your bank account. I want you to use your debit card and never have to think about how much is on it. We know its possible because we have done it.

As soon as I get settled I will be on full promotion mode for the the next twelve weeks on our new laptop. This is a revolutionary product which the world is crying out for!
No more phishing, no more hacking, complete security for everyone on earth and we are the first company to create the solution! Add to that a fully regulated physical bank which will be a dream for every owner of crypto on the planet and we will be unstoppable as a company.

My advice is order your Laptop asap and lets tell the world about our ecosystem.

Myself And Brian In Amsterdam

CEM's are on the way....

The CEM's are on their way and that's supposedly another thing that "isn't happening!".

My advice is to stay away from social media.. Its a pit of negativity and keyboard warriors who hide behind fake profiles.

New IncentivePlease go to the downloads section and get your head around the new incentive. It will be our focus for the next twelve weeks.

Four people are going to get the keys to a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Aston Martin.. It is my hope that it is four people in our group and I will do everything I can to make that happen.

Someone will win them, it might as well be us. 🙂

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