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How To Get Free ICO Tokens
I wasn't supposed to be writing again today but I am getting dozens of requests for this information...So here it is..

*This update is for my group. If you are reading this and you are not in my group please see your own upline for your team advice. 

Today is the last day of the 40% bonus on the Pre-ICO and over $5 Million dollars of tokens have already been sold! 

It doesn't matter if you are in the USA/Canada or a country that doesn't allows ICO's you can still register for an affiliate account and earn the tokens for free.

You can advertise your link worldwide!

You can change these free tokens for coins when the ICO is over.

Very Important 

*Only follow these steps if you were sponsored into Karatbars by me (Ola Awoliyi). Otherwise you need to email ola.awoliyi@karatleverage.com and I will find your upline sponsors link.

Please note that Karatbank has nothing to do with Kartbars or the line of sponsorship there. I am just trying to be fair and try to keep the existing lines of sponsorship.

Step 1 - Register on the affiliate website HERE

Step 2 - Register on the Karatbank ICO website HERE

Step 3 - Login to both websites and have a look through the tabs.

If you login to the affiliate website and go to products you can find your affiliate links to send people directly to the ICO page. ( See 1. below)
At the bottom of the page is a link to send to anyone who may also want to be an affiliate. (See 2 below)

Where To Promote Your Affiliate Link 

There are only 43 days left of the ICO so my advice is to promote it everywhere. The interest on social media now is huge so use all platforms.

I put my link on my Facebook today and had 119 clicks and 15 registrations!

Two Website Registrations! 

Just remember to tell people to register on the affiliate page first and then go to the Karatbank.io website and register again. They have to be separate. Then log in to both websites. Leads won't show up until the person logs in.

Other Points to Note

  • You can track statistics and sign ups now in the affiliate back office.
  • Sales will be showing in the next seven days.
  • The Karatbank support team are undergoing training so that part of the business will soon be functioning.
  • The option to pay with cashgold will be added in the next two weeks.
  • There is a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes.
  • I have some amazing news to share with you on Thursday which is going to take sales even higher!

Once In a Lifetime Opportunity

We working to get K-Exchange ready as you know and that is still ongoing but do not ignore this huge opportunity to get thousands of free Tokens..  Over $5 million dollars raised already on this ICO.. It shows you where this is going!

My Tip For The Week

Above is the beautiful new 6g cashgold, we also now have 1g and 3g cashgold. All of which can be turned back into cash at just 7% less than today's buying rate!

Crypto people are using Bitcoin to buy Cashgold knowing they can get fiat currency or goods for it later!

My advice is to order as much cashgold as you can as soon as you can! Over the next few weeks you will be glad you did.


The KaratPay App for Android is now launched on the playstore. The Apple app is coming soon. Stay tuned.
it's about to get real!!

You can download it on your android mobile devices now. Log in using your karatpay login details. If you can't get in, it's probably because you haven't configured karatpay in your back office or you don't have a karatbars account.

Karatbars just keep getting better. If you are still on the outside, there's no better time to register for your karatbars account than NOW! Get your free account HERE


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