A Major Week Of Events 
I can safely say this has been the busiest week ever. I know many people have been going online looking for answers but please wait for my updates for accurate information. 

Things have been changing quite quickly but in my experience it is better to wait until things settle before getting started. 

I will give you the main updates here and what action you need to take. 

The Karatbank ICO Website Is Live. 

Karatbank Affiliate Link Is Live Too!

Share your referral link and earn KaratBank Coin on 5 levels (7%, 5%, 3%, 2% and 1%)

If you are sponsored by ME, (getleverage),  then you need to click my affiliate link in order to get your own Karatbank Affiliate link. 

Click - HERE

If you were NOT sponsored by me please get back to your sponsor and tell them to set up their own affiliate link and get back to you with it. 

If your sponsor does not have a link, please ask them to contact me at 

If for any reason you cannot get in touch with your sponsor or they are not active in Karatbars/Karatbank please send an email to me at and I will find someone above you who has an active link. 

Why go to this trouble? 

This is NOT part of Karatbars but I want to try and keep the line of sponsorship the same as Karatbars within my Newsletter readers because I think it is the honest and right thing to do. 

Feel free to promote your Affiliate link worldwide anywhere where purchasing ICO's is permitted. 

ICO / Token Questions 

Please remember that all technical questions about Karatbank, The affiliate program and the Coins and exchanges must be directed to . I do not know or pretend to know much about whitepapers or ICO's. 

Ask me about how many free tokens you get when you buy karatbars packages or cashgold yes.. This is my area of expertise... Karatbars Gold and Cashgold and Gold.

Why Have I bought Tokens?

Many people have asked me this question so here is my answer. 

I was simply  offered some coins by Karatbank, my funds are going to help push the whole (Karatbars Gold / CashGold / KaratPay / Gold) to the masses project forward and I hope the money that I spent on the coins increases in value. (It's what I could afford to lose so I won't loose sleep either way) If it ends up worth millions I won't be able to sleep either! 

Do You Need To Earn Now? 

I'm an optimist but also a realist. And sincerely, with the ICO no one is going to earn anything until it finishes in a few months time. 

So if you have two or three months money in the bank and want to promote your link for the tokens and , then that's fine. 

I recommend promoting cashgold and packages as they are the best way to get tokens because you can also earn your normal WEEKLY commissions and UNILEVEL commissions too!

I will be spending my time on what I feel is the big opportunity for you..TODAY...and that is for you to earn today, tomorrow and next week. 

Our New Cashgold and K-Exchange. 

Cashgold Has been Improved And Streamlined

Since yesterday the 0.1g cashgold has been reduced in price and denominations right up to 6 grams have been introduced.

0.1g is less than €6 now! See the new 6g above. 

This means 10 x 0.1g equals 1g exactly and so on. This also means FINALLY .. That anyone who buys any amount of gold with Karatbars up to 6g has now got a set buy back price at K-Exchange which is today's retail price minus 7% 

Going forward it is going to be easy to help people save in gold because they are going to know exactly how much they can get for it in a local K-exchange.

**You need to realise that cashgold is a product with a value that happens to contain gold

If you have a Tesco/Wallmart gift card worth $50/ £50 you accept the fact it is worth that amount even though the plastic is worth nothing. 

Cashgold is like this except it HAS an intrinsic value too.

A Value That Increases! 

Unlike your Wallmart/Tesco plastic gift card, gold increases and has increased on average 10% per year since 1971. (See the facts below) 

With a -7% buy back rate a person only needs to be saving for less than a year to ensure they have not lost anything at exchange. 

Anyone who needs to turn their gold back into cash within twelve months should never have bought it in the first place! 

But even if somone does say.. "what if I need to turn it back into gold next week" You now have a clear response.

K-Exchanges Are Essential

In order for customers to want to save we now need at least one K-Exchange in every town. 

This will be the focus for the next twelve months. Helping you open at least one K-Exchange in your town. 

It costs the business nothing, It is easy to set up and they will be interested when they see the benefits. 

Three Important Points People Are Misunderstanding

1.  A K-Exchange is just an affiliate who has uploaded business details on the K-Exchange portal. A K-Exchange never buys or sells anything, it is the affiliate who does. 

You cannot sponsor a K-Exchange. You can only sponsor an affiliate who then attaches his/her business details to his account. 
He/she registers, earns, buys, refers in the same way a normal affiliate does. 

2. K-Exchanges will never sell cashgold back to Karatbars. They will sell it back to customers making 7% or more every time they do. 

They can also offer "gold back" which could be a great marketing tool to increase their own sales! They just need the customer to register for Karatpay and give him/her the wallet number or give the customers the physical cashgold they have received. 

3. K-Exchanges will make more money by simply giving away free Karatbars accounts than they ever will from exchanging cashgold. At least for the next few years. 

Exchanging cashgold is not the selling point you should be focused on. This will be made clear in our videos and training's over the coming weeks. 

How are we going to do it?

That's what we are working on right now and why you have not heard much from me. We are getting it all ready and working with the office to roll it out company wide. 

We are going to put together simple steps and a system anyone can use to register K-Exchanges. 

We have had a professional 90 second intro video made and will be giving you access to it next week. 

We are also working on a longer full presentation which you can show to interested business owners after the video. 

We are writing a training manual for anyone who wants to become a professional K-Exchange introducer. 

I think this could be an amazing thing to specialise in! Imagine having ten K-exchanges who are registering ten customers per day... Your group would be growing by 100 new customers per day!

What do you need to do now? 

This all depends on your budget and how seriously you want to take this. I can only give you my advice. 

Remember that becoming a K-exchange is 100% free, with free advertising on the K-exchange website. 

Buying pos (Point Of Sale) material, cashgold etc is all optional after that for the affiliate who owns the business. 

I find it hard to belive anyone will buy the 3k or 7k K-Exchange business Packages at this stage so lets park those for the moment. 

As a free K-Exchange you also get 500 ICO tokens and the shop owner gets 700!

Be Prepared

1. Buy as much physical cashgold as you can get your hands on so you can put it into the shopkeepers hand. Nothing is more effective. 

I already have the 0.1g up to 0.6 g and today I have placed orders for the new 1g, 3g and 6g. The sooner I have them the better. 

You can find them under "product purchase" - "cashgold" -  HERE

Remember you get 20 free tokens for every 0.1g you buy... right up to the 6gram cards! 

2. If you can stretch to it buy the K-Exchange shop package for €595 (Its under merchandising in your back office). It contains the SNDA reader which costs €500 alone, magnifying glass, window stickers and brochures. (See below). 

If the shop owner sees what he/she gets in one of these packs they are more likely to buy one and more likely they will register for free. 

It is not important he buys it right away, lets get them on free first of all and get them registering customers. 

3. Reach out to me and let me know you are interested in this side of the business. Send an email to 

We can develop a plan together.

Lets Build Your Business In 2018 

That's all for this week... 

Get your Karatbank link and start promoting it for sure but also make sure to get your cashgold orders in now and have it in your hand before training starts in the next few weeks. 

This is a super exciting time for us all. 

***If you are don't have a karatbars account, it's about the best time to get one. Register for one for free HERE . Get your package and be part of this great opportunity, to save in gold, to earn passive income and become financially independent.

Ola Awoliyi


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