#Karatbars Latest News March 2020

Harald Seiz Makes A Statement
Just to let you know that #karatbars CEO Harald Seiz created and published a video yesterday which gives lots of positive news on what has been happening inside Karatbars.

In this video Harald Seiz talks about the difficulties the company has had over the past year and the plans in place on taking the company forward.

He covers:

  • A new Karatbars crypto wallet with debit card attached
  • A new Karatbars trading platform which is going to be released
  • How gold will be used in the the Karatpay system
  • 20,000 K1 phones delivered and 20,000 more on the way
  • The upcoming use for BUNV in Karatbit
  • Delivery of the WHIM blockchain laptop
  • CEM's being loaded with Cashgold
  • The upcoming rise in the value of KBC

As well as other topics such as global debt and the need for gold as currency again. It's not all our questions but it's a move in the right direction.

The main message we take from it is that there is a huge amount of usage coming for KBC which will really grow the coins value. When that happens a lot of problems will be solved.
It looks as through the future will be bright for Karatbars in the months ahead. I am looking forward to bringing you news on each of these features when they go live and have been tested.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video now.

His English isn't perfect but good enough for someone who didn't speak any English six years ago so he is doing well. I think it was important that this message came directly from him and not anyone else so we are glad he did it.
Watch it now by clicking    https://youtu.be/ZBYaO8qxqMI  and, if you can, leave a positive comment underneath, and share.

We need to create as much positivity as we can right now and every positive comment on social media helps.

A New Karatbars Trading Software

From the 15th Of May, we will be provided with a fully automated Karatbars trading software with several robots and connected to several crypto exchanges. This will enable us to trade with our crypto currencies directly, making profit in the process, and the KBC will also be accepted as a fee which will contribute to the value of the KBC going up.

According to Harald Seiz, These will be offered as new packages. More information will be provided before it is activated.

Information About KBC 

What I can tell you for sure already is that the possibility to move Univals/Cashgold from Karatbit to Karatpay and vice versa is working!!

That's a very important part of the ecosystem up and running.

This will allow a lot of people the opportunity to buy KBC using univals/cashgold and will therefore push up the KBC price.

Also the KBC will soon be on our own blockchain. A part of all transaction fees will be deposited in gold. this is the base of our project and with more gold will come more market confidence and increase demand for KBC.
The K1 impulse will become functional and will also increase demand for KBC as this is powered also by KBC.
With the new debit card connection which will include the crypto wallets and the fiat wallets will also see transaction fees in KBC, also giving value to the KBC.

A New Karatbars Crypto Wallet With Debit Card Attached

Harald Seiz, in his video (link above) also gave information on the possibility to buy KBC and other coins with a credit or debit card without going on an exchange may soon be possible. By the end of March according to Harald Seiz

This will mean that the Karatbars community and people outside the community will soon be able to buy KBC without jumping through hoops, registering on exchanges, buying Bitcoin, learning about market and limit orders etc.

This will have a very positive effect on KBC price and that is what we all want. If you own KBC you are going to be very happy with what you see!

I will bring you more on that the moment  it is up and running and working correctly!  I will test it myself and if I am happy I will give you the details.


From the first week of June, The karatpay system may be implemented based on the blockchain, we would have taken a big step in completing our ecosystem.
Karatpay is gold and will be available worldwide with the confidence of the storage of a large bank and auditors and verified every month. This storage will be independent of Karatbars. Bringing transparency to the world about our payment system which will 100% based in gold.


Harald Seiz explained that over 20000 K1 IMpulse phones have already been delivered worldwide and that the next batch of over 20,000 is expected to go out for delivery over the coming weeks and months.
He also stated that the WHIM Laptops delivery is also in the works. Hopefully this will start to arrive sooner than we think. Good times if you are waiting on any of these. A good time to order yours if you haven't already.

On the CEM's: Harald confirmed delivery of the first batch of CEM are already in the market and the cashgold will conitnually be refilled as promised to fulfill the gold exchange.


Mention was also made of the BUNV( bonus univals) within Karatbit. Harald said there will be two options to use your BUNV:
1. When Karatpay goes to the blockchain from the beginning of june, we will be able to change the BUNV with an exchange rate that will be announced before the project is complete.
2. The second option will be found in Karatbit within the next week.

Every Crisis Is An Opportunity

Its very convenient that this Corona virus came around at just the same time as the global economy was about to implode! And just after a period of time when banks have been stockpiling gold like never before!

News reports today are telling us not to use paper money as it spreads Covid19 ??


Oh really?... and debit cards and pin readers don't?
Nice little angle for the war on cash right there! You couldn't make this up!


Just remember that fear is a result of ignorance and by keeping people stupid, governments can keep people in a fearful state. (And control them)

Keeping yourself educated on what's going on is the key to peace and freedom.

Here is what I am sure is going to happen over the next year so look at it as an opportunity

1. Gold is going to go up in value so buy as much as you can!
2. Bitcoin will increase in value as will KBC so buy as much as you can!
3. People are going to be indoors, scared to go out and will be looking for ways to make money online so make sure they find you when they are looking!

For those three reasons I think 2020 is going to be a perfect year for selling gold, cryptocurrency and promoting the value of having an online business.

Its all about how you look at things!

25,000 people die of hunger EVERY DAY and that's not a crisis? Just think about who this crisis harms and who it suits and then look for the opportunities for your own economy - The economy of your own home.

I've been "self isolating"for the past seven years and making money while I do it! How well placed are we to show people stuck at home a great way to spend their time.

I hope that helps. I am extremely positive about the next twelve months and I know it is going to be a very successful year for many of us.

Keep reading my newsletters, subscribe to the media social pages at the bottom of this newsletter and I'll show you how you can take part in the upcoming opportunities too.

Have a wonderful weekend...


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