Your €20,000 a Month Plan
Welcome to all our blog readers and new subscribers this week. Today's Newsletter is titled your €20,000 per month plan because we have used it and have already earned over €20,000 in a month with Karatbars so we know how to do it.

Now I want to teach you how to do it.

The good news is that what took me four years to do you can now do in twelve months! 

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself.. "Wise up man... I haven't earned €200  yet", then maybe it's time you set aside everything else and plug yourself mentally into today's training.

Your first step is to believe that you can get to earn €20,000.

I know many people who have earned over €100,000 in a month with Karatbars and I am just copying what they do and improving on it....Simple!

Lets get started...

Step 1 - Belief

I started with Karatbars in June 2014, with no money, no car, in a foreign country and almost homeless but I had something 99% of people in Karatbars today don't have. And that is 100% belief in myself.

If you are struggling with belief you need to read this book or listen to it on audible - This is a link to get it free - HERE

You do NOT need to be a salesperson to do well with Karatbars, but you must have belief.

"Whether you think you can or think you can't you are right!"

Step 2 - Order Any Marketing Package

Bronze 5%, Silver 10%, Gold 15%, VIP/Premiums 20%

That's the percentage direct commissions you earn on each package. The bigger the package the more you earn for doing EXACTLY the same work.

Order/upgrade to the biggest package you can as soon as you can. I ordered a Silver in June 2014. After two months I realised I was losing commissions so I BORROWED the money to buy a VIP and paid it back. (Belief again!)

Was it worth it?

I have never used a cent of my own money to buy anything since then. My home, cars, everything I wear and own has come from Karatbars commissions.

Example: People pay €50,000+ for Subway Franchises with ongoing costs and don't make anywhere near what I do. (With no ongoing costs or hassle).

I don't take any orders or money, don't have any staff, don't deliver anything, don't have returns and earn a residual income from repeat customers saving in gold!

Paying for a Karatbars package which was the best business decision I ever made.

What's In A Package?

The Bronze is €125 / $140 up to the Premium Professional at €8400, (see above), so there is something for every budget. Its a one off cost for life.

Key facts:

  • Every package includes gold from 0.1g in the bronze up to multiple grams and other products in the bigger packages.
  • You can use a credit/debit card, USA/UK/European bank wire or Bitcoin to buy.
  • Every package also includes products with a HIGHER value than the cost.

Add up the cost of the products in the Bronze package, you get value of more than the €125 you pay to buy it.
Add up the cost of the products in the Premium Professional Package, you get value of more than the €8400 you pay to get it!

  • Your Package will be delivered to you by Fedex Insured courier.

*If you are interested in VIP's or Premiums please contact me first as I have €100 discount  vouchers you can use. And you get to pay even less!

Belief and Package Sorted! 

So how are you going to quickly get to earn €20,000K?

You are going to do that by asking at least five business owners to add their businesses for free to the K-Exchange portal.

Just one business can easily register 10 new customers per day! If it is open six days a week that is over 3000 customers per year!

5 x 3000 = 15,000 accounts in 12 months!

We have "only" 14,000 in our group! A number we have managed over a period of four years. Imagine that.  And you don't have to stop at asking five businesses either!

How Do You Register Five K-Exchanges?

We know you are probably not a Business to Business sales person, (B2B). We have thought about that and we are going to make it as easy as possible for you.

We have created a quick professional video which you can show to a shop owner to get their interest. I wrote the text, made the design and got a company to produce it.

I hope you like it..

Click the image below or click HERE

Get Your Free Copy 

We have made this video 100% generic and free so anyone in Karatbars can use it. I want everyone to share it.

If you want a free version of this video to add to Facebook/Youtube/a page etc you can do it in seconds.

Enter this url  https://youtu.be/ChTtSK-xr5Y

Into this website - https://y2mate.com/ and download to your pc.

Now you have the file and can share it or put it on a landing page or use it however you deem fit.

Lets go register some K-Exchanges 

Training Manual

We are preparing a training manual which will show you how to approach shopkeepers you don't know. It should be ready later this week.

Before that I would like you to think of someone you do know who owns a business and ask them if they would like a free business listing on our new directory.

Ask them as a friend, as a favour, whatever.. It won't cost them anything and takes ten minutes to set up.

You need to sit with them/share screens while they do it. 


You need to go through the steps of setting up a K-Exchange so you can see what the shop owner needs to do. Theory is no substitute for real life experiences.

It's really easy and goes as follows.

1. They register as an affiliate via your link or by adding your username during sign up at www.karatbars.com

2. They go to "Profile" - "K-Exchange Center" and add their business details.

3. They go to KYC and upload their KYC docs as normal.

Now you have seen how easy that is for yourself and you understand how quick this process can be.


The shopkeeper has now got a free business listing on our directory and can start registering their customers with free Karatbars accounts.

I will talk more about that in the next Newsletter.


As we are now in the ICO phase, the shop has also earned 700 free ICO tokens and you have earned 500 free ICO tokens. Who knows what they may come to be worth?!

Register 10 K-Exchanges and get 5000 tokens! There's nothing stopping you from registering 100 or 1000!

If we didn't have 14,000 people to support, I know what I would be doing for the next 46 days until this ICO is over!

Whats next?

You have now ordered your marketing package and have everything set up. You have got yourself into a position to get to that €20,000 per month and are ready for the next part.

Just ensure you have that first K-Exchange registered before the next update later this week.

If you need help with any of the two steps above please get in touch.


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