Lets Talk About Gold…. $2000 Per Ounce Gold

Karatbars Live Webinar Tomorrow - Gold On The Move 
This a very brief update but some great news for you today....especially about gold!

Karatbars know communication has been bad and have promised us updates directly from corporate!

The next one is tomorrow night so don't miss it. There were thousands of people on the last one.

This one is tomorrow night 15th April at 8pm CET (Central European Time)... That is 7pm UK time... 2pm EST!

Here is the notice as it appears in the back office:

"Dear Karatbars family,

Please join the Corporate Call for latest updates on Wednesday, 15th April at 8pm CET.
Only in English. Other languages will follow soon.

Please click below URL to participate. https://zoom.us/j/691988575

Or join via phone:
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Hong Kong, China: +852 5808 6088 or +852 5803 3730 or +852 5803 3731
Webinar-ID: 691 988 575

Further phone numbers: https://zoom.us/u/acdttT8jUA

Best regards
Your Karatbars Family"

Be there and get the latest news as it happens. If you know people who might be interested in Karatbars give them the link so they can join too and see what it's all about.

Lets talk about Gold.... $1700 per ounce gold!! 

The following my not seem like it has much to do with Covid19 or our current problems..but it has EVERYTHING to do with both...And can be a lifeboat out of them... I hope this info can be useful to you.

It's pretty logical, when someone explains it to you, that more dollars printed means it takes more of them to buy the same gold or anything... That's inflation - The secret tax!
...or as the public call it...."Money doesn't go as far as it used to!" As if that's acceptable!

A better description would be "My money is evaporating due to government policy" ..

The problem now is we have $6 trillion more dollars in the past month (That affects every currency worldwide by the way). $€£¥₩

So where next for gold? $2000, $5000, $10,000. The dollar to gold ratio shows its real price should be $19,000+ per ounce..

Once investors realise that 90% of the paper gold on the markets isn't real we will soon see the true gold price.

What is "paper gold"? and why should you get outright physical ownership of gold?

The reason is risk of default. One of the patterns which recurs throughout history is that growing financial sophistication leads to widespread expansion of credit and exposure to default, and few people successfully avoid it when it matters.

Banks, pension savings, mortgage guarantors and all the major financial institutions on which we depend are now tied up in a web of undelivered assets.

Follow the following sequence if you can:

A is the registered owner of a bond payable by B, the principal on which has been credit-swapped out to C.

The terms are controlled by a deed drafted by an investment bank D, which itself receives the interest, which has been aggregated with 30 others and sold notionally to E.
E is foreign, and flattens the FX risk with a bank F, who sells and rolls a future on his long currency book, which is bought by another bank for an assured profit by running the position against a higher yield bond bought from a junk-status borrowing customer, which has been insured against the risk of default with G, a major insurer, who happens also to be A.

Head sore yet? You are not supposed to understand, that's the idea! 

These are the styles of relationship which dominate the world in which ordinary peoples' savings are bound up, and they are profitable in the short term. This is why financial rather than commercial companies increasingly dominate the list of the top companies in America and Europe. They find it easier to make profits by providing credit and assuming eventual repayment, rather than by actually demanding settlement.

Most of the publics savings products are bound up in these webs. We do not know when and where these webs will break, and most people don't. The public will be the last to find out..

It is certain that they WILL break, and at an unexpected place and time! Maybe today! Maybe 16th June?! We don't know.

Every forward thinking person with these types of financial assets would do well to opt out of this roulette with at least part of their savings.

A purchase of gold is a good way to do this.

Paper gold accounts, indexes, spread bets, and futures all fail to extricate the buyer from the web of dependencies because they are based on undelivered and often undeliverable gold!

The only way to opt out of the web is to own physical gold outright.

You can buy physical gold now from just $6 per 0.1g so affordability should not be a problem either.. Gold is affordable to everyone but the bankers don't want you to know that!

Think about gold as my money insurance. It's "good as gold" when the financial system goes wrong.. Like now...
Let me know if you want to get some gold and I'll point you where to get it.!

How Much Gold Are You Stacking?

I have more than 10% of my wealth in gold...simple!
If I earn €100 I buy €10 of gold. if I earn €10,000 I buy €1000 in gold.

There is no logical reason not to do that.

Once you have sorted yourself....Has everyone in you family now got a Karatbars gold account?

Have you got your replicated page from www.karatleverage.info to show them?

Have you got enough gold to ensure that if the banks close tomorrow you have something else to live on?

Have you even tried to buy one 0.1g of cashgold to see how it works?  Log into your account and try it so you see how easy it is. If you don't have an account, create one at HERE

I have been saying in these newsletters for six years it is a good idea to buy gold.
It is now essential.

Are You Prepared For the Millions of People Soon To Be Needing A Home Business?

The government handouts are going to end in a few months and millions more people will be out of work and also out of money.

Many are out of work and out of money now...

25 million people in the airline industry alone! - https://www.iata.org/en/pressroom/pr/2020-04-07-02/

Karatbars is a simple enough home based business which pays every Friday.

You are not taking advantage of this fact, you are helping these people by giving them a lifeline.

Someone gave me the Karatbars lifeline 2014 and I will be grateful to them for the rest of my life.

Buy a multi gold package package, save in gold, get a replicated page... repeat...

Even if you don't want to or don't need to earn money yourself, isn't it worth given your friends and family the information?  Its up to them if they decide to move forward with it.

Karatbars is far from perfect, we know that, but its a lot better than the millions of online sharks that will be circling in the coming months.

Have a wonderful week, get a package, get some gold and don't forget about tomorrow nights corporate update.

If you have any questions about getting an account or you need help once you create one using the link above, drop me a line with your username and I'll be glad to guide you.


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There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.
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Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

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Ola Awoliyi

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