#Karatbars New Year – Back To The Basics

Welcome to my first newsletter of 2020. I hope this will be the very first of many as I am hoping this year will be the turning point for everyone in my organisation and the karatbars family as a whole...the year many will realise their objectives and goals with Karatbars. I hope to help by continuing to write these newsletters to inform, guide and help.


This update doesn't affect 95% of people in my team so well done if you are one of those.

I am being tortured by people, mostly not in my team, who didn't link their accounts and were not prepared for the hardfork. They had plenty of time since September to do it and be ready...but apparently had more important things.

I take my Christmas and New Year holidays seriously,  like everybody else. I have family too, like everybody else. So I wonder why people write me emails on the 25th and the 1st, insinuating my obligation to attend to their questions. It's not new to me but it's time people understand that even though we try to go out of our skin to help, we are humans too, like everybody else. Besides, from now, any email I recieve without a name and kartbars username will be not be attended to.

Karatbars (the comapny) has always taken 23rd of December to the start of January off since 2011. I knew this, Affiliates know this. And the company knew this which is why everyone was informed by me and Karatbars to link their karatbars and Karatbit accounts, set up 2fa and be ready before the 15th December.

All that said it seems thousands of people didn't listen and are now clueless as to what's happening. They have been locked out of Karatbit etc. Now Head office, me and all leaders are being overwhelmed with "what do I do" messages.

Harald Seiz has seen this and has decided to give an extension on swapping KCB's until the 13th. It also includes further instructions. (See below). That is plenty of time for these late people to get themselves sorted.

If you haven't been reading my newsletters and haven't been reading the latest news on your karatbars dashboard, you can find my newsletters on my blog at www.karatforum.com and you can find the latest news is on the Karatbars website. Please go back and read them.

For 2fa issues please contact head office or Karatbit on support@karatbit.com

From This Year Onwards

I will be helping the 95% on my team build their businesses and move forward. All Karatbars ask is that affiliates log in every few days and read latest news and all I ask is that my team read my Newsletter. If you are on my team you should be having them delivered to your inbox. If you haven't, then check your spam folders or add my email address ola.awoliyi@karatleverage.com to your contact and favourite list. That solves the problem. If you just decide to join karatbars and are in my team, you will be added to recieve the newsletter automatically. If you are not on my team, please bookmark my blog at https://karatleverage.com/blog . All my newsletters gets published there.

It is the inaction of a few who cause hassle for the many. People who do have genuine issues are being lost in the flood of lazy support tickets. If you do have a genuine and  outstanding issue I will be glad to help you. As I said above this update doesn't affect 95% of my group, because they take action, and listen to instructions....on time!! So thank you for being such a wonderfult team and for making my newsletter, although voluntary, feel so important.  Together Let us have a wonderful 2020.

Happy New Year, it's going to be an exciting one! Bitcoin and Crypto is rising, gold is rising and it's only a few days into January! Buy as much gold and kbc as you can!

Dear affiliates and partners,

The KCB exchange is extended until 23.59 CET on 13 January 2020. The Hardfork (SWAP) is not affected by this and is running as planned.

This decision will help to ensure that all Affiliates have sufficient time to exchange existing KCBs either into KBCs or into the vouchers of the upcoming GSB IPO. The components of the GSB IPO are explained in detail at the end.

KCBs still in Karatbars accounts will be sent to Karatbit, provided the Karatbars account is linked to Karatbit. If this is not the case, a timely transfer cannot be guaranteed.

To ensure the correct exchange for all, the following steps must be taken:

1. Your Karatbars account must be linked to your Karatbit account
2. In the Karatbit Dashboard, select the number of KCB you wish to exchange for KBC. The exchange ratio is 1 : 2.54. For one KCB you will receive 2.54 KBC.
3. KCBs that are not exchanged are automatically assigned to the future GSB IPO. This means that these KCBs will be exchanged into vouchers of the GSB IPO. Here the KCB keeps its nominal value of 0.14 Euro.

Unfortunately not all Karatbars accounts are linked to Karatbit. This is partly because some affiliates have forgotten their 2FA recovery key. But also because the confirmation email for Karatbit for example was not read and clicked. Or it has been SPAMmed and has been ignored.

ATTENTION: Please note that you can have two accounts with Karatbars - one private and one business. You cannot link one Karatbit account to both Karatbars accounts. You must have and link a separate Karatbit account for each Karatbars account.


GSB acts as the holding company, which consists of the following companies: Karatbars International and CryptoData

The following values will be integrated into the holding company for the IPO. Assets of the
- Gold mining licence in Madagascar
- Karatbit
- KBC Coin
- E-Money Bank
- Karatpay
- Impulse K1 Phone
- WHIM Laptop
- K-merchant
- Gold Cards
- CashGold

KCBs can be exchanged for the vouchers of the future IPO of this company. If you choose this option, you will participate in the future IPO of GSB, for the nominal value of the KCB Coins within the next 18 months.

KCBs exchanged in this offer for vouchers of the future GSB Holding are not tradable for the next 18 months.

Within the next 18 months at least 50% of the vouchers will be exchanged for the future shares. After 24 months the remaining 50%.

This offer is not a public offer and it is only valid for our partners and affiliates!
Trading with the vouchers is strictly prohibited, as well as the promotion of the IPO!

Everyone who has chosen this option will receive a voucher on his name and only this person can participate on the future IPO.

The KCB has and keeps here a value of 0,14 € for the exchange into the vouchers.

Between 13th January and 20th January 2020 the business plan of the GSB for the next 24 months will be announced. Also the plan for the first issue and the first consolidation of the holding for the IPO.

Your Karatbars Team 


For the benefit of new readers, those who are thinking about joining karatbars, new affiliates (and old ones who seem to have forgotten and are carried away by the lure of Cryptos and making a quick buck), I will go back to the basics and origins of Karatbars as a company and the principal mission of the company.

Karatbars was founded in 2011 by Harald Seiz with a principal mission - Bringing gold back to the masses. the company did this by offering gold by the gram in affordable gram sizes: 1gram, 2.5 grams and 5 grams. Then all we need to do was save in gold in quantities we could afford, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. We still do this even now. Just that the noise behind our coins, K1impulse phones and Whim laptops has drowned what was , and is still the principal mission of our company.....saving in gold.

The first compensation plan was built around our gold savings plan. Where compensation was earned by saving in gold and helping others do the same.

I bet most new affiliates and people hearing about karatbars today don't even know this.

What Has Changed?

Like every company that looks into the future and wants to be the best in its industry, Karatbars has evolved with time. Yet the evolution remains in line with our company mission - help the masses save in gold.

1. We launched our own cryptocurrency coin #KBC - based in gold
2. We started using our #CASHGOLD as a form of payment - based in gold
3. We launched our own payment system, #KARATPAY - for payments with our cashgold
4. We pioneered the world's first VOBP smartphone, #K1IMPULSE - powered by our KBC coin - based in gold
5. We launched our very own cryptocurrency exchange, #KARATBIT - powered by our KBC coin - based in gold
6. We pioneered the world's first VOBP Laptop, #WHIM -  powered by our KBC coin - based in gold
7. We launched our own blockchain, #KARATNET - powered by our KBC coin - based in gold
8. In short, we have created our own financial #ecosystem, all based in gold.

All these in just over 8 years. And there's still more to come.

So i can understand why new affiliates and outsiders lose track when they hear about Karatbars. This is exactly why i will outline the basics of Karatbars and our entire ecosystem and the "need to dos" below in 10 simple steps.

1. Create or login into your karatbars account. - if you are thinking of joining karatbars and take advantage of our gold savings plan, our business opportunities(and there are loads of them), our KBC's or be part of our ecosystem, all you need to do is register for an account HERE or visit www.karatleverage.co

2. Get KYC certified. - Once you register for your account, you have to be verified by uploading your documents so the company knows who you are. You can do this by logging into  your account and going to the profile section and click on KYC.

3. Set up your auto save in gold - This can be set to either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. On your account dashboard, go to product purchase and click on automatic gold purchase, choose the option that suits you and set it up. You do not have to worry afterwards as this will automatically make your gold purchases for you.

4. Buy some Cashgold - You can get some cashgold so that you can be able to use gold as a form of payment. You can send gold to friends and family, use it to make purchases or just save in gold.

5. Set up your Karatpay - this is our gold payment system that enables payment and purchases using our cashgold. On your karatbars dashboard, you will find the link to setup your karatpay in 3 simple steps.

6. Register on our exchange KARATBIT - once you have set up your karatbars account and your karatpay, you should go to our exchange, www.karatbit.com and create an account. This is a simple process but a delicate one. As you  have to set up 2FA authentication to protect your account. Follow the instructions as you create your account and you shouldn't have any problems. Once you create your karatbit account, you should link it to your karatbars account. if you have any problems doing this, and you have registered as part of my team, then I will be glad to help you step by step.

7. Buy some KBC coins - Once you have created your karatbit account, you can go ahead to buy our KBC coins on the exchange. This is a necessary step as this coin powers oue entire ecosystem including the K1impulse phones, our whim laptops and our blockchain KARATNET.

8. Get your K1IMpulse phone - by getting one of these, you carry the entire ecosystem with you. Your gold, your coins, your business and most importantly, your privacy. You can order this from your karatbars account. And you power this with your KBC coins.

9. Get your WHIM Laptop - by getting one of these  - by getting one of these, you carry the entire ecosystem with you. Your gold, your coins, your business and most importantly, your privacy. You can order this from your karatbars account. And you power this with your KBC coins.

10. Share with everyone else and help them do the same. And doing this over time, you will see your karatbars business, and your savings grow exponentially giving you passive income in the process. But most importantly, it gives you time freedom.

So much for the first newsletter of the year. A tad bit long I know but what do you expect? A three line line newsletter that will work miracles in explaining financial freedom and success with Karatbars? For that you need to look for get rich quick Gurus.

At karatbars, it is about your savings, your gold, your business, following the system and putting a lot of work into it.

So get started today...because today is the best time to start. Not yesterday, Not tomorrow. But NOW.

Have a wonderful new year. And if you follow these 10 steps above, you will have A GOLDEN YEAR

Stay plugged into all the official channels for the latest news and updates. And make sure to favourite this newsletter email so you don't miss subsequent editions or read our blog at www.karatforum.com

***If you don't have a Karatbars account yet, create one HERE and I can get you started properly. You might have noticed that to be successful is not only getting the right opportunity but being in the right team. Joining karatbars is a great idea yet, joining as part of THIS team is an even better one.

There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.
Keep a close eye on your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates if you are on this team.
Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

***Please include your names, and username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to***


Ola Awoliyi

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