Karatbars Latest News – Epoints And GoldMiner Activated

Important Update 
*Gentle reminder - This is a private newsletter between me and my team.  Its not to be forwarded to anyone or republished anywhere.

I wasn't supposed to be in the office today but there have been some developments that can't wait and I made a promise to always get you news out quickly.

Head office are working hard behind the scenes to deliver on past and future promises.

There is some big news coming soon on all that so stay tuned! I don't know what it is, no one does, we are just waiting for it to be announced.

Last year Karatbars told us everything too soon, now they are waiting until it is all finished... Hence the apparent silence.. The silence is on purpose.

I actually prefer it this way anyway. To under-promise and then over-deliver is always the better option.

Some of that work has started so let me tell you about it now...

London Event Next Week

Karatbars Management are travelling around the world to speak to everyone in person. Last week Markus, (Europe and Africa Sales Manager),  was in South Africa. Jurgen, (Head Of Global Sales),  is currently meeting the South American team in Columbia!
Next month they travel to The USA!

On the 29th Of February Markus will be in London so if you want to get to that event, ask him questions, hear about the future and meet other company leaders this is your chance.
I can't go but I highly recommend you go if you can.

Here is the link to get your tickets and find out more. - LONDON TICKETS 

Epoints are live 

Epoints are now programmed and showing so, on that basis and true to our word, I am now happy to offer the multipackages to my team.

Multipackages are a great way for someone to "pay in" for a K1Impulse phone or a WHIM laptop or simply save up for some of the new products which are coming. In the USA this is known as a "Layaway plan".

If you know someone who wants to buy a K1 or WHIM but doesn't have all the money right now the epoints you get in the multipackage can be saved towards a K1 or WHIM.

Yes you pay a little bit more but that's how these things work.

The important thing is that when you buy or sell a multipackage you get what you paid for immediately. You can now track your own epoints and those of your downline in your back office. (See below)

K1's and WHIMs are just the start of the possibilities for epoints. Head office have confirmed there will be many possibilities including exchanging them for cryptocurrencies and other products from other companies.

As soon as those features and deals are done I'll let you know.

Start accumulating Epoints now by:

1. - Getting yourself a multipackage or as many multi packages as you like. I am going to buy one every week as I am looking at it as savings. I know my purchases will help my upline and create volume in the system so that helps everyone too.

2. Promoting the multi packages to your teams. They are now 100% ready to promote and are a great way to get units, cash, epoints and gold. Everything that needs to flow for the ecosystem to work.

The Goldminer 

This feature has now also been programmed and you can activate it in Karatbit.
For a weekly stake of 75 KBC you activate the "GoldMiner“ and receive CashGold up to seventh level.

What is the "GoldMiner“?

As you know, the new Multi Packages have a CashGold payout depending on your status up to the seventh level.

We now offer every affiliate the opportunity to participate in this CashGold payout with only 75 KBC stake per week as follows.

You activate on Karatbit the participation in the "GoldMine“.  See image below
This will result in 75 KBCs being automatically withdrawn from your wallet available on Karatbit each week. This debit can be cancelled on a weekly basis.

During the time of your active "GoldMine“ you will receive CashGold as follows:

For every Multi Package 3 sold up to 7 levels you will receive 0.1g CashGold.
For each Multi Package 4 sold up to 7 levels you will receive 0.1g CashGold.
For every Multi Package 5 sold up to 7 levels you will receive 0.1g CashGold.
For every Multi Package 6 sold up to 7 levels you will receive 0.2g CashGold.
For every Multi Package 7 sold up to 7 levels you will receive 0.3g CashGold.

The levels are compressed.
The received CashGold will be automatically credited to your KaratPay account.

This means that every Affiliate participates in the Multi Packages up to the 7th level without purchasing one themselves. Only by using their KBCs.

This KBC exchange is not an add-on, but offers partners who do not wish to purchase Multi Packages the opportunity to participate in your downline's CashGold.


If you want to take part in earning cashgold from your downline but don't want to buy a multipackage this is your option. This opens it up to everyone.

In reality exchanging 75 KBC like this could earn you many grams of gold. This also means more usage for KBC so can only be a good thing long term.

Sales Training 

For the next part of training I have another book for you.

If you don't like books, too bad. Then  it's just a matter of deciding which is more important. whether it's books or being in your current situation !

I hated reading myself but I got over it. (with audio books).  Every single successful person I have ever studied reads.. It's not coincidence.

This one I read five years ago and is called The Richest Man In Babylon! It is very short but the message is very powerful and thousands of years old. It put an end to my 36 years of being broke and changed my Karatbars business.

I have also managed to source a free copy of it for you.

Download a free copy of the book HERE
If, like me, you are not a reader you can get it free on Audible HERE
The information in it is essential if you want to succeed in Karatbars or any other business.


Remember To Get Your Gold

Gold has broken through the $1600 per ounce barrier!
It is more essential now, more than ever, save in gold. And Karatbars offers the cheapest gold by the gram. Just take a look at the prices of our cashgold under product purchase in your dashboard.
You can save in gold from as little quantity as 0.1g.


Supernodes and Full nodes paid out during the week as promised and the price dropped as predicted.  It didn't help that Bitcoin dropped hard yesterday either bring all coins down with it. I think BTC will continue to rise with the halving coming up so that will help KBC.

Supernode payouts just means it is a great time to get your hands on cheaper KBC. I did.

Just buy some Bitcoin, if you don't know how see -  https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com/  or coinbase . Send it to Karatbit or another exchange and exchange it for KBC on the BTC/KBC market.

We are just in a funny transition stage where KBC isn't being used yet and demand is low, but that will soon change.

Around 1000 K1Impulse's are being delivered everyday and once the Blockchain charge is turned on they will all need KBC to run. Same with the WHIM's.

K1 IMpulse Features

Just for info the K1's are having more features added every day. This week Spotify and Netflix have been added.

I don't think people realise that The K1 is also open source which means that over time developers can create their own native apps.

Apple started off with a few apps and over time there are now thousands, same with Android. It will take time but more apps mean more KBC usage and ultimately a better price of KBC.

I bought more KBC and more gold this week. As you will learn from the richest man in Babylon the secret is to pay yourself first.

That's all for today....Carnival and school holidays here for the next couple of days so I'm going to have some fun with the family. You can't buy memories!

Have a great week.

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Ola Awoliyi

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