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Dear customers and business partners, There is a lot to do! 

We have recorded a new video including a full new presentation which you can watch on  Youtube at https://youtu.be/K_PgSpSihqk  

If you do nothing else this week make sure to watch the video in full as it contains new information on the ICO tokens, earnings examples and inside information about Harald Seiz (karatbars CEO) and his growing list of achievements, some of which includes:

  • Voted one of the top entrepreneurs in Germany 2018 
  • Senator of the BWA (invite only, German Overseas Trade Association) 
  • Speaking at the Peace, Justice and Security gala at The Hague
  • Speaking at the World Energy Forum in New York 
  • Speaking at The Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • On the red carpet at Cannes. 
  • Published author. 

People really need to understand the calibre of the man who owns, leads and runs our company!!

Please keep an eye on/subscribe to my Youtube channel as I will be uploading more recorded  videos in the coming days. -www.karatleverage.net 


Important Information 

1. If anyone has paid for The ICO by bank wire and is waiting for an invoice/confirmation please be patient. The accounts team are working through literally thousands of bank wires sent since last week. The response was unreal! Over €250,000 in sales from our group alone! 

Every cent will be accounted for and all invoices will be sent in the next week or so. 

2. Please ensure that you have set up your Karatpay account, buy some cashgold and get some free tokens. You need to see first hand how this works. If you need help with it let me know. 

3. We will be making lots of new video tutorials over the coming weeks so if you have any ideas for one you would like made please send me over your suggestions. 

4. Complete the five steps in your dashboard as soon as possible. No one needs to be an expert on gold or Karatbars, if everyone completes the five steps everyone will be successful. It's that simple. 

5. Download this audio book (free on a 30 day trial with audible). It is the most important thing you will do this year. It changed my life from the moment I listened to it and I live by what I learned in it. - HERE

Lets get to 100,000!

Our team has never grown so fast as it has in the past week! People are talking about Karatbars. The ICO has got people looking at Karatbars who would otherwise never have known about it. 

Stock markets are shaky, Bitcoin is tumbling, Gold is on the rise as it always is and always will be. 

Gold has increased by 10% on average every year since 1971!

All we have to do is tell the world. We have the best quality gold and we have made it affordable to the masses. 

Everything is in place to make this the biggest year ever for Karatbars and for you.

Watch the new presentation, login below, complete your five steps and lets get you to Gold Director with a passive weekly residual income in 2018. 


Ola Awoliyi


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