September 9, 2016

About Me

Who Am I?

Ola Awoliyi is an international business entrepreneur.  Having founded, run and built businesses in several countries. He intuitively understands the potential and pitfalls of global business development.  He assists SMBs in formulating and executing global business strategies.

My Approach

Reviewing business opportunities and bringing the best of these to home business owners worldwide. Helps, hints and tips for getting started with online and offline businesses.


My Story

Every business endeavour has a beginning. The diamond, comes out finished as beautiful and expensive as it is but only after a series of processing and polishing. The same applies to our personal success.

Everybody looks at the finished product yet most overlook the stages it takes to get there.


Personally, I have created and joined a lot of businesses..and failed. But my determination,passion and belief that when all else fails, you have to keep going led to the realisation of something new and distinct in the karatbars opportunity.

To remember how, from very humble beginnings I have travelled from africa to the middle east, and all around europe only serves to remind me of the fact that possibilities abound everywhere, regardless of where you are from.
All we usually need to do is to take that first step towards finding it


My Personal Tip...

Karatbars International has impressed me from day 1. It has introduced a more than decent compensation and business plan that makes me, one of the most pragmatic critics of businesses, sign up as a partner.

The company has constantly been evolving in direct relation to the growth trends in the industry. This includes its venture with the Gold Standard bank and its cryptocurrency Karatgold. It is even setting the pace with the recent introduction of the first voice over blockchain smartphone, THE K1 IMpulse

Most of all, it has changed my life and the lives of many others I know.

it can definitely change yours too...

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