Karatbank Tokens Convert To Cashgold 
What a crazy busy week! Well over €200,000 of new business in our group alone in the past few days! I know one team that did over €1.2 million in sales! 

The world is waking up to Karatbars and thats exactly what we wanted!

The private Pre-ICO offer for Karatbars affiliates has now finished. You cannot buy them using cards/Bitcoin any more. The option on the Karatbars website is gone. 

If you send a bank wire and it reaches by 5th February you can still get the offer of 100,000 +100,000 tokens free. 

Example: If you make a UK to UK bank transfer it is instant so its possible if you live there.

You will need to check with your bank. You need to send me proof of the transfer when it is made so I can forward it to accounts and get your offer sorted. 

Anyone who has purchased will be receiving a contract to sign in the next two weeks! 

The next opportunity to buy from the ICO will be from the 15th of February when it goes live on the Karatbank website. 

**Everything ICO related will now be on the Karatbank website -www.karatbank.sg

Tokens will start at 1 cent each and increase by one cent per week of eight weeks. 

**Remember - 10,000 tokens converts into 0.1g cashgold! That's a massive selling point for this ICO over others that are out there**

Free Tokens For Everyone 

The free tokens presentation is in the back office in the downloads section and we will be making a video on it. When the video is done, I will send it out and upload it on www.karatleverage.net

Here are the highlights...

1. You receive free tokens, they only become coins when they are added to the exchanges after the ICO. 

2. You get free tokens for sales from yesterday. Even people in the USA will!! (See chart below)

3. There is a box on your dashboard where you can see them grow!

4. After the ICO these tokens will be converted to coins and deposited in your Exchange wallet. 

5. Karatbars will give everyone plenty of notice about what wallets you need to open. 

6. Free K-Exchanges tokens start on the 5th of February as per the "latest news"at Karatbars.com  . *Please do keep an eye on that for information as things can change quickly and I can't write newsletters daily. 

Massive Opportunity

I really can't stress how big an opportunity this is to grow your business and earn lots of free tokens. 

Take a good look at the picture above and really digest how massive this could be. 

Write down and learn how many tokens buyers/sellers get. You need to be able to tell people when they ask. 

Save in gold... Get free Crypto! 

Think about this... 

Buy a 0.1g cashgold and get 20 tokens! If each token ends up worth 0.40cents that's free gold! Sell a 0.1g cashgold and get 5!!

Please be aware that there are only 4 billion tokens to give away and once they are gone that's it so don't delay in getting your packages, upgrading your package or stocking up on cashgold. 

It is entirely possible that the free tokens could end up being worth way more than the business packages or cashgold and that's great! 

Karatbars creativity finds ways to put more money in our pockets and make our lives easier and this is one of the best i've ever seen! 

Get yourself to Gold Director Rank and also get 1000 tokens for that too! Getting to that rank can really boost your income. If you are unsure how to get to gold director see this video and more  HERE

The huge increase in cashgold transactions is going to make becoming Gold Director much easier! Please let me know if you want to be a Gold Director. I can help you do it. 

If you login now you will see a section on your dashboard where the free tokens appear under "gift ico" I already have 265 in a few hours. 

The more people you can get started in the business and the more people you can help start saving the bigger this number will be for you! 

New Presentation 

We will be finishing up our new presentation this weekend and will be adding the new ICO presentation to the end of it. 

This is the only way we can update everyone's replicated pages. 

If you don't have your own personalised page send me an email with your full name and username to ola.awoliyi@karatleverage.com and I will get that made for you. 

Joining Karatbars and getting a business package is now a complete no brainer! 

Saving in cashgold with Karatbars is also a no brainer! 

Registering your business as a free K-Exchange is a no brainer!

All you have to do now is tell your friends, tell your family, tell business owners... Tell everyone over eighteen with a heartbeat! 

Keep an eye out for my videos on my youtube channel (subscribe)...and keep watching the Karatbars website for updates. 

Apart from that get to work.. There is nothing else to do except build your business...Karatbars has given us everything we need and more. Its now up to us. 

If you need any help I am in the office...just send me a message via email and if you need instant support, send me a whatsapp message to +34 644.77.99.68. You will be surprised how quick you'll get a reply (except weekends of course) 

Ola Awoliyi 


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